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How can I stop wasting time on the internet

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How can I stop wasting time on the internet. There are just so many ways yet so few solutions to move on to making money

The best ways to waste time on the net

Playing games and shooting people is right up at the top. However, it does give you some finger dexterity and a burst of endorphins in a sugar hit.
However, does your partner's wife, etc enjoy being relegated to second place and left wondering how to fill in an hour or so?

When you look back at your day are you satisfied you made the next level and that you can spend another half a dozen hours tomorrow completing the mission.

I might be wrong here however every one for their own in an industry that is so big it is scary.

How can I stop wasting time on the internet?

The You Tube Rabbit hole and being lost

How can I stop wasting time on the internet

Don't get me wrong I love YouTube and recommend it in so many ways.

However, they are very cunning and capture our attention by luring us to tasty bits of new excitement.
Then you find more and more new things to watch that are critically important and hold your attention for quite some time.

Furthermore, they throw tantalising advertising at us to rip apart our purses buying beaut new things.
Use Youtube, don't let it use you.

Making a fortune with no experience.

The making a fortune with no experience dilemma

We see these all the time with promises of new cars, beautiful partners, and sipping cocktails on an exclusive beach. All this for just $19.99. Plus no experience is required.

Ok, $20 is not a big investment so you have a go knowing that something so slick must be worthwhile.
However to have any chance of success they just need another $49.99 because you really deserve this break in life.

But wait, we have some super bonuses worth a king's fortune if you just pay another $99.

Does it ever stop or do you simply give in because it is all too hard.

In some cases, you may be able to get some money returned under a 30-day guarantee however it may also be a bit hard to do.

The time you have wasted can never be given back to you, it is gone forever and you have gained nothing but a bad experience.

I have seen programs that go as high as twenty thousand. Therefore think before you sign.

Even news can take you away.

Getting lost in a news cycle

This gets me every time. I follow several prominent people on Twitter and have to dig deep into the comments to follow the thread. The subject is irrelevant I just have this need to know everything.

The Corona Virus is a big one. We dive deep into this because we need those relevant titbits to share in our conversations. We need to know more than everyone else.

Don't get me wrong it is important however it needs to be relegated to a small part of your journey and not the dominant part of your activities.

Wasting time on the internet, Social Media can really be a trap

Used properly Social media is a very effective way of sharing information that you may never find elsewhere.
Again it offers a large potential to be lost as you deep dive into all the information that really is not all that important.
How often do you now see people in a queue of some kind fully immersed in scanning everything that moves in Instagram or Facebook?

Have we forgotten the art of communications?

The benefits of the internet, turning time into money

So if you have a few hours to waste let's put them to good use learning how to make money on the internet.
The Wealthy Affiliate training program is free to enter and will teach you everything you need to know to make money while sitting at home.

You can build websites or funnels, actually explaining the difference, and ways to bring consumers in.
The mystery of affiliate marketing is explained as well as a million opportunities for selling products.

The make money online industry is massive so they show you how to achieve it without getting hurt along the way.

You will feel so much better about yourself when your time is spent productively and not squandered away.

The time to start is now free a complimentary online entry to the best advice available.


We all waste time, it is part of life however it is the part that takes control that is the worry.

Overdoing anything becomes a problem that feeds on itself. Plus it is one that is easy to control if you just take charge of your own life.

I can give you the tools you just need to add You to succeed.

How can I stop wasting time on the internet by Peter Hanley

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You cant let an offer like this go by.

You cant let an offer like this go by.