Why is an online coach really necessary

Why is an online coach really necessary when you can just do any training you want? The answer lies in the level of success you can achieve

What does a coach do?

A coach does not tell you what to do, they may however tell you what not to do or where you are going wrong and suggest a different idea or direction. None of us is perfect and working alone can seriously inhibit our growth as we take a myopic stance on our direction.
Many times we will take the easy path instead of the rougher track because we can. When you have to explain yourself to others you mostly take a
the more positive option so as not to fail your own expectations

Why is an online coach really necessary

The four pillars to build success

  • Information; The way to grow a successful business
  • Infrastructure; The webpages and websites that make money
  • Instruction; A coach shows the way
  • Income; getting a return on your efforts

Having a product to sell that will return an income. The accelerator program

When you put all the pieces together you have a chance of a return on your investment.
No sport is played without a coach, even the top marketers in the world employ a coach because it is one of the pieces necessary to make the whole.

When you buy an online product it comes with a set of instructions and those instructions will be interpreted the way you want, often with shortcuts made by you to find the end sooner.

The Accelerator program is one that takes you from Zero to $10k a month in three months.
That can not be done without guiding you every step of the way with a great mentor or coach. The best would be left floundering because the learning curve is so steep.

The voice in your head

A coach is your inner voice. You don't have to explain yourself to anyone other than yourself, however, we are not always honest with ourselves. Having a coach makes us confront our own reality and face up to our shortfalls instead of falsely justifying our weaknesses.
Everyone has a winning edge and a good coach brings that out of us.
Your track to success will be much faster when you have to be accountable for your actions.

Working alone has its problems

A coach is very different to a boss. The latter tells you what to do and when to do it but the coach gets you to make those decisions.
When working in a group or committee there are obligations imposed on you but not so the lone trader.
Your coach is there to put your mind in the correct direction so that you fully fill the roles, they are not there to do the work.

A coach for all seasons

why is an online coach really necessary

I started working with a coach when I invested in an online program that delivers a passive income. I have worked online for several years but strolled in my own direction without any real guidance until I went under the wing of Michael Cheney.
Now Michael has been around for over twenty years so he knows the ropes and in fact, acts as a coach and mentor to many famous names.

His new program is only available to selected clients that are required to maintain a level of secrecy. However, it is worth it to get the best coach in town.


Many will query the cost of a coach when they should be looking at the loss of not having one. Your Coach will accelerate your rise by making you far more productive. Not by demanding but by having you want to meet your own expectations and not taking shortcuts.

Why is an online coach really necessary by Peter Hanley

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