What is the keyword?

What is the keyword? Many writers have little understanding of the need to use Keywords for SEO and success. Here we tell you how to get your site read.

Why does the Keyword have such SEO difficulty

The simple reason is that all people search by keywords when using Google, Bing or Yahoo.
Today you probably typed “what is the keyword” to get to this page. I have used that to entice you in.

Keywords come in different sizes so don't get confused with the number of words because a simple word like FOOD can have a long tail attached to it
“food for vegans in London's West end markets”
is a long tail form of the same word. Both are search terms however one is more specific in what they want to achieve.
Here we are looking at Keywords in relation to SEO however they have many other meanings as described by Wikipedia

Do you really need to use keywords?

Yes, you need to use your keyword at least three times and that is just in the structure of your page or post.

Experts like All-in-One SEO and even Yoast will certainly demand that you have your Keyword in your Meta description plus your first paragraph in the article.

This allows Google to rank you and people to find you and get placed where searchers will end up, which is short for saying you will be read.

In the olden days, a few short years past it was recommended that you plaster an article with keywords so that you would appear many more times. Commonly called keyword stuffing, it was the most used tactic of the day.
Although it is now taboo, Mr. Google has taken an extreme dislike to this tactic and punishes those that continue in outdated practices. As a writer, this is great because we no longer have to bend and construct sentences to make sense with a Keyword planted in them just for the sake of SEO.

How do you pick Keywords for success?

There are two dominant forces that help you with the selection of words.

Volume of searchesCompetition in ranking

You will understand that certain words attract a lot of search volume.
These are prime words like Health, Food, clothes, sport, etc that cover a range of activities.
The volume of searches will be extremely high so your little article will be lost in a million search pile.
Since the volume is so high there will be a lot of content to contribute to the searches thus increasing the issue.

Most people only look at the first page of a search term

When you search for a term, Google will take you to a range of pages of information. There will be about 10 entries per page with the first page including paid advertising in the top 2-3 spots and maybe the bottom one as well.
They have a little (a) next to them.
We have all done a search and understand that but what you may not know is that only a few people venture past page one so the first two or three free entries on page one are the only ones that will get noticed.
This means that if those entries are not yours you will not get read.

The word food, for example, is searched about 447,000 times a month so there is a heap of traffic. If you are in position number one you can expect 76,000 hits on your site which would be fabulous except for one small issue?
There are about 276 free entries ahead of you so the searcher will need to troll through 30 pages to find you.
It just won't happen.

How do we overcome search volume in SEO?

With your head exploding with the complications in Keywords let me take you down the easy street.

You are very lucky because in the past this was a real hit and miss operation based as much on good luck as in skill.
Now we are lucky with a couple of great tools that will tell you exactly where you will be in the hierarchy.
You can use these to see the estimated amount of monthly traffic and the degree of competition.

What you need is a word or long-tail phrase that has some traffic but low competition. This is where you start your writing from.

Jaaxy is a great tool for this purpose and you can try it below for free

Now you can get an idea of how this all works and start looking for your words and go chasing dreams.

What is the keyword research tool for?

What you are trying to find are some credible traffic and low competition. I like to do a 100/100 plan where my traffic is over 100 per month and my competition is under 100.
That is stretching things a bit because the ideal is less competition the better.
As bloggers and writers, we spend a lot of time on keyword research because it is just so important.
Jaaxy is a really good on-site authority tool, the most important ingredient in your post. You can see exactly where you are or want to be at all times

I also use another site in Neil Patel's Ubersuggest.

This is different in how it does things but the results should be similar. Uber suggest.
Importantly, Neil points out that searches on mobile devices have a much lower click rate than on desktop applications so this can have a big effect on the results.
However, writing for mobile phones is also critical because Google starts its search process with mobiles before fixed computers.

What you need to ascertain is can you get your post or blog to position one on page one as the ultimate achievement with some traffic.
The tool will tell you how many clicks you should get in position one, the rest is up to your blog.

Paying for keyword position

Internet marketing business
It can be a lot of money

When you pay per click to Google you are guaranteed a first-page position however the cost can be very high. For instance, for this Keyword, you would pay us$1.75 every time someone clicked on the ad.
That is great if you sell something that returns a profit for you. you may sell something every 20 clicks but if you make more than $34 on the sale you are in front.
The term Health Insurance costs us$23.88 a click so it is expensive unless the return is commensurate with the outlay.

More people will click on the first or second entry obtained by SEO so if you can rank on page one you are a winner by a long way


Spending time on Keyword research is imperative for every marketer on the Internet. It will mean the difference between an acceptance or being completely lost in the search engines.
I often see complaints from bloggers about low or no traffic and they plead for an answer. The answer is simple, keyword selection. Without considering this element of SEO it will always be an uphill battle.

What is the Keyword by Peter Hanley

image of the author Peter Hanley
Peter Hanley

Further great training at Wealthy Affiliate

How to set up a free blog

How to set up a free blog
The avatar of a customer is a good starting point

We look at how to set up a free blog and be sure of success. There are rules for blogging and they need to be adhered to or you won't be read or followed.

Is a free blog better than a paid one?

The answer is nearly always no, except in certain circumstances.
If I can get you a free blog and hosting and an opportunity to make money will you follow some of the rules I am going to give you?

Generally, nothing for free is any good and web hosting is no different. However high cost does not always represent value so it depends on what you want.

I am presuming you have a niche or idea and know who your perfect customer is

Where does blogging start?

You need a name for your blog and a URL address and then what you will use for constructing a site.
The name of the site is onlinebusinessmarketing.info and it is written on WordPress using hosting at Wealthy Affiliate.
I bought the name at GoDaddy and transferred it to Wealthy Affiliate
Furthermore, I use a paid site because I have many websites but they do offer a full-blown blog for free.

Therefore I don't want to cause confusion because you can write blogs in a heap of programs but the easiest and most supported is WordPress with over a third of all sites using this free source it is recognised as the leader in the industry.
A recent upgrade to a Block Building program (called Gutenberg) makes life pretty easy.

Ok, let's get this show on the road

What is the first thing you have to do?

Keyword button

Everything starts with a keyword so you need to find one for every blog you do.

However, you need one with enough traffic and without a lot of competition so I am here to help.

This free tool is also available on your Wealthy affiliate site.
Another is neilpatelubersuggest.com that works in different ways to come up with the same answer.

What you are looking for is a traffic figure of about 100 a month and a competition figure of under a hundred a month. Lower the better.

Your site description

Description Button

This little box of 160 characters decides whether people will read your blog or not

A marketing description
A marketing description decides who will read your blog

Please note that your keyword is used in the title, the URL and the content and this is necessary.

Heading button

The next is your heading in a big strong #1
It is best to write out your headings before you start so that you get a nice flow in your writing.
plus headings start big and go down through the page and not all over the place

This has about a second to grab the attention of the reader so make it count

Feature image button

If you are using WP 5 this can be in the box on the right-hand side or as a download. Google usually asks for the size of greater than 200*200 pixels

Remember, Headings are what is read mostly as people skim read your wonderful blog for points of interest looking for a solution to a problem.
You should write out about 20 headings before you write a word. This allows you to concentrate on the information flow.

Hash Tag button

All headings have a size from 1-6
The rule is to start large and scroll down and not to go up and down. Choose a heading size and stick with it.
First heading biggest, next in between and finish small

Transition word button

These are words that connect sentences in your post.
Words like because, furthermore, finally, to start etc.
I covered this in a recent post on Blogging

Passive word button

This is with the transition word group and you need to be positive in what you say, taking control of the subject. Using I believe is negative however You should is positive

Authority linking Button

You should always link to at least one authority site. Most of us use Wikipedia as a great link to get clarification on what we are talking about

How to set up a free blog and linking

Linking button

There are several more examples of linking, These give better SEO to your site. Internal linking to a page on your site, external linking to a page that further explains the subject and the good one is Affiliate linking for making money

Social media button

The purpose of all social media is to send traffic to your web page. While I don't recommend sending traffic to social media, we should link our articles to one of them to build a following

How to set up a free blog

Pictures are necessary for any page you write. They must be applicable to the subject and royalty-free.
One purpose is to grab readers' attention and get them to read past the pretty scenery.

Alt Tag button

The alt tag is a picture description and should be a part of every picture. The tag should describe the picture for non-visual readers.

How to set up a free blog

Who is reading, when and where is important to know and how it all starts at a free Google site? Link each and every page to your account and follow the growth. Your analytics account has far too much information to list here so just get it working and then we will dig deeper.

site map button

Every page needs a site map. This is part of the setup and how Google will search for your wonderful work. This comes with both Yoast and Allinone SEO

Mobole site button

Google's ranking now looks at the Mobile feed before a desktop. Your site needs to be mobile compliant and you can check this on the Google test site

How to set up a free blog continues

categories button

When people read your blogs they will have a certain interest. These interests are listed on your page to enable easy searching of your material.

How to set up a free blog

Site comments help your SEO rating and add to your word count so you should actively seek them at all times

Conclusion button

A review of your site and the direction you wanted to go with an appropriate solution to a problem

What to do next

see us on video

You may notice I have left out writing throughout this page. It was not intentional. It is an oversight and it should have been included. However, it is no good being an award-winning writer if no one reads your stuff. This page is about obtaining the best possible result by following the Google rules. They run the search engine so they play the tune.
I hope you have gained something out of this and feel free to comment below

How to set up a free blog by Peter Hanley

How to set up a free blog
Peter Hanley

I promised you a free page and here I deliver

Business and SEO

Blogging is money a 7 step guide to success
image of graph
Grow your business to the next level

This is just the tip of the iceberg in detailing all you need to know about this great subject in your business and SEO

Let's clear up a couple of points first before we dig right in.

SEO is Search Engine Optimization or being found on the Internet when people are looking for you or what you sell.

Search engines like Google, Youtube Bing Yandex and Yahoo convert words that are entered and enter linking to what they want.

They then take buyers to your web page.

Take Action
What is Internet marketing?

Internet marketing comes in many forms. Wikipedia

Or more aptly so by the Urban dictionary as;

Like Voodoo and Witchdoctors, SEO is an evil term used to describe the ways SEO Optimizers believe they can beat the system by making you believe they know what will get your search ranking to the top. Most of the time SEO is achieved by throwing darts or mixing chicken bones with blood.

SEO does, however, have a real effect on your business

How do you affect SEO and what do you use?

Web pages

Social media Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat etc



Email marketing

Ads, display, pop up, follow or retargeting,

Any marketing done through the Internet is included.

Using tools like Yoast or All in one SEO

How does SEO affect Internet marketing

SEO is the road to you, it is your address, where and what you sell and it needs to be done correctly.

You must be easy to find at any time someone does a search on the internet. Either by your name, product, brand or location. You may want to buy a pair of shoes, Nike, Runner, male sizes 8+ in Earls court London area.

OK, one advert, 88 search results with eBay and Gumtree plus a host of other topics. One store stocks them. That's how you get found. You need to be that store for your product.

Where would you go to start SEO?

First of all Keywords

You have Broad Keywords and niche keywords and they are different but the same.

If you search Health products, a simple keyword, for instance, you have 1.53 billion searches to be found using this broad term. You won't be one of them.

“Health products in the UK to cure arthritis in young people” long-tail keyword about 2 million searches.
But how can you be on page one of the 2 million searches?

Well, first up you can buy a position at the top of the list. Every time someone clicks on you it costs money.

AD words Is a great example of this and the cost varies on demand. When it started you paid pennies now in tens of dollars per click.

The other way Is SEO. Now, this is a skill set you would need to learn or buy. It has many variables with the main ones being Keywords, site trust, domain address, quality of web page etc

If your domain name is ww.healthproductsintheUK.com you start at the head of the queue for searches in that term.

Meta description. We are getting technical but basically what your web presence is about. So if I arrive at Nike shoes in my suburb and there are several choices I will pick the one with the best description or sale patter or discount.

What tools can you use?

There are any number of people that sell you on this. I get about three emails a day promising to better my SEO.

If you are using a WordPress site, there are a couple of great Plugins that can help with this. Both Yoast SEO and All in one SEO are great tools of the trade. They prompt you to load in your keywords your meta description and other vital components

Where do you get training?

SEO for business
You need it to succeed

This is a very extensive category that cannot be answered in a 1000 or so word article.

Business and SEO requires training

Take Action
I use Wealthy affiliate for all my training from start to finish. It's free to start and provides in-depth training.

What results do you expect with SEO

What you achieve with SEO is success or failure. Get found or get lost in the market without spending a lot of money

You can have a nice web page, but if no one arrives at it you have nothing. As the old advertising slogan goes

“it's like winking at a girl in the dark” Only you know.

Take a look at social media and SEO

All social media is there to deliver people to your WebSite or business.
It is not a selling mechanism as such it is a delivery channel using a personal slant to get know and like feeling generated.

Social media can be very good at this because it is an entertainment media and the better you entertain the better the result at your web site.
So build your social channels with a view to delivering customers to your sales channel.

business and SEO
Use every tool for success

Business and SEO need blogging Blogging and SEO

Again, your site blogs are there to inform and educate people as well as entertain them with the sole purpose of getting a sale.
From this page, you will see links to areas that want to sell something to you, something that will benefit you and enhance what you wish to achieve. Each blog is based around a Keyword that will take you in a direction I want to take you.
My site will have over 300 different blog posts all on different subjects to increase your knowledge and provide an opportunity for your success.
Blogging is part of SEO.

Email marketing and SEO

Emails are still a valued product that can have readers entering your page and looking around.
We have seen search engines like traffic and particularly traffic that stays around rather than hit and run species.

Don't spend money on SEO do it organically

We have covered many ways to get people to your site, to spend time on your site and hopefully engage with your site. Using Keywords and good writing, so what else do you need to do that is important to SEO?

Other SEO tricks

There are things internal to your site that matter.

First of all, is the structure of the site.
It needs to be at least 300 words although preferably over 1000 with no more than 300 words between headings
The use of # headings is necessary starting from the largest going down eg #1 heading then #2-3-4 etc..
Then there is the use of pictures throughout the post to maintain reader interest. Each picture contains an ALt image and this should be filled in at all times.
The meta tag is filled in and this can be used for your opening paragraph, this is what Google will search for.
Finally, use both inbound and outbound links to
round out the lesson.

A lot to learn with SEO

SEO and business
Update your skills

There are quite a few tricks to SEO that must be used. Although you will find debate on some or all of the effectiveness of such ideas there is no doubt that you can make a difference

In Conclusion

This is just the tip of the iceberg as I stated at the start. I have linked you to some basic training to cover this in more detail. The training is part of a free package at Wealthy Affiliate and is designed around building your website.

WA has extensive training on all issues

It is things you must know if you are in business, not necessarily to do it yourself but not get oversold by others because you lack the knowledge.

Business and SEO by Peter Hanley

Peter Hanley


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