Is it OK to write with the help of AI

Is it OK to write with the help of AI or will Google penalise you for plagiarism? The answer will surprise you as open AI enters the arena

Who is Chat GPT or Open AI?

This is the latest in Artificial intelligence that is set to change things as we know them. With the help of Google and a $40 billion input, this may take centre stage in robotic writing.

I have used AI writing for some time and actually recommended Jasper as a choice but Chat GPT is taking things further.

They say; “OpenAI is an AI research and deployment company. Our mission is to ensure that artificial general intelligence benefits all of humanity.” it is certainly heralding change although with a lot of fear attached.

The GPT stands for  GUID Partition Table which means nothing to most of us except that it is a way of storing tables in a new way.

So we have Open AI that operates ChatGPT with support from Google and uses new and modern methods of intelligence.
They will compete with Amazon and others in a massive market.

Is it OK to write with the help of AI

Why is there a degree of fear about Chat GPT

Whilst AI is not new it is certainly leaping ahead in what it can achieve. For instance, Universities are terrified that AI will be used to submit written work thus avoiding any form of study. The problem they are facing is telling real from artificial writing and grading the students correctly.

Copywriters may well lose their jobs as well as high-priced advertising executives. AI can create ads quicker and better than the average executive.
Therefore are bloggers also in the line of fire along with anyone that writes anything? Can the robot do it better?

Is it OK to write with the help of AI or does the personality disappear

The personality disappears

Robots don't have feelings, so we can say what we like about them. However, their writing also comes across without a display of emotion and with the occasional glaring mistakes. Like us, they draw material from somewhere but it is not always correct, particularly with the recent current affairs.

In my trials, they generally use negative expressions and Yoast and AIO make them down for that. I also ran one through Hemmingway to check the results. For blogging the sentences are a bit longer than normal and you need to put in your subheadings

AI is useful to save time

Once upon a time, we looked at Road Maps to get directions, now we ask Google and he holds us by the hand and delivers us to a destination. Rarely getting lost. When we wanted information we looked up Brittanica and copied the page in long handwriting to share with others. Now we ask Google and get the answer in seconds.
AI is not different in time-saving and research except that it is new and untried by most.
It is the current generation of change that will be with us for a long time to come. Use it properly and it is a great tool

Why is AI so good

Is it OK to write with the help of AI

AI now drives cars and performs a lot of basic driving functions that save lives. The Medical industry is at the forefront.
Chat GPT states:

The users of AI can be individuals, businesses, organizations, and governments. They use AI for a variety of tasks such as data analysis, automation of repetitive tasks, decision-making, and more.

The potential impact of AI on society and the economy is a topic of ongoing debate and concern. Some people believe that AI has the potential to greatly benefit humanity, while others are concerned about the possibility of job displacement and other negative consequences. Additionally, there are concerns about the possibility of AI being used for harmful purposes, such as in autonomous weapons. Overall, it can be said that the development and use of AI raise important ethical, legal, and social issues that need to be carefully considered.

Therefore a counter to AI may be necessary and Elon Musk is working in that direction. He has extensive experience with fully self-driving cars and rocket technology so it will be interesting the direction he takes.


Change is not always, or often bad. The last decade has seen more change than the last 100 years as our lives have been made better. The AI industry is a huge consumer of labour thus compensating for the changes to our working history. Amazon and Google have just laid off 30,000 workers yet that is only a small percentage of their labour force. This was necessary because they build during the pandemic and hoped higher activity would continue. However many returned to a normal life.

Use it well as it is intended but beware of those that may abuse it.

In closing two passages in this content were written by ChatGPT.

Is it OK to write with the help of AI by Peter Hanley

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