Best way to work online from home for easy success

Best way to work online from home for easy success

Best way to work online from home for easy success. It takes some training and a bit of effort but it can be done to build your future.

Why do people work from home?

The internet does not change, it is there for anyone at work, at home even at play the rules remain the same.

You may be an active full time parent to a bundle of kids, a senior seeking a new challenge, a junior wanting to learn or even those with disabilities that have you non mobile but keen.

Furthermore you may just want to build a full time career working from home, have a desire to be a blogger or write your own novel that has been waiting many years to come out.

The internet houses many great opportunities for those that bother.

The get rich quick schemes on the internet have one purpose in mind and that is the wealth of the promoters.
They don't care about you they just want your money.
Flash websites and wild promises will drag you in with instant wealth guaranteed.
Ignore them, give them no money and don't waste your precious time being robbed blind.

However there are wonderful opportunities for every marketer, writer or creator on the internet.

The opportunities will cost little and deliver great benefits.

It is true you can make a lot of money, more than you could dream off and build a successful business that will last for years and pass on down to the family.

To achieve this will not be an instant success, it will take some time, training and a bit of money to climb the ladder. the ladder does go to the top but you must start on the first rung.

What does the internet hold for you?

Online storeSell both physical and virtual products
Affiliate marketingMarket other peoples products
BloggingWriting for success and advertising income
Product reviewsCompare, tell and recommend
Writing a bookShort stories or long novels
Building videosTo entertain or to sell
TrainingTeaching others on line
CoursesBuilding virtual courses
Media expertAdvise on media choices
A few examples

What is the best home business?

This really depends on your abilities, everyone has a preference related around their strengths.

I blog, one daughter has an online shop and another consults on Facebook and Instagram yet we all work online and at home.

If I gave just one answer I would say Affiliate Marketing is the best game particularly when it is associated with a recurring income. This way you can build a business that steadily grows in size and revenue over time.

Furthermore you can link affiliate marketing with other sources of income.

I am a blogger and attach affiliate marketing in my blogs, I use email and newsletters to promote my blogs and provide teaching on various ways to achieve results. i make videos and use SMS to market therefore having a whole bundle.

Best way to work online from home for easy success and the start of a journey.

Where to start an online journey

This is an important part of the journey. First of all you need to commit some time every day. It will not happen automatically You need input and continual commitment to achieving a goal.

If you are not ready to do this go back to a normal life and give up the dreams.

Next you need a plan, what are you going to do online and what do you want out of it. If you are building a house you can't be every trade and know everything unless you have been in the business for a very long time. The internet is the same.You are building an empire around one concept at a time to achieve an overall goal.

I started by learning to build my own web page, something that I thought would help me in business. When I had that mastered the web-page I needed to achieve something more than just looking good, something that would give me a return on my money.

I chose to blog about business because of my many years in the industry and a great depth of knowledge in sales and marketing. What I had to learn was internet marketing something that was not invented for most of my life.

I have spent a lifetime promoting recurring income products and building a business around them and affiliate marketing is just an easy way to do this.

After many years there are not many areas that I have not been involved in so my experience is quite broad.

Much of what I do has been to support a day to day business that I run outside the internet.

When you chose your internet direction

You start a learning curve to get you going as soon as possible. Set your time and start the journey to prosperity.
Understand how you will make money from this and start to implement the process.

Write down your plan and review it often, however be realistic in the timing and cost.

Beware of the scam easy money products. They will come at you every day however the easy money is only for the promoters. You may only lose small money buying in but you will donate a lot of time to lost causes that teach you little.

We have all been there and done that, it may be part of the journey but it is only when you look at the results do you real at the waste.

Best way to work online from home for easy success and lots of ways.

Other ways to work from home that deliver results

marketing and strategy

Covid has taught us that working from home can be achieved and that results will come to those that apply the effort.

Book KeepingBasic skills required for online books
Debt collectingTelephone calls
SMS marketingSending bulk SMS for quick results
Email marketingSending email marketing
Auto respondersBuild the message flow
Writing newslettersMonthly activity
Writing blogs for othersDaily activity
Telemarketinganytime that suits you
Phone answeringPick your hours
an example

We could go on for a long time but what you will really want to know is how to get clients.
The answer is simple you target and ask. repeat until success comes to you. There will be hundreds of businesses near you that want external help and they don't know where to get it.

A friend joined Women's groups around working women and participated in seminars, coffee meetings etc until she found the result she wanted.

The world is there for those that ask however have your basic learning in place first so you sell a package that is you.

Examples of work from home jobs

A chain of home glass tinting businesses divert all there after hours traffic to one lady. She takes the calls and does a semi sales job on them and booking an appointment. She is paid a high success fee.

Every business should do a bi-monthly newsletter. A friend puts these together for a group and send them out on a regular basis.

A local real estate agent has someone call a data base advising people of a new home open that will soon appear. The respondents get a peak view before it goes to the market.

I set up an account with a SMS carrier and market packages of calls to small businesses. Because of irregular use and low volumes I charge a premium on calls and make a good margin

A lady does Facebook paid marketing for clients and charges an hourly rate.

In fact Social media requires a lot of attention that most businesses don't have time to do, this is a great opportunity to support them with your expertise.

Making videos on How to do things drives a heap of traffic to the website, however most businesses have no idea how to do this. A quick course at Vidnami can have you up and running within days and charging premium rates even on a monthly basis.

Resume writing, blogging, creating e.books, white papers are all opportunities for those that ask.

I did a quick Google search and you can find a lot of people related products that need a lot more than a basic skill set.

I try and keep ideas fairly basic and low cost so you can be the winner.

Best way to work online from home for easy success and my wrap up

My conclusion to working at home and online.

First of all I work at home and have done so for many years so I am coming to you from practical experience.

I have written over 500 blogs, written books, sent millions of emails, sell SMS services, run a small business and have learned most of this from Wealthy Affiliate.

After many decades in business i decided that the rules had changed and the methods used in the past were no longer appropriate. At my age learning the internet was an experience that took several years to master. Many mistakes and dead end roads contributed to my overall knowledge>

I understand that this is a continual learning experience and I shall be at internet school for many years to come. My goal is to share my knowledge and hopefully find some goods roads for you to travel.

Best way to work online from home for easy success by Peter Hanley

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