Most popular social media 2020

What is the Most popular social media 2020 and how can you benefit from it? Here we look at the good and the really bad so you can make a decision count.

How to pick your media

It all starts with demographics, who is your avatar, the person that most wants what you have.

GenderMale or female
AgeThis is important
LocationWhere do they live?
InterestWhat do they like?
TimingWhen are they active?
TypesSeniors, Mummy's, Kids

It could be Senior Males of >65 that live in your local area interested in finance and retirement income and active mid mornings.
We know they wont be on Instagram but might be Twitter followers and or Facebook.

Maybe a 15 year old girl, lives anywhere, active after 7 pm till 2 am interested in anything actively social which could well be TikTok or Instagram.

It is a waste of time and money targeting the wrong market.

What Social media is best

If you are in business or running an online service people need to know about you.
I will talk a bit about Know ,Like and Trust the pillars of marketing as it is a foundation of your marketing.
How do people get to know you?

LinkedIn is the first stop for everyone

LinkedIn does many things however the principle use for many is displaying your profile and Biography. A who you are, where did you come from and what have you done that will excite me.

Certainly most professionals are there and you should be as well. Recruitment people use this data base to find contacts and we all look up Doctors and Specialists to see what they have done.

If you had two people to pick from to do surgery on you I know a bit of background is good.

Your business is no different if I want to spend my money with you. I want to think I know you before I start the journey.
Like anything on the net remember it may not all be true. There are no background checks it is only what you submit.

You can do lots of things on LinkedIn including advertising but at the very least display a great Bio of yourself.
It is not something you need to attend to everyday however a regular update is a good habit.

Why is one social media better than another?

Facebook marketing

Every media has a target range of viewers, the target statistics are not exact and there are overlays but there is a general trend. These do change overtime so you need to watch them and manage your traffic.

Facebook started as a college student hangout and stayed the journey for some time. Now the younger set are staying away because there are more exciting adventures.

So Facebook is early twenties to mid sixties both male and female, anywhere.

A problem with Facebook is the number of ads on it that clog the pages of news.
However it remains popular and should be used by you.

Started as a kid thing and now is female 18 -55.

Most popular social media 2020

This works really well for any product in the target range, this could be clothing, hair, health etc.
However your posting must be consistent and clever as well as properly branded.

With over one billion users this is the most popular media in our market and should be considered an option for most of you.

  • It could be the latest hair style
  • Seasonal clothing
  • Bad Tyre wear
  • Extreme mechanical problem
  • Coffee offer
  • Fresh food
    Today commercial ones were Go-Pro, Telstra, Pandora among others.
    These are among all the personal posts from friends and family

You can post just about anything however the rule is consistency and attraction.

Most popular social media 2020 does not include this.


This is the latest contribution from China currently targeting 13-18 year old's but time will change this as the interest grows.

There has been a lit of talk about using a Chinese generated service and I did discuss this at some length in a recent post. My opinion was to stay away however the kids love it so it will be around for awhile.

The great Twitter boom

No one uses Twitter better than Donald Trump although he has had a bit of a fall out recently with the owners of Twitter.

What makes a Donald Tweet so good is that the world press picks it up and rebroadcasts every word and meaning behind it.
Before you take sides on this I am not promoting the person but his use of Twitter tells the world what he is thanking in real time. Nothing else could generate and distribute thought bubbles like this.

First of all It may take a bit of time to develop a following but when you do it is easy to get a message to the masses.
I follow a author called Peter Fitzsimons a writer generally on History and people who also heads up the Australian republican push.

There are things I don't like about him but his use of Twitter is extraordinary. Peter will post a short tweet that is purely interest building to take you to somewhere he wants broadcast-ed,

This is Brilliant!A story on Ronald Reagan
Genius!A knock at Prince Andrew
This looks seriously strong.A documentary on TV
Harsh but true.A criticism of the Catholic Church
Examples only

See how just a few words takes you into a Vortex of political or social area that Peter wants to promote. These examples are just ones pick at random for the past few days.

PS; Fitzsimons is a great writer and I am currently reading his latest book the Adventures of James Cook.

Most popular social media 2020. This is worth a look.

Pinterest has a cult following

I have not used this media simply because I believe the demographic is older and revolves around
hobbies and habits that are out of my interest group.
However friends are using it very well because the readers are not lost in the clutter of advertising associated with Facebook and LinkedIn. ( both owned by Facebook).

In recent times Pinterest has moved into e-commerce so it now offers a lot more.

It is worth looking at.

Don't overload your social networks

Social marketing takes time to do it properly, It should be posted to every day and possibly several times a day to build your branding and following. More is better so post prodigiously and don't be shy.
As a small to medium business you can not do them all because of constraints on your time so pick one or two and do them properly.
Find your target based on analysis and use the most appropriate media to achieve your goals.

I repeat for those hard of hearing pick one or two and do them properly. They will grow your business in a manner you would not consider possible at little or no monetary cost.


It will take dedication to achieve your goals and I see every day those that do it properly achieve results. The others that are half hearted will moan and groan that it does not work and do it less often than they should.
Kayla Itenses became a multi millionaire using Instagram to promote her exercise classes out of a home garage.
You can do it too, however results come from effort not dreaming.

Most popular social media 2020 by Peter Hanley

Most popular social media 2020
Peter Hanley

Finally it is a media of our time, use it wisely and often however with consideration to results.

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