The way to write a blog for money for beginners

The way to write a blog for money for beginners and win the game. When headlines make the difference in your success you must know what to do

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You must understand what makes a successful blog

The main way your blog can be even close to successful is if it is on page one of a search term.

However getting to page one is a difficult proposition if you don't follow the rules.

When buyers search your keyword they go to your site but therein lays the problem.

If it is on the first page then the clicks trend as below

  • 31% for number one ranking
  • 25% for number two ranking
  • 19% for number three ranking
  • 3% for number nine
  • 2 % for number 10 spot

That says that over 50% never scroll down the page so how good is your chance.

The one thing that will make a big difference is your Headline and Meta description.

These draw your attention to the article and offer a chance.

It should be known that most search terms are based on a question, a who , what , where type of longtail question. Therefore you must answer the question to get the clicks.

Many searches are now on a mobile phone and often initiated from a voice search.
” hey Siri How do you write a blog for money?”

The best Examples of headings

17 Blogging Mistakes to Avoid in 2021 ( Hubspot)

, According to HubSpot beginner-blogger-mistakes One of the biggest benefits of blogging is that it helps you steadily grow an email list of subscribers you can share your new content with. Each time you ..

Why Blog? The Benefits of Blogging for Business and Marketing (hubspot)

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. It's easy ( Blogger)

.Publish your passions your way. Whether you'd like to share your knowledge, experiences or the latest news, create a unique and beautiful blog for free.‎

Here my search term was simply Blogging and the three top positions were taken by Hubspot and who know what to do.

A typical fallacy exists around headline writing

Your SEO tools like Yoast and AIOSEO will mark you down for using more than 55 characters in a headline. However Monster insights encourages you to have six words at least.

How to write a blog for money and win the game
Score by Monster Insights

In fact, Google does not care they just cut out everything beyond 55 characters.
mine is 36 characters however 8 words and deemed incorrect by some.

I believe Google because they make the rules and they want the question answered quickly and accurately in however many words it takes.

The middle search above by blog spot is over 60 characters and 10 words however ranks number two on the page proving that Google does not care .

The headline is important so take your time writing for customers

The way to write a blog for money for beginners by getting to page one

How do you get your blog to page one

There are two ways to achieve this.

  1. Paid advertising
    There is a cost and still most people read the organic searches

    Start a Blog in 3 Easy Steps – Your Website Starts here.

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This ad for Blue Host was at the bottom of page one and targets a specific client however who goes to the bottom of the page unless the top three headlines do not answer the question.

Again Over 50 characters and 12 words plus written by experts in marketing.

2. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

This is when Google believes fit to rank your page. This process takes time and thorough knowledge to beat the odds.
Therefore we must find keywords that have smaller competition.

For example I searched the keyword Blogging for all the above results.

I used a tool called Jaaxy for this that shows there is a heap of traffic however 204 other sites ahead of me in the listing, hence about page 24. extremely difficult to get to page one.

Therefore I chose a title with less traffic however little competition.

When you conquer the search results and you are on the way

Once you have this initial problem working it is easy to work on all the other pieces of the puzzle.
Using Google analytics will tell you what traffic and where it is from. It also tell you the number of dropouts or people reading your blog.
Without traffic you have no chance and without readers even less so to be successful you must understand the initial features of setting up a great blog.

What other traffic sources also apply

How to write a blog for money and win the game
Traffic indicator

Off course you can generate your own traffic in many ways.
Social Media is a delivery channel to where you want readers to go. Therefore linking your media to your blog posts will provide eyes to your post.

All printed material can offer an opportunity. If you were writing about steam Irons as an example the packaging may contain a link to your blog.

Your website can also be a directory to your blog.
“For further reading about steam irons click here”

Friends, trade shows eBooks, reviews can all be used to deliver traffic.

When you have traffic you head the race

Fixing your writing style is a lot easier when you can analyse reader activity.
You have measures that tell you exactly what is happening when someone enters your blog.
How long they stay on site, the number of times they return how many clicked on your links.

These measures are available live at any time allowing you to make changes to increase activity. You can not change your Keyword or search term because you strip all the history from the site.

The way to write a blog for money for beginners and making money

If we are talking about making money we need to have something to sell or recommend that will pay us for the favour.
When we have enough traffic we can also get paid for allowing advertising on our syte and generating income without selling anything.

Affiliate income is selling someone else's product for a commission.
We can sell our own products that are real or virtual to generate more money.
This could include eBooks, training, and coaching as well as physical items.

The world is yours once you understand traffic.


Blogging is an art form that requires a basic understanding to begin the journey. It is also a long journey because Google makes the rules and unless you follow closely you can never succeed. Imagine writing hundreds of blogs and having no readers.
believe me it is possible, so establishing a great template right from the beginning provides that opportunity.

If you are new to this there is no better training than that at Wealthy Affiliate. From a to z of blogging all explained in simple and easy to follow lessons.
What's more you have a forum of committed members everwilling to help in the everyday problems.
They can help you in numerous activities around the Making money business.

If you are willing to do the work, learn the skills and apply the dedication it is the best job in town.
The only thing stopping you is you.

The way to write a blog for money for beginners by Peter Hanley

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