How to make money at home on the Computer

how to make money at home on the computer. What seems like an impossible task is a reality for many that follow a few basic ideas

When your are hungry for money follow the crowd

The biggest market is undoubtedly Affiliate marketing where you get paid for selling other people's products.

Here you can learn and earn as you go. The effort you apply is the only limit to your potential.
Easy money is a fallacy unless you invest in Bitcoin and sit back and watch it grow, the rest is consistent effort over time to return an income that has no ceiling.

First of all many of the online programs make money for the seller and certainly not the buyer. Therefore you need to understand a few rules before you start shelling out real money.

Income is found in many ways so pick the one that suits you

HIs affiliate marketing still lucrative

So you thought there was only one way to get paid however the truth is very different.

Yes, you can make one of the sales and earn a commission on that sale and that is good except for one small thing.

There are Big sales and little sales and even reasonable commission and lousy commission so you need to choose carefully or waste a lot of time for little return.

Once upon a time, Amazon was the darling of the affiliates and everyone could earn money but things change. They are now like Scrooge McDuck with their offerings.
Commissions are so low that it needs a high volume of sales to make a simple income.

Furthermore, unless you are selling Big-ticket items the pittance returns will just eat away at your time. This is time that could be better spent elsewhere.

Recurring income sales keep on keeping on

This is my favorite way of selling because you can make money while you sleep.
furthermore, you can build a business that will give you a regular pay cheque.

There are lots of examples and the best being Wealthy Affiliate. Here subscribers pay an amount every month ( sometimes annually) for the hosting of their websites and essential training. Therefore you could get $29 a month for everyone you recommend.

So a hundred referrals at $29 is around $34,800 a year plus you are paid monthly so you can build that even further. Is a Hundred possible? The top sellers that win a holiday in Las Vegas need to reach 400 sales in a year. They do it regularly year on year so have a base of thousands giving a recurring income of over $350,000 a year.

I am not saying you will be in this bunch however I am showing you the possibilities that real people just like you are doing on just one affiliate income.

Furthermore, you can promote many affiliate programs at the same time giving you a lot more kicks of the ball.

With volume comes the advertisers

People love to bomb your pages with advertising that they pay you for the privilege. Of course, you need to build traffic following first however when you are there this is cream on the crop.
Imagine where you can be with a sales income, a recurring affiliate income, and an advertising income all from one product. Order up the new Lamborghini.

Next up the teacher gives the lessons

As you start to gain traction and understand the world of the internet then it's time to share.

Sharing your knowledge brings its rewards and eventually an income as well.
Many tutors are earning a good living from individual training and particularly webinars.

Your time will come when you will choose how to help others.
At Wealthy Affiliate, our forum is a wonderful source of information on just about any subject.

Plus the training provided can expand to your delivery adapted to suit your style.

Where to start your internet journey

When you choose what you want to achieve you then need a vehicle to take you there.

The top three ways are;

  • Your website
  • A sales funnel
  • Blogging

Your website is your shop front where people come to buy your offer.
You may have many pages of material on a range of offers that you promote or sell.
Anyone can build a website these days with all the tools making it so easy that kids and grandparents can achieve great results in just a few hours.

Building a Sales Funnel

A sales funnel is a website on steroids. It is generally a promotion for a single product that takes you on a journey to a buying decision. this is a hard-selling salesman that won't let you go until you say Yes. It will have pop-ups with special offers and all the selling tricks you can muster.

Writing a blog for income

A blog is generally an answer to a search question that gives a great explanation of the problem. It is not a hard sell however we do include links to affiliate sites where ever we can. We write to make money but not quite in the hard-face manner of a Funnel.
However, it takes more time to build your base than a funnel.
What is the best niche for blogging

Using Social Media

   How to make money at home on the Computer

Social Media is a delivery mechanism to gather interest in your offer. You excite them and entice them to explore further with promises of finding the answer to their problems.

It may be making money, finding new love, exercise habits to rid the gut or a diet to shed a dozen Kilos in a month.
They want adventure and you hold all the answers.

As your fortunes grow you can further invest in advertising to bring more readers and play a positive role in adding even more money to your account.

The formula is quite clear if you invest a dollar to get a $2 return it is simply rinsed and repeat.

Learning the basics is fundamental to any business

No one becomes an instant millionaire overnight. It takes time and having an understanding of the fundamentals

You need to understand Keywords and how people use these to find your site. Remember there are over a billion blogs on the internet and yours needs to stand out from the crowd. This can be achieved easily and is not all that hard to do.

Just like SEO where Google makes the rules and if you don't follow the rules you will be left out of the game. Yep, no readers and no sales and shaking your head and wondering why.

Headlines and Meta descriptions grab readers and draw them into your web-like flypaper to the passing tourists.

This is all required before you write a single word because structure matters and gathers results.

Even writing follows a pattern that dictates how long you can retain the gaze of attention-deficit scrollers looking for magic and excitement.

You won't learn to make money in a day

You might think you are on the way however it is all about getting a return on your time and money investment. Do it properly and the results will follow but take shortcuts and you slash your chances of success.
That is why you need help and support along the way, someone to hold your hand and answer those hard questions.

24-7 support

A brave heading which unfortunately is not always all-encompassing. I have support on my websites and funnels when things go wrong but there it stops. They know everything about hosting but nothing about writing or images that have their own set of problems.

Using a support Forum

At Wealthy Affiliate, there are several hundred thousand people all on the same journey as you. They all have problems at different times that can not be captured in a basic training course. However, you can be sure someone has encountered the same issue you want to solve
and will come to your rescue promptly.

Sometimes a Mentor provides the answer

When you want hand-holding you pay someone for that support. This is generally a much faster way to success and will bring you rewards earlier than plodding on your own.
It may be for a short-term or a lifetime arrangement and will depend on the results being produced.
Again paying money is not bad if you are getting a return greater than the cost.

There are many more ways to hit the jackpot

One thing I have learned over time is that concentrating your efforts produces the fastest results.
One Daughter learned Facebook marketing and sold her abilities to those wanting greater success. Another built an online store to market a range of women's dresses. Both were very successful.

Going even deeper a granddaughter rents dresses on short-term hire using Instagram as her only sales outlet. Another makes Jewellery and markets on Etsy for pocket money.

The value of working from home can not be underestimated it just needs a conscious effort to develop your niche in life.

Some of us are born marketers some behind-the-scenes collaborators however we all have a place and choose our best weapon to attack the people wanting to part with money.

A great big warning sign

The internet is a huge market and it is filled with scammers wanting to take a lot and give little. Never just throw money at vague opportunities that have the get rich with no work theme. It is just not going to happen. By doing a bit of training in the basics you can save your money and more importantly time. Spending months on a project that has no hope of success is soul-destroying and believe me it is very possible to do.

Conclusion and days rap

I have only touched briefly on the whole subject that has taken me years to learn. I wish I could start over, like you, and do it properly from the start. However, giving up is never an option and time heals all mistakes if you are prepared to go on the journey.

Find the niche that suits you. Make sure it is something of real interest and then learn the best way to achieve the results you want. Then success is but a time commitment and is just around the corner.

Remember results can be unlimited, a monthly income assured and a life you want to live can be yours.
Just add effort.

How to make money at home on the Computer by Peter Hanley

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