How to write blog posts that gets read

How to write a blog post that gets read. When you want to be that great writer you need readers. These 5 secrets will make a big difference

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Is it what you write or how you write that gets results?

An interesting question however the answer is a simple both. However, there are things you must understand or you will be left on pages well down the list where no one goes.

It starts with your Keyword and your header

The most important thing is your keyword ( or phrase) and how you use it.

How to write blog posts that gets read

Let's face it people use a search term to find an answer and if you are not on page one you are lost in the woods.
There are two vital issues with this and they are:

  • Traffic
  • Competition

A balance is needed

If you have too much traffic the competition will be hard so it is a balance, between the two.

You can find a great keyword tool under the Wealthy Affiliate free training, this will provide great insight into your needs and provide a glimpse of what you should do.

Google itself is a great guide. By typing a keyword in see what your competitors are doing and how best to obtain a higher position. At the bottom of the page, Google will also tell you what are the key phrases being used.

Your headline needs to attract readers

Rather an obvious statement however one that is often neglected. On a Search page, you need to be the one that jumps off the page screaming read me first. However, you have only a part of a second to do this so you need help.

I use the MonsterInsights headline analyzer in all my posts. This tells me what is good, great or really bad. It is so important that it takes some time to get it right.

Furthermore, I use another headline writer called Title generator which takes a lot of the hard work out of the planning. Using these you will certainly be a winner.

The best I could do

How to write blog posts that gets read

Further reading

Your meta description seals the deal

These are the words just below the headline. They are there to seal the deal with a promise. They should include your keyword however they will supply a link to answer a question or solve a problem. A bland description simply won't get read. I don't have a great tool for this however you have about 160 characters to explain what your site will deliver. This needs to be good enough to get a click

My Meta this page;

“How to write a blog post that gets read. When you want to be a great writer you need readers. These 5 secrets will make a big difference”

SEO is sucking up to Google

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is creating your work the way google wants it done. Terrible pages never go forward and great pages still need assistance.

Wait! Before you throw your hands in the air screaming “this is all too hard” you should remember it is just the ground rules. Once you understand them they are just part of the game. Google is just the umpire.

How to write blog posts that get read

A bit of magic on construction your page

Headlines start large and go down the page#1 then #2, #3, etc
Short sentences20 or so words
Then short paragraphsUnder 300 words
Written for the readerNot to technical
No spelling or grammatical errorsuse a spell checker
Use a positive voiceBe specific
Colour and picturesBrighten it up
At least 1000 wordsMore is better
Use key phrases in subheadingsSimilar words
Use your Keyword once every three hundred wordsApproximately
Find all of these in Yoast SEO

Write for the reader and as clear as you can

If you are answering a question or offering a solution do it early and then tell them why.

However, you really do want them to keep reading or to stay on the Page as long as possible.
This is one of the Google benchmarks so to do this we offer flypaper.

Yes, something to attract them and make them stick.

Great headings in a color that promise more.

Appropriate pictures that draw them in and grab attention.

Attention deficit syndrome

Readers are funny creatures, some read every word but most skim through looking for shiny things that grab their attention. Give them shiny things and reasons to hang around.

Therefore space your sentences to make reading easier, keep them short, and finally use an appropriate size font for easy reading.

Finally, one way to achieve reader time is to add a link to YouTube or better still embed a video. You can do one yourself using a free trial at

Make a video online

Remember to answer a question or solve a problem

Use How, why, when, and where as often as you like and promise them an answer. If you search anything on Google (and I mean Bing and Yahoo as well) you will find that numbers are used a lot.

For example, 2 ways to achieve SEO, 5 things you can do to beat Google, or 100 ways to write a blog. These seem to work as clickbait so don't be shy in using them.

Authority sites draw readers

How to write a perfect blog post in easy steps
Writing your first blog

If I was writing on medical issues I would more likely be read if I am a doctor, or on accounting issues, if I have an accounting business, and even on Crypto assets if I have a track record.
For example to achieve this make sure your BIO or about page includes some qualifications that allude to the subject matter.

Furthermore, I press my many years in business and being a graduate marketer as well as my internet experience as the assets behind my writing. I have been there, done that, and survived to live to help people like you.

Therefore don't try and make like an expert if you have no authority, i won't cut the mustard.

Concluding my five secrets to success

Off course, there are many more things you need to do however you need a starting point. These are the most important things you need to fully understand.

Success only comes to those that do it properly therefore get your game plan in action to ensure success.

Finally, I also suggest if you are floundering with this try a course or two at Wealthy Affiliate for free. This is the best training on all things you will need. Furthermore, you even get a free website.

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