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Easy online income

How you can obtain an Easy online income without spending a whole bundle of money. We take you on a journey to quick success in easy to follow steps.

Is this a dream or an opportunity?

The dream of instant wealth

First of all wake up to the real world, if it was so easy to make money without effort we would all be doing it. Life is not that easy unless you want to cheat and steel your way through.

We see this every day with sites offering you instant wealth while sitting on your couch, eating chips and binge watching Netflix.

Offering with no experience, no credit card, no website just 15 minutes a day to a great fortune.

It is simply not true, well not really though, they get your money and get rich because they have set up a great scheme to empty credit cards.

All the great schemes require a lot of knowledge and work to produce a sucker product that drains your pockets.

It is all done on dreams, flash cars, pretty girls and guys, working from home without a care in the world.

If I have deflated your bubble don't panic, the good parts will surely appear like magic and you will see the light that takes you on a journey to prosperity.

Anyone any age can succeed. For those just beginning try How to sell stuff online

Decide your future

We all have our strong points and as others probably point out some weaknesses in what we do.

We can't all be lawyers or accountants, builders or social workers however we can work on our better attributes.
The internet is like real life offering countless opportunities for using your personal strengths to achieve results.

It is no good being a blogger if you don't want to write. blogging is writing every day for years ahead.
You can sell anything but you need to build Web pages and learn some real skills along the way.

You can market social media but there are many of them and which do you choose.

Emailing is easy however getting clicks and sales is a bit harder in fact it takes some skills.

You can run courses or teach but you need to know what you are talking about.

Writing e.Books, doing Videos and building a list are all opportunities that are yours for the choosing.

Minimize your options to specialize

Internet learning is easier than real life.

If you want to be a lawyer it means about five years at college before you can get a job and start to learn. Let me tell you that there are many on the internet making Lawyer money in a lot less time and training. In fact, you can pick your niche on the net and become an expert in a reasonable time.

Say you choose social media as your best option to suit what you desire to achieve.

First of all there are many forms of social media so you really should pick just one to start with.

It is time to concentrate.

The need is to Focus

If you want to be a lawyer it means about five years at college before you can get a job and start to learn. Let me tell you that there are many on the internet making Lawyer money in a lot less time and training. In fact you can pick your niche on the net and become an expert in a reasonable time.

Say you choose social media as your best option to suit what you desire to achieve.

First of all there are many forms of social media so you really should pick just one to start with.
My daughter chose Facebook and became an expert in a matter of months of pretty well full time training, this resulted in a high income consulting role for a fast developing enterprise. Not bad for a stay at home Mum with three kids.

Take this piece of advise and remember it long term, The internet is a huge playing field so concentrate on one small part until you succeed.

The easy start Amazon

what to sell on Amazon
Amazon for the starter

This is the MLM of the internet you work your butt of for others but pick up some income along the way. They have strict rules and very low commissions however a huge range of products.

It is a good training ground to learn the art of selling other peoples products.

Marketing products starts with a web page

A Web page is your business, it has an address a list of products a selling portal and all the important things about your business. it has an about you page, terms and conditions, contact points and is set up for good SEO.

If you are a beginner you need to learn all this at the very start of your journey. Fortunately I have a free offer for you that will provide all the building blocks of a business that can take you from a simple start to a grand ending.

I played around for a long time doing high priced courses and not achieving a lot before I arrived at Wealthy Affiliate. It changed my life and that of many others and it can for you as well.

The great thing is you can try it for free and in fact build a website that costs you nothing (unless you choose your own domain) and move into the money making business.

Have a product to sell and don't know what to do next

Products come in many ways, sizes and varieties. It may be a physical product of any kind or a virtual variety that lives in the cloud. Training packages, cloud based items, e.Books, videos anything that people will pay money for can be sold on line.
Physical products;

You may have a shop or online store that sells products to a range of customers. The shop may be as big as Walmart or as small as the corner store however they all have the same need. To flog you product while you are searching on Google or other search engine.

Online shopping is a growing.

You can quickly set up a site on for a small monthly fee with some training and support. This is probably the largest on line shopping outlet there is.
On WordPress you have access to a free version called Woocommerce that is an app on your website. All you need is products, yours or anyone else's.

This is certainly a massive future product that will be taken on by everyone.
Interestingly if you learn this you can sell your experience to others and produce and manage their shops.

No better money that Affiliate marketing to make an easy online income

Affiliate marketing does not work

Well it certainly won't if you don't give it a try. Affiliate marketing, in my opinion, is the best job in town. Why? Because you can grow a real business with consistent monthly income that will feed you and your family for years to come.

Affiliate earn incomes of millionaire marketers without leaving your home. Firstly though you need to be set up properly with the correct products. Amazon is an affiliate marketer however you live with low commissions that take a lot of inventive effort to equal the market.
I like recurring income products that pay you a percentage of the amount every month, When you have one client it is a small amount but when you have a thousand clients each paying you $25 a month that's a $300 k income enough for most of us to live on.

Training products, Web hosting, cloud storage, insurance, memberships,clubs support in fact an where a client is billed monthly.
I use;

  • Wealthy Affiliate as my web host and training platform
  • Vidnami as my Video platform.
  • Roy Carter as a one on one trainer
  • Jaaxy as my keyword generator
  • Constant Contact for emails

These are all online and business products from professional groups that pay a reasonable return every month . Any one of my clients could be on all platforms earning me money without costing them a cent

So affiliate marketing only works as well as the people that support it. It is a relatively low cost marketing exercise.

Blogging is a career

As a consistent writer you will include many channels in your armory and one of them may be Blogging.
This is consistently writing for publications articles on a chosen subject. It takes some time to be accepted and a whole bundle of time however combined with other income it will produce outstanding rewards.
You will achieve affiliate income as well as advertising income once you get your following going and supporting you.

If the writer in you has something to say there is no better place to launch to millions of enthusiastic readers that will lap up every word that goes to Air.

Easy online income and the YouTube venture

YouTube is searched as often as any search engine.

Doing a video
Creating a video

Well not quite up to Google yet however it is running close and way ahead of all the others.
Moreover it has many advantages in that people spend way more time on site thus increasing your SEO.
It can be used for branding, selling, teaching, displaying or How to do things category.

Your You tube ads will rank high on the first page of a Google search this you will be seen more often.

In days past Video was for the big and the bold but now professional services are available to anyone to produce a Show case piece for little expenditure .
in fact it can be done on a Mobile phone or tablet in a matter of minutes and downloaded to your You tube site.
You can do these for yourself or sell your services to others . There is a free book I use on this that can really help you along the trail. Noble Samurai, now Vidnami

Think how many times you get lost on YouTube. it is like Alice in Wonderland and the Rabbit hole as you dive in and flit around like a butterfly.

The fastest growing opportunity available.

Social media has had its day

Not likely you will say and I shall surely agree, Social media is growing and you need to be part of it. Even the China based TilTok is grabbing the market when some countries are banning it.
Users just don't care about the potential down side of using a foreign owned media that gathers your details and saves them for another day.

The biggest companies in the market use social media and post every day, they hound you with messages and do you care? Not really, some of it looks really good.

I get emails, SMS messages, Facebook posts Instagram hits every day and don't cancel them.

If the big end of town spend billions on Social marketing doesn't that tell you something or are you not listening.

Easy Online income has many channels

Pick a channel and go hard to get results

Local businesses that succeed post at least once everyday, some many more times. They use a channel that targets an age most suitable to their product.
TiKTok is for the young under 16 year old
Pinterest is for the older group
and the others in between.
Instagram more Female oriented and Facebook starts at 25 year old'

These are not exact figures but the largest percentage of users lay in the middle.

Easy online income
Targeting your future

Easy online income is hiding everywhere, so where is yours?

So where is my easy online income?

The answer is more simple than you would think. Pick your niche and then a sub niche and then a sub-sub-niche that suits you and start learning.

  • You can Blog
  • Affiliate market
  • Sell someone else's product
  • Quit your own product
  • E.mail marketing
  • training or coaching
  • Social Media
  • Club or membership
  • YouTube hero
  • Build web pages or funnels
  • Provide SEO
  • Keyword research
  • Build lists
  • Find traffic
  • Marketing advice

I wanted to be a blogger so that was my first choice, I then had to pick a subject on which to blog and pick my domain name. Then I had to build a website, get some affiliate links and learn all about keywords and SEO before writing a word. Now I need to build a market position that will take about 12-18 months of work before I see a lot of results.

You need to do the same, pick one of the above and break it down into small pieces and start the journey. Eventually you will get to use everything above to back up your core product.

I also do email marketing, the cheapest form of direct marketing you can do to achieve a result.

One goal with support.

Easy online income with Email marketing.

Why did I choose Email marketing?

This is still the most dominant form of approach available at a small price.
As I have built a following of customer details I understand what they want and can contact them at any time. My emails often send the readers to my Web Page and I link to my social media posts to build a multiple touch. I use the most appropriate Keywords to build interest and often sell virtual products to them.
Notice how I am using many forms of marketing an a single approach and you will learn this along the way.
It is not so difficult. Say you learn to drive a car. You then need road rules, map reading, traffic rules. how to get petrol, when a service is due, simple repairs, when to buy and sell etc.

The journey always starts with the first step and If you don't take that step you will never experience the real joy of earning money on line.

easy online income


If you are still reading to here you really are interested in an easy online income so I just need to push you a bit harder over the start line.
Everything new takes a period of learning so please understand that instant wealth is a Pipe dream or a promise made by get rich merchants lining up to take your money.

However the results from your application can be more than rewarding both monetarily and personally as you join groups of like minded people and develop the skills to achieve.

I hand you the opportunity to success.

Take the baton and run.

Easy online income by Peter Hanley

Easy online income
Peter Hanley

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You cant let an offer like this go by.

You cant let an offer like this go by.