Can I make money online?

I am often asked Can I make money online? The answer is simple, of course, you can if you know-how. So let me show you the way forward without spending $$.

The Internet is a very large pot of money

So large in fact that bloggers can make millions of dollars a month, every month for years on end.

Affiliates make money selling other peoples products and receiving an endless income.

Local business increase sales using the internet and grow their sales line.

People build online shops and flog a bundle of product every day.

There are many training courses built and sold at huge markups

Not to mention Youtube the emerging giant of the market.

Or brand building with Instagram and Facebook making you famous and fabulous.

Pot of money indicating you can make it online
Where do you find a pot of money

You just need to pick a direction.

Your job is to choose what direction you want to go and we will do the rest for you.

However, I will warn you that I am not promising you will get rich overnight and that you don't need to commit some time to this. Done correctly you will build a virtual business that can provide a lifestyle for your families future.

Just like a local business, when you open the doors you have no customers. You need to market your business and provide great service to build up a customer base. It takes time and money and you don't make a profit in the early days as you toil hard.

The internet is no different. You can have the best product in the world but if no one knows then you just won't sell anything.

We want to teach you how to make money

It all starts with understanding a website, a blog or a funnel. Basically all the same principle but built differently.
If you know all about websites and can build one and do your own SEO just skip ahead as we talk about internet 101.

Your website is very cheap and easy to build. In fact, we will do it for free as you gather momentum and learn the basics.

First up I use the training at Wealthy Affiliate. It is a step by step procedures and helps you choose a niche and start building a journey.

When you have the basics in place, you have decided a direction and ready to invest some of your time we can move forward.

You are probably now thinking that I am selling you something and that you will need to hit your pocket. This is not the case at all. entry to the training is free and the school is equal to or better than anything else on the market.

At this time I want to issue a warning to you, the internet is chock full of scams that want your money. They will advertise with fast cars and piles of easy money with a very low entry price.
One famous one was a company called MOBE, pricing went from a simple $49 and ended up at over $20,000. No money, not a problem, they had finance for you. Where are they now, in the hands of The US Feds and bankrupt with many thousands of people losing money.

Wealthy Affiliate is not like that, yes they have a monthly plan for a full web production site but a simple payment plan.

So now to making money

Have you chosen a direction?

Dropshipping or Affiliate marketing

Blogging or Ebooks

Training or services

Do I have a choice? Well I am a blogger and affiliate marketer, My first daughter has an online shop and the other daughter sells online Social Media and we are all happy with what we do

Questions to ask yourself?

Do you want to sell
a physical product
Is it better to recommend other
peoples products
Buy stock from Alibaba
or similar
Obtain great affiliate links
Set up a Virtual shop frontCreate a Blog site or funnel
Handle sales and deliveriesCheck your sales results
Provide supportNo support

The amount of money you are going to make is determined by your effort.

The top bloggers make $2.3 million a month
the top stores make millions but what about the masses.

Countless stories of wealth-building that mean nothing to you

I can relate stories or you can look on Google, however, believe but part of what you read.

Very few people will declare real earnings so unless they can verify it just tread your own path.

Be confident that you can make money online, it is possible and you can do it. Remember however that it takes time and effort. There are very few instant wealth formulas.

If they worked so well people would not sell them they would spend all day doing them.

So where do you start the instant wealth Path

If you have no idea where to start or the direction in which to head start with the basics.

Wealthy Affiliate starts your journey with an easy choice as you build a bit of confidence and understanding.

The internet has so many options that it is like walking down a shopping arcade, hundreds of shops all selling something different and all making money.

However, you need to be just one shop and that choice is yours.

Chose your direction and make a plan.

No one can help you here, we can lead you, give you ideas and tell you how but your direction is personal.
If you are an outback hunter you won't write about Vegan cooking, if you are into expensive toys you won't have an underwear shop.
If Health products leave you cold do something in the sports line.

Think of what you like and keep breaking it down until your Eureka moment.

Take action, not talk.

Thinking and talking and planning is ok for a while but they are not achieving a result.

Action is doing something constructive. That first step to achieving a result.

Have no money is not an excuse you can read how to start the journey with no money.

Get off your backside if you want to make money and start the journey.

It may take a month or a year but it will happen so let's get this show on the road.


I can never tell you what to do, the choice is yours but I can advise on the steps to take.

  • Choose a niche
  • Set up a plan
  • Complete basic training
  • Follow your daily tasks
  • Enjoy the journey

That's not all that hard now is it?

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Peter Hanley

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