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How to make a blog site

How to make a blog site that will be read. There are billions of sites so how can you stand out from the crowd? It is all in three little secrets.

What are the secrets to blogging that can make a difference?

It's really not all that hard however most never understand the basics.

It matters not what Niche you are in, it only matters who reads your stuff. Blogging takes in every subject you can think of.

It is estimated that over 500 million blogs a year are written so we don't have time to read them all. So what is it that makes your work get read?

The super-secret to blogging success #1

I just know you are gagging for answers but let's first consider what blogs you read and how you found them?

The first thing you did was type in a google search, correct? What you typed into Google is called a Keyword. it could be one word or what we call a long-tail keyword. This phrase takes you to a blog or page on google.
Therefore your blog must start with a keyword, one that someone will type into the web.

However, it is not that easy. You must consider two other important elements.

The single word
A longtail phrase
Total traffic
The competition

Let's say as an example that you are a Blacksmith.
So here is me wanting to find you so I type in Blacksmith and lo and behold there are over 5000 searches a month and of those 825 will see you if you are on page one.

However, there are over 220 blacksmiths registered with the same name or over 22 pages of lists. So your blog has got to rise from number 221 to the first couple of entries on page one.
You have no chance of success.

If you are a local business you may use a keyword like Bill Hammer Blacksmith Idaho USA
or maybe blacksmiths in Boise USA. LOL, I am making this up as I go along and there are half a dozen metal bashers in Boise. My point, however, is this is how people find your blog using a keyword.

This is the first fundamental with blog writing, content writing or page writing.
Get this wrong and you are with all those others that wonder why they never get read.

Next is your Meta description

Sometimes I love my work, The meta description is what people read under your Keyword that makes you select them or not the other 10 to a page. I continued to search Boice and I found the following.

Meta description example
Great writing

Don't get me wrong here, I am about 9,600 miles away from Idaho and as I said making this up as I go along.
I typed in my Keyword Boise blacksmiths and there are a few of them to choose from.
Remember some are advertising listings and local directories and we want to miss them for real people.

This I came across;

“Harry Black, legend has it his skin is made of steel”. Pure poetry in this case but I had to read it.
This is his meta description and one really out of the left-field but it is so good I had to share it.
You may write along the lines of “A good blacksmith that delivers on time” but which one will get the most clicks. Old Harry because you just have to read it.
This is evidently written by a Pro and not by a hammer man but it does work.

There is point number two: Your meta description.

How to, when to, why or who enquiries.

A lot of searches start with how, when, why or who because we have a problem we want solving.

This is true of Google and equally so with Youtube as we want our problems solved.

This site is a How to Blog, “How to make a blog site” so I am answering a question that has been used as a search term. My Meta description hints at three little secrets so you will read it
because I have evoked your curiosity.

So solving peoples problems is what most readers want. They don't want a lot of fluffy writing or technical jargon, they want simple answers.

Content is king, however, only when it solves a problem.

If you are going to write a blog, the above three items will take you nearly all the way home.

The starting requirements for a blog

Ok, you need a domain name like “ that can be purchased cheaply and registered with a web host.
Then you need a platform of some kind like WordPress as an example to hold your writing.

The above will give you all the training you need to set up a blog, help you find a niche and show you all the steps to take. What's more, their online forum will help you with any queries you may have.

I could write many articles on this, and I have, but if you don't understand the basics, Wealthy Affiliate is a great starter.
It is not that hard for any age or demographic.

Blog writing won't make you rich on day one. It is generally a slow start-up career that will take many months to find any degree of success.

It is more a calling where you share your understanding with the world by the use of words and pictures set out in a way to gather a following.

The greatest issue is generally what to write about, you get one great idea and then fall in a hole as you look for other great keywords.

Blacksmith is a niche

Using steel, copper, Bronze, mixed metals with hot or cold deployment.
Art, tools, structural, safety etc.
Best steel to use, new, old refurbished etc
With every word, build a word stream that will last you for years as you become the resident expert with Skin as hard as cardboard.

this is my post number 100 on this site. It is all about the internet or online marketing. Blogging is a form of marketing. nI fact every web site should have a blog post included.
I looked further at this in how to write a blog and in fact several other sites.


Writing becomes an obsession if you enjoy your subject and blogging is just one form of that. In fact, a form that gets more attention than most outlets if you follow my three secret rules.

How to make a blog site by Peter Hanley

image of the author Peter Hanley
Peter Hanley

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You cant let an offer like this go by.

You cant let an offer like this go by.