Change one thing

If you would change just one thing could your life be different?

Your life is programmed by your beliefs

Your beliefs come from stories you hold from the past and they determine your values.

Therefore you must change the stories to change the future.

I am not a Psyche or specialist at this. I was just listening to a series and this happened to be the subject.
When I debated what one thing I could change that would make a difference to my world?

In wondering about this I thought I might take you along with me.

The stories we grow up with become what we believe, we are told things along the way that form our beliefs. It may be that we are dumb, useless, or no good, money is evil and those that have it are crooks.
if these become our values do we become self-destructive and lead us to bad decisions and lack of motivation due to our inherent beliefs.

Wikipedia and decision making.

Your values promote how you behave and hence your results

If we understand all this and wish to change it what can we do?

Do we change the stories on which we have grown and hence our belief structure?

We can certainly work on our values and how we see ourselves in our own eyes and in the eyes of others.

We all like money, I don't mind that people have a lot of it and recognise that the rich get there by the good decisions they make.

I certainly squandered my future spending money along the way and not squirrelling enough away for later life. If I had my time again I would do something different.
Perhaps I have had a gambler mentality and believe I can change the odds.
This developed from a story. A story that was in my past.
My father was a conscientious government worker who invested in retirement to be achieved at the legal age of 65. Dad died at sixty-four and a half and wasted that opportunity.
Then I became the opposite, a risk-taker wanting to cash out my winnings but like the gambler, I went home with empty pockets.
having passed the age of retirement and succeeded both my parents by 10 years and now reflect on the past

If I can change one thing it is taking the risk out of a venture so that I can have some security in retirement
Do you have a story in your life that dictates your actions and alters your identity?

Another life story

I see things out of the square. In my time I have managed to pioneer many projects that others could not envisage and turn them into reality.
However, I believe I get bored with reality and want to move to the next big issue.
Growing greater and moving into a wider circle of operations.
My problem is it is happening again.

My decision is to stick to one thing and do it properly.

Do you have a story like this?

Health decisions

It is no good making decisions when you have health problems. We know that bad health affects the majority of us. Weight, diabetes, lack of exercise and overindulgence in a range of medications and substitutions.

You need to make lifestyle decisions if you wish to live a healthy life.
The person that is in charge is you. It will be too late if you don't take control of your life.

My decision is to eat well, exercise regularly and have a good sleep every night.


You may read this and think “what the heck” as it turned into a personal therapy session however think about your life and your story. I am rewriting my story and my values to become a better person, how about you?

Change one thing, a story by Peter Hanley

Change one thing
Peter Hanley

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