Monsterinsights makes analytics work for you

MonsterInsights makes analytics work for you

When a Monster meets analytics

Every site, blog, page or funnel should be connected to Google analytics and that is not negotiable.

However you really need to take this a step further to understand exactly what is going on.

All your stats clearly placed on your home page so YOU know what is happening in near live time.

Monster Insights makes analytics work for you. Having data and using it are very different issues. Here Monster Insights find a new level.

This is just the start of the adventure, you can quickly click through to a range of data that tells you nearly everything you need to know. All displayed on opening your site. Each of the above is fundamental to your SEO success however there is much more.

First of all more than two million users have proven the absolute worth of employing this plugin. The others are just winging it and hoping it all works. it won't happen.

Furthermore they don't just stop at basic analytics, there is a lot more.

The most important part of your post or page

I have just had a query from a client on how to get traffic for free, it's an age old question that we all want the answer too. However it is not as hard as it seems.

There are several parts to this that can provide a flow of traffic to your website.

Certainly quantity plays a part, one post may get a few but 100 a lot more so time is a factor.

SEO is necessary and the correct set up can guarantee some success, however, you want more.

Some will say content and this is in part true however it needs to be found before it is read.

When you email the author is critical however in posting you are seeking a brand new audience.

The next is page position, if you are not on page one your chances are minimal at the best

That all comes down to your Keyword selection, don't be surprised about this, people search by your heading or keyword in a heading and a great Meta description.

If these are wrong then your chance is zero.

Having a headline analyser is critical to online success

Not many of you will be aware that a tool like this is available.
Certainly selecting a keyword for volume and competition is really necessary because they are critical inputs and there are lots of tools for that.

We spend hours searching keywords for traffic and competition and really need support on this journey.

MonsterInsights makes analytics work for you and helps you achieve.

New and exciting, a headline analyser that takes out the hard work.

Monster Insights has this remarkable tool included in all their packages. They look at about 12 different inputs so come up with a great headline and rate it with a score out of 100.

This is no easy task because it takes a change in thinking about your headline.

This is one I did recently that rated reasonably well however it was not as good as i wanted.

One reason was that people read the first and last three words and the rest blends in.

They push the ways to use words and look for Common words, uncommon, power words along with emotion.

I have used many Keyword tools and the best is Jaaxy however the Monster takes it a step further, and does it right.

Yes I know they will do it for you however sometimes there is a problem and it wont work.

You then miss out on a valuable income which you can never get back.

There are two ways of doing link tracking..

Using a plugin like Pretty Links ( as I do) as many links as you want plus full reporting .

Set up the lonks under MonsterInsights and use their connection to Google analytics.

I run a report twice a month to see where the clicks are coming from and which ones are performing better.

MonsterInsights makes analytics work for you and pays the bills.

Can you make money with MonsterInsights

Monsterinsights has many sides including a really good free version and a Pro version that takes it a lot further.
They also have an affiliate program which is a must have to add to your collection.

They have complementary business as well including

  • OptinMonster
  • WPForms
  • SeedProd
  • TrustPulse
  • IsItWP
  • AwesomeMotive

I am using the first three of the above for my own use and have confidence in the company offerings . Support is great and a continual stream of information keeps you right up to date on product information.

It is always an option to include a YouTube link into any post. this increases time on site
and page clicks to gather a better following. Not to be telling you what to do but to lead by example when I did a short video recently on this product . YouTube and the Monster Insights.

Youtube gathers its own analytics as well.

SeedProd is a WordPress Funnel builder that has a relatively small annual fee when compared to many on the market. It is easy to use because it builds on The WordPress block building technique.

My conclusion

Being a blogger, website builder and coach I am always seeking better ways to achieve my goals. Blogging is time consuming and any shortcuts that enhance my abilities get considered.

Furthermore I am very price conscious and will not pay out big bucks for little return.
I have learned this lesson the hard way after years of experience plus trial and error.

Knowing where you are going is a fundamental of success and having your analytics in your face every day demands change or failure.

I really can't imagine life without the headline tool and it has made a difference to my page locations in a short time. I just wish I had this tool when I started my blogging career, therefore it is not to late for you to start this day.

MonsterInsights makes analytics work for you by Peter Hanley

“When someone tells you it can't be done, it's more a reflection of their limitations, not yours!”

Syed Balkhi Founder of Awesome Motive

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