What is a business image?

What is a business image? And how does it relate to you and your sales and income? Find new ways to boost your profile and run with the bulls.

Does your business image matter and can you change it?

Every day what we think of those we deal with comes under scrutiny and affects our buying decisions.

A current example of this is the Chinese social media platform TikTok.
The image among the under twenty year old' is one of fun and value and a necessary part of their life. The image is really a viral acceptance of a vehicle to show the photos and videos that mater.
A great name and a world wide audience of willing participants. However all is not well in the camp.

Governments have an absolute distrust in the media to the point of actually banning its use in several countries. This is all based around suspected data capture that may be used against them in the future by the owners the Chinese Communist Government.

It is not who is right or wrong it is purely a perspective vision that will adversely affect the company.

Image. Definition: The perception people have of your business when they hear your company name. A business's image is composed of an infinite variety of facts, events, personal histories, advertising and goals that work together to make an impression on the public.


Is your name a business image

Your name and logo are certainly at the for front of your presentation and will contribute to customer perception.
The most famous of these is the Apple logo. It has changed slightly over the last 45 years but still remains a simple statement.

It has gone from rainbow stripes to a single color however recognized world wide.

What is important is that the brand has a high trust factor so you understand it is based around quality and delivery. It has stood the test of time and growing product range but remains a leader today.

Actual logo

I am sure the dental clinic got lots of comments however the image is not really appropriate.
I chose this out of some very funny ones because it represents poor judgement by the designer and the business owner.
It would take some time to live down the company image once someone spotted the problem.

There are some really interesting images in the market that are well recognized but not understood .

What is a business image?
Interesting facts

I have looked at this log many time and will always see it different in future.

What is a business image?
Takes a bit more thinking

The logo says it all. what it is what it does, where it's from and even has a bike rider .

What is a business image?

The beauty of the names, logo's and description need no introduction to a world audience. Instant recognition and you like and trust the brand .

What is a business image?
I only like one

Your image builds, like and trust factors.

First of all you recall the product from marketing and recognize and trust the value to be one that you would purchase.

Your brand needs to grow this acceptance by telling the market what you do.

Protect your brand

Apply your brand on everything you do. Letters, stationary, emails, bill boards, car magnets. Where ever someone sees you have your brand.
If you are part of a Franchise you leverage the overall brand however include a local look to bring them to your store.
Even clothing should carry a prominent image so that customers recognize staff and appreciate they have taken the time to present themselves to you.

Telephone answering is also done in the brand name to reflect your image of polish and professionalism.

Do you change a name on changing owners in a business?

The answer to any good brand is a definite no, do not change that which has been built over many years. That is part of your goodwill payment and needs to be recouped.
In some cases where necessary you may include a small update to reflect a change. This is often done with companies in liquidation where a date will be added to the name. Joe Bloggs and co. may become Joe Bloggs (2020) and co. Here you are keeping the history but noting a new beginning. Not ideal but better than starting from day one.

What is a business USP and is it important?

Many a brand, or all probably come with a line that tells you what they do or what they represent,
This is called a Unique selling proposition

Just do itThis is associated with the Nike tick
A technology companySometimes seen with Apple products
Local Pie shopVoted by tradies as the best pies in town
Avisno 2 we try harder
LuLu LemonActive wear for all seasons
Do you recognize them?

The USP describes what your business does and clears any doubt that you are the correct place to go.It does not change and when used correctly can really lift your profile.


This is your starting point when planning a new business. Creating a logo and writing your own unique URL to establish a company image.

The logo does not necessarily need to reflect your business, example “Apple” however the closer your selling proposition the better. It needs to develop an image of success in the mind of the buyer.

Finally I would like to stress that this area of business can make all the difference to you if done correctly. Furthermore you need it to lift the spirits not dampen the enthusiasm of your buyer.
An example is Nike who always have action pictures associated with the tick and just do it logo.
It brings out adventure and a feeling of joining.

I think this is an example that does not quite make it however the name carries the brand because of association with a person.

We can never get perfection but we must strive for the best we can.

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What is a business image by Peter Hanley

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  1. You stressed a fundamental point and in a very comprehensive and concise way. Our logo and USP are the first things people remember when they meet our brand for the first time. Only this makes it easy to understand why we should take care of them. Many times I see business owners with bad or inaccurate logos (like the one of the clinics you mentioned – I laughed for ten minutes)

    • Thanks Rosalia,.
      There are many stories of bad branding however I contained my self to just that one.

      It is the start of any business and should be done properly for long term results

      Best wishes
      Peter H


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