Create a blog free, the steps you need to take

Create a blog free, the steps you need to take

Create a blog free, the steps you need to take to make life easy and be on the road to success as a writer and money earner. Here I give you the tools.

Why do you want to write a blog anyway?

People have many reasons to take up a writing habit and what they want to achieve over time.

It may be changing the world, expressing a point of view, having an opinion or the most common reason. making Money.

In fact, I write for several reasons that help others before helping me.

As a small business owner and trainer, I write to support small business owners with online marketing. So many don’t understand that the world has changed and online is now a necessary part of the business.

Secondly, as I market to them it gives me an introduction to my own business.

Next, I am also an affiliate marketer for appropriate business products that they can use.

Finally, I really enjoy writing as an escape into reality. Why not blog?

Where do you start for a new Blog

With a name of course, who are you and what do you do. What is your Brand going to be?

We call it a URL and it is your internet signature. You buy these from places like Name Cheap, GoDaddy or Wealthy Affiliate and pay very year.
However, there is a cheaper way and we will get to that in a bit.
The URL for this page is because that is what I am promoting but I also have others including

When you have a domain you need to have it hosted.

A host looks after your domain and traffic as well as lots of important issues like security, spam blocking and page building techniques. Your host is really important. Therefore we will get you the best for free, just read on and get a bit more learning behind you first.

Writing in computer language and coding

image of wordpress SEO
It is no longer that hard, in fact, we can all do it.

I started to laugh when I did the header because but a few short years ago you needed to know all this techie stuff. Now you just write away and follow a few rules.

You can use WordPress a free site builder or templates supplied by others at a cost.
I am biased like nearly 60% of the world that use WordPress.

In fact, the recent upgrade to WP makes it even easier, kids or old guys like me have no problems with it.

Where to start your blog for free

I have used many sites over the years and none come close to Wealthy Affiliate. You can select a free Domain name and change it later to a paid one when you are satisfied that you are on the way to stardom.

Your first blog site is free and if you want to do more a small monthly fee.

They provide training on everything internet. You can do a full course, in fact, several different ones or just pick the ones of interest.

The community forum is there to help you. Ask any question and they will be lined up with solutions. We all hit roadblocks and spend hours trying to weave our way through them when a solution is usually on hand.

The site is fast, secure and has both a chat line and 24-07 support so you are never on your own.

Wealthy affiliate use WordPress

This is the most used product in the world and you can use it directly or opt for their writing template that takes you on a journey to a great product.

They advise on Plugins and SEO and back you up in every possible way

Make money from day one by recruiting others

Girl flashing money

When you join Wealthy Affiliate you automatically qualify for affiliate income so you can earn from day one by simply recommending others to this great product. However, this option is personal.

They are a great web Host who grows membership from referrals but there is never any pressure to do so.

In fact one of the important points is they have no upsells, they don’t want extra money for extra features it is one price fits all.

Did I promise a Keyword tool

When you join wealthy affiliate it includes a free Keyword tool in basic format by Jaaxy.
This tool can be professional or basic to your need and can be used as often as you like.

I also use another keyword tool at Ubersuggest a site by Neil Patel

Different opinions sometimes help and for that reason, I give you two of the best on the market

and what’s more, they are both free

Spell check and grammar examine

How much more free stuff can I give you, the list goes on at a site set up to check your writing. Never leave home without it. We all make mistakes and this goes a long way to eliminating most of them.

Now let’s move on to the writing part

picture of an old man writing a blog
The fun stuff

If you have a blog or have now structured a new one you really need to know what to do.

The rest of this is about your writing journey so make notes and remember the points because they all help.

Finding a niche (subject) that you want to write about.

As your mind explodes with a perceived difficulty just hold tight this is the easy bit.

It is called breaking it down.

Weight loss is a huge niche and one you can be lost in and never found.

However, weight loss in teens might be a bit easier or Weight loss for teenage girls gets a bit easier.

It is all about a Keyword

A keyword is what searchers type into google to get an answer to a question. In this case, it was get a blog free. By Using a keyword tool you can know how many people are likely to view your site in a month.
Around 80% of lookers never go past page one and after page thee you are down to less than 1% of searches. So if your Keyword was Weight Loss you would probably start at page 100 and your chances of being read are non-existent.

This is a really important concept. I don’t care how well you write and construct your blog if it is not read it is a waste of your time. Therefore we give you tools to do all this and give you a small chance of success. Your free keyword tool, domain and host will magically appear soon.

Your title and description in a nanosecond frame

When I say in a Nanosecond that is the time that you have to get someone to read your article once the search is complete.

example of a serch enquiry
A paid advertisement

On most pages, the first articles are paid advertising followed by all the free ones.
I chose the above as an example.
The URL in Green is what the site is about.
The Keyword is Struggling to lose weight
and the description follows.

The keyword and description are the entry to your world and as people search you must grab some attention

Other keywords that people may search for
healthy teenage diet plan
teenage diet plan for a flat stomach
diet plan for 14 year old female
teenage weight loss pills
weight loss plan for teenage guys
exercises for teenage girl to lose belly fat
diet plan for teenage girl
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how to lose weight without going outside
how to help my teenage daughter lose weight
food guide for teenage girl
20 day fat loss
weight loss in 20 days exercise
how to drastically lose weight in 20 days
how to lose weight 15 year old boy
healthy diet for teenage girl to gain weight
teenager diet
weight loss for minors
teenage weight watchers diet
how to boost metabolism teenager
teenage period stories
bmi calculator
weight loss for teenage guys
how to lose weight for 11 year olds
how can a 14 year old boy lose belly fat
sudden weight gain in teenage daughter
unexplained weight loss in teenage males
good diets for teenage guys
teenage weight watchers
why is my child losing weight
3 year old losing weight
child fever and weight loss
baby losing weight at 1 year
fast weight loss teenage girl
unintentional weight loss normal blood work

So you can see that for a simple idea there are many ways that people search. Your job is to find the best one that has sufficient traffic and not too hard because of excess competition.

Writing your blog article and some simple rules

One of the most asked questions is how long should my article or blog be?

Most of the influencers that I follow tend to agree on an average of 1500 words in a blog.

That is not to say a 350-word blog is all wrong if the subject is covered or a 5000 word won’t work. Personally I try and Average 1500 words and over my past 13 blogs was on 1423 words.

When you start to write the journey looks long and it is hard to fill so many pages. Just do shorter blogs as you build your expertise and you will find everyone is a bit longer.

My best trick is to write my heading first. We are writing short sentences and short paragraphs and 20-30 headings are easy to cover. Just fill in the words and the journey is done.
You should always err on the side of over-explaining and not tale short cuts.

Pick topics that relate to your niche

If you are a weight-loss writer don’t wander off into selling tractors or unrelated issues. You will, over time, build a following that wants information on weight loss or associated subjects.

Stay with your knitting or do another blog.

You can however really zone in on industry trends and evergreen subjects because they stay in focus for all time.

The skill of linking and why you must do it?

There are many types of links however the three most important ones are

Internal links
External linksAuthority links
Too other pages in your
To outside resourcesPeople who know

Internal links

As you build many posts under your site you will have covered issues that relate to the current post, perhaps more fully than you have currently so take the reader back to them for that information

External links

You may refer to other sites that have a common interest and information relating to your article. I write on a couple of different blogs and often go between the two

Authority Links

This may be to a School or University or even the old favourite Wikipedia to get a summary of a word or style

Get them to come back to your current article

This is important

I have clicked on the link tab and entered the site I want them to go to. I then clicked on the little down arrow and clicked open in a new tab.\ before hitting the left arrow to submit
What this does is bring them back from the other site when they log out

That my friends are a great trick that you will not find easy.

Affiliate linksSales linksAdvertising links
Take the reader to
an affiliate site
Take the reader to say
Online advertising links

I will send you to affiliate links so if you join I may earn money, I have no hesitation in this because part of my blogging journey is to be financial. However, I don’t have advertising or selling links

Do you invite guest writers to your blog

Absolutely provided they are on the subject and have reasonable competency. I have a guy Ryan Smith a Uni graduate that posts for me to increase his skill sets.

Ryan puts all his training into a post and I have no hesitation in posting it and giving him naming rights to the article.

Are comments on your blog worthwhile?

Comments are great for your blog unless they are really negative of course. I work for comments and on this site, I have more comments than posts.
Google loves it and SEO improves plus they are included in your word count thus increasing the blog.

What about pictures in a blog

Absolutely necessary provided that;

man jumping to get attention
Here he is trying to get your attention
  • They relate to the article or subject
  • You fill out the alt description box
  • They are sized to fit the page
  • You may add a link to them as well.

    Peoples attention is taken by pictures and many of us scan read articles so the picture brings them to a stop.

Write for the small screen

The google search engines rate your business on a small screen first. If you are not mobile compatible you will not have a chance with SEO.
Fortunately, most templates now are automatically Mobile friendly so It is not a huge concern.
However, a couple of rules stick out.

  • Don’t have pictures too close together
  • Nor having links close together
  • Pictures too big are bad
  • Large writing also affects it

    Always test a blog on a mobile phone when you finish or use one of the
    web-based checkers for a reading

Using testimonials

The use of testimonials adds to the page credibility and can be used throughout a blog.
Don’t fall for the old trap of making them up, it looks false and is deceptive.

Link to Social media

The purpose of most Social media is entertainment or to take you to another place.
Use your Facebook site or Instagram to promote your blog as often as you can to get new readers actively engaged with your Blog.

Video and blogging

people making a video
a great opportunity

Your entire blog can be made into an audio or Video script either in full or in part and used as promotion material or another way to get a message across. If you want to try this go to Noble Affiliate and do a free video saved on YouTube. It will be worth the experience.

Promote your blog posts on multiple channels

Have a link to your blog site at every opportunity, web pages, on your email signature and of course on all social media channels. Link to it from other pages/ sites and get a mention as often as possible. SEO can only do so much.

It is OK to include offers for related resources or services. This is good for you and your reader.


I ended up telling a lot more than how to get a free web site. This is a pretty full background on what needs to be done so make use of everything I have said because a good site must follow the rules.
Best wishes writing your award-winning article

Create a blog free, the steps you need to take by Peter Hanley

image of the author Peter Hanley
Peter Hanley
My story

PS, don’t be shy to leave a comment below. It will help me better understand your needs and other readers will also benefit from your input.

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