Side hustle black women

Side hustle black women! Set up an income working from home without spending a lot of money? Here we tell you how to leverage your position for success.

There are lots of ways to make an extra Dollar

Let's get a few things in line here. What would I, an old white guy from Australia, know about the problems of black women anywhere in the world? The answer, of course, is absolutely nothing and I don't pretend to.

However, the problems with a lack of income are universal and also the answers apply equally to all. Plus being online you may be Black, White, Female or Male it matters not to the outside world who are only looking for solutions to a problem.

The next question I get asked is usually how qualified do you need to be? The internet is basically a new world so you can match it with the best in just a few quick lessons.

How much money do you need to start an internet journey?

For a start, you need a computer and Internet access. You need to make a commitment in time and have an understanding of where you want to end up. Then we start the journey.

The internet is full of Scams and it is very easy to get caught in the vortex of instant wealth. We've all been there and come out with scars to prove it.

My message here is to avoid great promises and payout money on training you won't use.

On the web, there is a plan called Upsell. You enter a program at a low price and then you are encouraged to pay more money for a better program to achieve what you signed on for. Then another and another until you come to your senses and work out you are being conned.

The tragic story of MOBE

There was a famous plan called MOBE and the last payment for absolutely promised results was $20,000. No money no worry we have an easy finance plan for you. The entry was just $29.95. I was an early entrant because it looked great and fortunately an early exit because I value money.
Where is Mobe now? With the U.S. Feds in liquidation owing hundreds of millions of dollars.

I can show you the way forward without spending any money but you need to follow some rules. Yes, when you are ready there will be a small monthly investment, nothing that is this good is free forever however it can be if you so chose.
Side hustle black women and the best products.

What products are the best to make money on?

The best job in town is recurring revenue affiliate marketing. This means that for any customer you refer to, you get paid an amount every month for the years they stay. The first month you might make $20 the next $40 all the way to $thousands per month as you build your very own business.

We will teach you from day one exactly what to do and how to do it. You will immediately become an affiliate and have access to an opportunity to start your journey.

You will learn to build your very own website and in a way that will be seen on the internet.
Your understanding of SEO and Keywords will grow as you move quickly through the training process.
Others like you will be ready to answer questions and help you in every step with a remarkable online forum of people all pursuing a similar passion.

Furthermore, you will be exposed to the first lessons that will teach you all the basics of the internet, finding your niche and working towards your final goal.

Online Entrepreneur Certification

Side hustle black women
Your certificate of completion

5 courses, 50 lessons

The Online Entrepreneur Certification (OEC) training is a 5 phase (50 lessons) series of courses walking you through the process of creating and growing a business within absolutely ANY niche that you want.

We are not promising an overnight $$ jackpot. You will need to spend time to start and learn before the money starts to flow. If you need money today, get a job. If you want to build a real side hustle, keep on reading because we have lots more to come.

When you follow the Entrepreneur course, many if not all your questions will be answered. What niche, how to do it and when the money will come.

You may wonder why my heading, or Keyword, a side hustle for black women came about?

I am a blog writer on small business both fixed and online. This is my passion along with a regular day job that keeps me busy.

Side hustle black women and Keyword training

Start your own business ideas

Keywords in search terms

When I write on a subject I need to understand if it will be read or not and this is what they call Keywords.
Scan my site and you will see all sorts of articles on a whole bundle of subjects.
We use a Keyword Tool to find a subject that people like you will type into google to get an answer to a problem. Yours is how you make money on the side.

The keyword of a side hustle for white women simply has no traffic. You and I know there is no difference except what you type in to search a subject.
I could use “a side hustle” a word that has a lot more traffic but I would rate on about page 30 so never be read.

An understanding of this is absolutely paramount to anyone having success online, and we will teach you and give you a free Keyword tool.

Affiliate marketing is just one choice

Side hustle black women
Man with no money

My daughter a stay at home mum with three little ones, stayed out of the workforce for seven years to concentrate on bringing up the children. However, in the latter part of that, she decided to concentrate on Social Media and learn as much as she could from online courses.

Her next step was to freelance to a couple of small businesses that needed support, by using Women's groups and forums she found a few customers that wanted some support.

She did some basic posting and a bit of advertising however one group kept demanding more. They were a new company and really wanted to launch online. A few months later she was appointed as Director of Marketing in a 4 day a week position on a great salary and able to pay for after school care for the children.

It is not a rag to riches story but it is a successful venture that came from some online training that quickly developed into a career opportunity. I said quickly it was quite a few months of effort to get the first break. Nothing is overnight.

Side hustle black women and an online shop

The online shop

The best-known affiliate shop is Amazon. You set up an online webpage to promote Amazon products and get paid a small commission when they sell. Amazon provides a lot of training and it will earn you some income without a lot of expenditure.

Online shopping is going gangbusters throughout the world. So much so that it is sending retailers to the wall and opening up more opportunities for everyone.
You can sell just about anything you want, there will be an affiliate opportunity just waiting for you.

Another of my Daughters has a women's clothing shop, this is in a country town with a small local clientele and limited opportunities for large growth. The range is classy and the prices right but you have to get in front of people to sell the product.

While her daughter did the shop work she set about setting up an online shop of all the products. The new store had to integrate with the stockholding and retail sales so ordering and restocking were almost automatic. It took some time to integrate everything and set up a marketing channel with social media and emails.

The result was a doubling of sales over a fairly short period of time.
I mention this because she had to learn a whole new product set. Her years as a nurse did not help her online skills so it started from day one.

You can do this as well.

How Instagram created a millionaire

Picture of Kayla itenes
A real success story

I just love this story because it was really a rag to riches venture that just grabbed the world by storm.
Her name is Kayla Itenes and she is now a well-known exercise authority across the globe.

Kayla started working from her parents' garage in South Australia, teaching exercise to locals. With an Ebook and some videos, she used Instagram to promote her products online.
Her Instagram success was a real flyer and she was then marketing product across the globe.

Kayla Itsines is an Australian personal trainer, author, and entrepreneur with Greek heritage. She is the creator of a series of fitness ebooks titled Bikini Body Guides, and a meal-planning and workout app, Sweat with Kayla. Sweat with Kayla generated more revenue than any other fitness app in 2016. Wikipedia

Furthermore, Kayla had no formal training in marketing but found the formula by learning new skills and writing a simple eBook. Her boyfriend and now husband had a full-time promotions role because the demand was so great. It all came from an understanding of social media

Is all this really for you?

picture of a help sign
a question to ask yourself

Of course, it is or you would not be reading this deep into my page. I know you can do it. You just need to commit yourself to a cause and start the journey.

A journey starts with just one step, and I recommend that step to be basic training on a webpage and internet so you understand what you really want.

Look, we all make the mistake of trying to do our own thing and waste countless hours and dollars lurching from pillar to post. It is not necessary if you do your homework.

Choose your path and make a plan

Build a shop, write a blog, do affiliate marketing, concentrate on Social media, do email marketing or any other online product. Pick one and stick to it until done.
Write your plan from day one to the desired outcome and work on that every day until you start to see the Forrest. We will give you the tools your job is to become the tradesperson and create a masterpiece.

I am an old guy that loves the internet for what it can do. We all have challenges with money and taking action can open doors for you. Doors that you could not even see yesterday.

I can't promise you anything other than an opportunity that puts you in the game.

How to make money with a side hustle

Side hustle black women
a side hustle is a means to an end.

First of all, as an affiliate, you get paid when you introduce a new customer. For instance, if you log into the free portal at Wealthy Affiliate I get paid zip. However, should you decide if this product is so good you want a premium package and to sign into the plan I get paid a commission? So go ahead and sign in now!

No, seriously we are not about that when the time is right you will know. You will also have people signing under you to achieve income into your purse or pocket.

As you build a bit of traffic following all the training we will give you, you can also sell advertising on your page. Every time someone clicks an advert you get paid, in your sleep, on holidays it matters not that your online presence does not stop.

Selling on Amazon to make money

Is it about the dollars

This is just as easy when you build an online sales portal. Selling a book might earn you a few cents, but selling a tractor could be tens of thousands. It is all in the product and that is why we recommend higher value products.

Selling Other peoples products

You can be a reseller for the likes of JV Zoo or Warrior forum where people place promotions and you simply pass them on. I am not a big fan of these but you can find some great products if you search carefully. We generally find someone we trust and promote their products.

Setting up a Blog

  • Pick your blog’s name
  • Get your blog online (web hosting)
  • Design your blog with a free WordPress theme
  • Write your first blog post
  • Promote your blog and make money

Decide if your blog is for business or for branding and choose your blog title accordingly.

Where am I taking you too?

My goal is to get you into training 101 or how and why to start on the internet. We will get you a free name and blog page so you can learn what to do as you start to write. You will have a direction and what you want to achieve so that you are not wandering around trying to pick your pathway through a minefield

Here is an example starting at lesson one. no money needed just a bit of time and effort.
If you have no time, forget the idea and go sell Tupperware or Herbalife and really get hurt.

We want you up and going and happy with your future before you make those critical decisions.


Anyone can have a side hustle you just need to learn a few rules, set a path and be prepared to commit a certain amount of time. An amount depending on your situation at the time.

At Wealthy Affiliate, we have all sorts, nationalities, sizes and ages. It makes no difference.

One of the higher earners in WA is a robust black guy who calls himself Benjey's dad.

He has left a full-time job to be a full-time blogger. Why? Because blogging was paying more.
In fact, he won a trip to Los Vegas last year as one of the premium players. An income we all want.

picture of author
Peter H an old white-haired guy.

Side hustle black women by peter h

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