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What is blog content? When preparing to write a blog make sure you construct your strategy the correct way so that your readers can enjoy the journey.

Copy v content

Is there a difference between copy and content?
There is, and it is important in how you go about your blog writing.

What is copywriting

Copywriting relates to a page designed to sell something or bring an end to a conclusion.
In the olden days, the copy was deemed ready to print in the old factories where printing presses would grind out the copy.

What is content writing?

Content, however, is information and education designed to provide a valuable story to an informed customer base in a target demographic.

These may include

  • articles
  • blog posts
  • social media updates
  • White Papers
  • Case Studies
  • Reports
  • eBooks and books
  • Webinars
  • Podcasts
  • videos

Your Content marketing is exploiting this principle to induce your target customers to buy from you.

Content v copy rules

You should write 5 pieces of content for every one piece of copy. Your aim is to seduce readers to follow you as a writer and not to hammer them with short hard-hitting articles designed to get a result

So which one is good for you?

Some make a living out of copy and the bloggers out of the content or a balance of the two to produce consistently well-read products.

I write a lot of emails and take both types to a result.

Generally, newsletters are content as we look at articles of interest, but then emails and Autoresponder are copy aimed at a result.

Most of my day is spent writing 1500-2000 words of content on small business matters addressed to online marketers.
I recently received a hard-hitting copy from a competitor saying how well his copy worked. It had advertisements from top to bottom pushing affiliate products some of which I am associated with. Others he wanted to introduce me to.

I thought to myself, hell let's write some copy and see what happens. It was therapeutic for me to change my style and the inner salesman came to the for.

Does the content need to be original?

The purpose of writing content is to reach out to your audience in a personal way to obtain a long term association of trust and like.

How does Know like and trust feature in content?

You should realize that once readers find you and you deliver good and insightful material they will begin to follow you to further their understanding. Then you build trust and they refer you to others to enjoy the same level of support.

Can content go viral?

Content can go viral when the subject matter is current, topical and provides a logical conclusion to the subject.

SEO and content

Your SEO success will directly relate to your content being read. Following the rules of SEO is of utmost importance. And the most important thing is your Keyword.

You are always aiming to be the top spot on page one of a search. The reason is that this is what gets read.

Get on page 1 to 10 and little will be seen of your great articles

Content strategy

Content strategy focuses on the planning, creation, delivery, and ownership of content. Your Content not only includes the words on the page but also the images and multimedia that are used.|
You must have useful and usable content that is well structured and easily found to improve the user experience on a website.

Planning your writing is essential to both the structure of the page and the relationship to the subject going forward.

What is cornerstone content?

image of a corner stone
An important element of content

Cornerstone content is at the core of your website. It consists of the best, most important articles on your site; the pages or posts you want to rank highest in the search engines. Cornerstone articles are usually relatively long, informative articles, combining insights from different blog posts and covering everything that’s important about a certain topic


The focus is on the main article on a subject that remains evergreen and is connected to by other long-tail keywords.
Cornerstone content can be either a page or a post and needs to be well written and aimed at ranking for a strong Keyword.

You can link the post to your cornerstone product as well.

The example given by Yoast ( the expert) is that of a country map. The big cities are large and have all these roads and links connecting into them.

It is important for your SEO that you do link your articles back to your cornerstone product

How to write good content?

All content should follow the structure to take your readers on a journey.

You should do your heading first so that you are not ad-libbing along the way.

Write about 20-30 headings starting with a problem, situation or something to be solved and work down to a conclusion.-
It is then much easier to put words to the headings and trek to a couple of thousand-word articles that will pull your readers along with you.

Remember that pictures are part of your content.

picture of girl in hat
Even a pretty girl

Pictures are there for a specific purpose and they must be relevant to your writing. As readers, we often scan read and a good picture brings the scan to a halt and the reading to a start. Each picture requires an Alt Tag description filled in of what the picture means to the reader. This is essential for audio or impaired readers and helps with SEO.


This has become a real test because that search ponders for just a second or so before moving on. Your heading should start at a #1 and go down through #2 to #3 etc and not the reverse.

Your sentences should be short and paragraphs as well to make reading as easy and as quick as possible. If you are a Yoast SEO user, you will understand this as you get marked down in your writing for any sentence longer than about 20 words.

Internal linking

This has become far more relevant in today's SEO obligations for both posts and pages and can enhance the reader's knowledge of a subject. You also have a choice of letting the reader stay on the other material or to bring them back to order.

Authority linking

picture of judges Gavel indicating authority

This is necessary for SEO and to give your writing some support from a noted institution. I use Wikipedia a lot to explain ideas and concepts although there are many other institutions as well.


We started at content v copy and explained the difference and then went on to style and performance to add to the mixture.
It is very satisfying to get your efforts recognized however it is never an overnight sensation.
It takes time and training to be on page one with the best. Google needs to be courted and does not like short cuts.

You will write copy and Content and be a master at both styles if you follow the simple 1-5 rule or even 1-10

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