Do Images Help a Blog Post

Do images help a blog post or distract from the words. Here we tell you why they work and how often to use them.

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All images are not equal

Newspaper article

Of course, this is fictional and put together to start a conversation on the use of images in a blog or page.
Many people scan read looking for subjects of interest and a good appropriate image stops them in their tracks

I created these using a common free service that creates all sorts of funny and interesting articles

The cat has a say

The cat has a say

The number of silly gifs are only limited by your imagination

Do Images Help a Blog Post

Being a cat person this got me thinking about what else could be done

A claperboard

My block buster products

These are all freely available at and should only be used sparingly. My overuse is purely showcasing a few examples that may take your interest.

You can have talking birds, tomatoes, squirrels, and all sorts of good things but I think I have already gone into overload

A fashion Cover

Using images like these is easy at Fodey however I would control the urge to use them too often. They are a special effects tool, not an everyday insert.

Do Images Help a Blog Post and using Canva?

Using Canva to build an image is a free and pro image builder that can be used on Social media as well as web pages or blogging.

You put in what you want and even download your pictures.

This is an award-winning product used by every serious blogger.

Do Images Help a Blog Post
My Canva script with a link

I use this often for impact marketing because it can be very different from the normal run-of-mill products and offers great opportunities to gather interest.

Adding free images to your blog

Images are not all free and many come with Royalty rights. Using the wrong images could result in a lawsuit for damages, however rare it be.

I sprinkle images throughout my posts to grab the interest of the skim readers. The images you use should always be appropriate to the subject at hand and not just inserted for visual effects.

Remember that site speed is important and placing large images at the top of your page will slow down the opening time, a vital part of your SEO performance.

Online Business Marketing Ideas

Images may be scattered around your page either
right-left or center usually depending on the size of the image.

There will be some debate about heat map distribution or where the eyeballs settle first.
Most of us read left to right however skip readers probably go the same way so which comes first?

Do Images Help a Blog Post and must they have an Alt description

Inserting an Alt description with every image

Google is a pretty smart guy but he still can't read images so we need to tell him what they are about. Again opinion divides on this. Yoast SEO says that your Keyword is great in about 60% of cases but after that a descriptive clause. Many will advocate only descriptive clauses but I tend to follow Yoast

linking keywords
Linking your Alt Description

The use of Lists and tables adds value to your SEO

You should use these as summary applications at all times because it makes reading quite easy.

  • A list is a dot point summary
  • Keep it to the point
  • Long lists are distracting

The preferred application is tables because you get to provide a bit more information for the reader.

Tables are generally two columns wideEither side can expand to your demand
You get to emphasize a pointTables offer more opportunity
They are fully manageableInsert or delete when you want
Google loves tablesThey can say a lot
A sample table

This can also include quotes

You will know that plagiarism in any form is a no-no and should be avoided at all costs.
However, the use of quotes is an entirely acceptable package.
You can find quotes on just about any subject with a Google search and using a quote block insert them into your post.

“When you are joyful, when you say yes to life and have fun and project positivity all around you, you become a sun in the center of every constellation, and people want to be near you.”
Shannon L. Alder

This will enhance your authority by locking into knowledge by others.

Images and branding

Your brand is important however it must also be used consistently and in the same format.
You want people to recognize you immediately and your brand application will do this.

For a business, it may be your logo or for a personal blog, it may be your picture that you promote.
Use your image and brand as often as you can to build a following.
All of my blogs have a consistent pattern followed by my image and a link to Wealthy Affiliate.

Your brand may include colors, font, and images so maintain their integrity by consistency.

Are gifs appropriate

They can certainly add a bit of character to your work and are very easy to build at the
Gif shop
They are not my personal favorites but everyone to their own.

Memes are in Vogue

Do Images Help a Blog Post
Yes you can

Again a common use site at Meme generate

Using images for chasing keywords

This may be a bit out of the square however a very handy tool to use. It uses A google product called Google lenz that gives you access to so many ideas for good keywords.
By right-clicking a standard image and selecting search with Google lenz a whole new world will open up for you.

Bonus: 4 scientific ways to boost your site

YouTube is necessary for your post

YouTube is searched nearly as often as Google so not having a link or an embedded Thumbprint takes many search results away from your article.

Furthermore having a link to YouTube places time on your site a major SEO requirement.

If you want a lot more training on this or other website matters there is a really good introduction to Wealthy Affiliate done by one of the owners Carson.

It is an hour-long but covers a lot of material that you will be happy to access and make your chance of success much stronger.


Images are a fundamental part of all reading material. They provide both an attraction for readers and a rest for tired eyes.

There are so many free and low-priced opportunities for even a ranked amateur who looks like a professional.

Google likes them, readers welcome them and the whole page looks a lot better.

Therefore there is no reason not to enhance your work with the best offers available.

My thanks to DianeScorpio at Wealthy Affiliate for her contributions

Do Images Help a Blog Post by Peter Hanley

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  1. Reggie

    I found this to be a good article, I am new to affiliate marketing. I am always looking for advice to make my webpages stand out. I am not the best at look for images as I am afraid of stealing them, so I use a lot of my own or a product I have links to. I didn’t know about al the free places to get and customize images. 

    Thank you!

    1. Peter Hanley

      Hi Reggie, Wealthy Affiliate has a large range of free images on the web builder and on the blog page>
      You can Google free images and finds heaps of them. At Canva they give both free and paid images which are clearly marked.

      Make sure you see no watermarks a big giveaway.

      Best wishes on your future

      Kind regards

      Peter H

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