How to start a blog by WordPress?

How to start a blog by WordPress. The cheapest, easiest, and most useful blog writing techniques are laid out and easy to follow the plan.

I want to write a blog, where do I start?

Providing you have chosen your subject or niche, what are the next steps that you must take to have any chance of success.

My first step is always to do a plan, even a rough sketch of what you will achieve in the next year. You can never go no-where, so find your somewhere and let's head in a definite direction.

Make small targets along the way that you want to meet to give you a sense of minor accomplishment.

For instance, I write about 15 blogs a month and aim to achieve more than 23,000 words in that time.

I am happy because I am up about 90% of my target, having just checked the figures.

However, my eventual goal is an income-generating business from a blogging platform.

I have a timeline, an expense budget, and know the tools I shall need.

It is essential to understand that a simple blog platform can grow into a million-dollar business.

However, it is not an overnight process. It will take time, maybe years before the plan comes to fruition, and you need support to guide you through the journey.

How to start a blog by WordPress begins with a domain.

Do I need a domain and website to blog?

Yes, you do, and this is number one of the challenging questions you need to work out.

Think of your domain name along the lines of where you want to take your Blog.

It could be marketing a product or an idea

Maybe you are local area targeting so including

 a name may well help.

Perhaps you want to brand yourself as the Goto Guru

I have a site Coachhanley.com. I coach, and my name is pretty simple stuff.

The site is onlinebusinessmarketing.info and probably not the best name, but it explains what we do.

Meta is one of my favourite examples of a domain name, which includes a meta title, which is your next decision.

Boiseblacksmith. It has a location because he caters to an area, what he does for a job, and then throws his name in as well Harry Black.

Domain structure

You can buy your domain at Wealthy Affiliate, GoDaddy, or a host of other sites. However, a warning is to check second and subsequent year pricing. Go Daddy is an example of cheap to enter but dear to stay.

Do you have any dotcom or dot info etc. site?

First of all, if you are going to a local market, get a local domain. I live in Australia, so I often go to com.au sites.

Otherwise, I will start at .com then .net until I find what I want. With the Jaaxy keyword tool, you can see what is available at any time.

The meta title is essential.

How to start a blog by WordPress?
a great story

On page one of any search, there are usually ten people to choose from on the list.

Some will be paid for advertising with a little {a } parked next to them. 

The next three will get a casual look with an 85% chance of a click. The lines that readers should choose will have the best Meta description, something compelling to make people read more.

Get your Meta right


The meta description is important for your site to be read.

Therefore getting clicked is one issue; however, getting read is just as important.

If you are anywhere past page two or three, the chance of someone finding you is scarce.

Terrifying stuff this Google search, which is why the set up is essential. Think then when you have to be found, do it right the first time.

How to start a blog by WordPress and the use of Keywords

 How do Keywords work?

Internet search is a glorious thing. People like Google go out of their way to make your life easy, but only if you play the game right. Mess it up, and you will end up in the Boondocks.

Traffic  Too much traffic and no one will see you.
Competition  A lot of competition will 
block you out
Longtail keywords  This will help your search.
Location-based  If you are locally based ideal
Advertising  Spending money will buy your position
Description  Using a description narrows the choice.

Let me explain more about the keyword concept. 

Traffic, every keyword has traffic, some a lot some not so. When there is a lot of traffic, you will find a lot of competition. 

If you search for the word “food” there are about 450 thousand searches a month, however, there are also about 30 pages ahead of you to be read,

I then searched for a longer tail at “foods for a low-calorie diet.” The traffic is down to 70 a month, but only two pages ahead of you when you start on your listing.

Think of what you would type into Google to search for an answer.

Not food, it is too broad.

Even Chinese food is hard.

Food Chinese no msg is limiting

Food Chinese no msg in Oahu may find you.

Consider the use of how, when, why, or where there are also useful headers to start a search term.

Almost ready to write a blog

Before you start to write, let's look at some more structures. Headings are essential, and there should be no more than 300 words between titles.

Furthermore, you start with a large heading #1 or #2 and go down from there. It's not up and down or sideways strictly going down.

It is always good practice to do your headings first and then load the words. It makes writing much more natural, and you can set the flow and structure far better.

Linking in a blog post

To help your Blog stand out and attract better SEO, installing a few links is essential.

Authority links  Link to a site at a university or well-known authority like Wikipedia.
Page links Internal linking helps the growth of your other posts
Affiliate links We all want to earn a buck, and this is a sure-fire method.


Therefore, think about your links and where to place them for the best effect on your final product.

How to start a blog by WordPress and placing pictures

Placing links in Pictures

Pictures can be done with HTML inserts and with conventional images to take your reader to another page.

Above is an HTML insert with a link to Wealthy Affiliate. You can use this to try their Keyword tool or any of the training. They supplied the code, and I just inserted it into my page.

How to start a blog by WordPress?
Where to start your journey

This picture links to my Blog, “writing for a blog post.”

Both are taking you to a whole new world of experience.

Analytics on your site

Analytics is a significant part of the process and you will need to do your site first up. You will need to understand how many people are coming to your website, when, and where.

Checking starts with a free Google analytics program that you can easily set up at Google.

I also use MonsterInsights free version for a bit extra.


My Blog is set to start your journey into blog writing.

There is quite a lot to learn in the structure and the set up that will make a difference.

I have written a lot more about writing. However, I can not change your style, and that is up to you to adapt to the readers.

I hope this has helped in some small way, and feel free to comment below if you want more information. I answer all comments, even the ones that may criticize me or my spelling LOL.

How to start a blog by WordPress. The cheapest, easiest and most effective blog writing techniques are laid out in a simple and easy to follow plan.

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