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What can I do with the WordPress upgrade?

I am a fan of The Gutenberg WordPress 5 and now we are moving to 2020 so what can we expect? What can I do with the WordPress upgrade to help me?

How many of the 150 new WordPress features can you use?

I love columns

working in

Tables are better
SEO and google
Like tables
And we can have Selected colours

The site health button

This was new to me and has caused me some grief fixing problems. First of all, I had to find a button to do the check.
It is positioned under tools, available tools, and site health.
Mine concentrated on too many images loaded and also many plugins that were loaded and not active.

What can i do with a WordPress upgrade?

What about emojis in the new Word Press?

They have loaded a whole bundle of new Emojis into WP 5.2 plus dash icons and twemojis
so you have a heap more opportunities to liven up the page.:-)

Social link block included

A quick video

“If you really look closely, most overnight successes took a long time.”

— Steve Jobs

What can i do with a WordPress upgrade?
  • a list in a column
  • Adding things together.
  • Building blocks

The list works well for SEO

blogging image

Adding images to a column

The ability to really work this

What can I do with a WordPress upgrade?

I am just playing along to give you an idea of what can be done and the new block writer has lots of unique opportunities.

Html links are just one of them for inserting products that you promote.

  • Picture turning automatically
  • Add a default theme for 2020
  • column with selection
  • Site health

I have said before that word press is easy to use and a beginner can look good in a couple of hours of practice.
Set up a free website at Wealthy Affiliate, pick a free name and start your online journey.
You will be amazed at how easy it can be.

If you are a Word Press user you will understand a bit of this, if you are not, then start the journey now.

What can i do with a WordPress upgrade?
Peter Hanley

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You cant let an offer like this go by.