What Is The Most Popular Blogging Site

What is the most popular blogging site? Be careful because popular does not mean best and we tell you why and what to do about it

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Blogging for free or for extra advantages

The most popular site is Wealthy Affiliate however it does come with competition.

As a long-term blogger, I have realized that whilst hosting is important other essential ingredients are necessary for performance.

  • Site speed for Google ranking
  • Mobile content, automated
  • Full training packages
  • Automatic Backup, you just never know
  • Ownership of all written material
  • Ability to move if unhappy.
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • 24-7 live support. Essential
  • Active forum, ask the awkward questions
  • Free SSL security, a must-have
  • Site comments, get the readers talking
  • A free site is always a starting option

This is a list of essential ingredients that nearly all blogging sites lack. That is why I chose the one site to do all the work for me.

Other blogging opportunities

WixUses a WYSIWYG editor
WeeblyDomain and hosting extra
BloggerGreat for personal blogging
MediumShared space
TumblerBasic format
WordPressSite builder without hosting
LinkedInStrange but true

Finding a site that suits you

We all try different opportunities when starting as a blogger. The very first thing you will try to minimize is cost however think carefully about this.

Blogging takes time and that time produces great work which you will be proud of. To lose it is a very bad experience because of the wasted effort.

Using WordPress or templated sites

You may initially struggle with this because WordPress may appear to be more complicated than a WYSIWYG-built site. However, the learning curve is very easy and the results may be much broader when you control all the input.

For instance, to learn WordPress I set up a dummy site and loaded it with just about all the boxes. I found the ones I liked and needed to put them on display. The process was about 4 hours and in the end, I was confident in building my site.

To test my theory I went back to a templated site and was frustrated with the restrictions imposed.

Most popular blogging sites

Best blogging sites to make money

First of all the sites don't make you money, you do. Therefore any site is as good as another if you get all your inputs in the correct places.

However, some sites are more commercial than others and you need to gravitate to business providers that are in place to maximize your efforts.

Site speed, security, and support are all necessary ingredients. Plus content ownership and the ability to transfer data if you are unhappy.

Most blogging recommendations are based on affiliate income

There are pages of recommendations and maximum advertising per list which must give you an indication of the popularity.

Blogging is built on Affiliate income so following the greatest promise may not be in your best interest.
If it is just a personal issue that you will blog about you may choose an average platform and be quite happy. However, when you suddenly realize that this is a business and you want to take the next step you may find that your content is trapped and owned by the site.

Do you need to train to be a blogger?

The basics of blogging will determine your ability to succeed.

A blogger must understand Keywords that are fundamental to being read. Without this knowledge, you will dwell in the far distant pages lost forever.

However, in some cases, we have moved on from keywords to user intent directed by robots
and picking out the pages on how you set them up.

Headings and descriptions grab the readers and done wrong send them well away from your wonderful writing.

Google needs Speed and established principles to apply SEO and advance you through the pages.

If any of this sounds like a mystery then click below for help.

blogging questions and answers

The one that suits your objective, at a price you can afford and protects your investment into the future.

I have provided the things to look out for and what to expect so do your research and then pick a winner.

There are hundreds of choices so take your time and make sure the list of necessary inclusions is covered.


WordPress is the most popular product on the market. It is designed for bloggers with them in mind. It receives regular free upgrades and a whole lot of support activity. Combine that with a great host like Wealthy Affiliate and you can not go wrong.

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