Writing a blog post tips

Writing a blog post tips is for greater reader contact and getting your SEO set up with enough words to solve a problem or offer a solution.

Ten tips for better content

Pick your NicheWhat are you writing about?
Find the Keyword
This is the most important start
Prepare a Meta tagInclude your keywords
Write your headings Less than 300 words a heading
Select a categoryWhere will you be seen?
Gather some picturesFree to post ones
Link to AuthorityWikipedia and Wikidata
Have internal linksWithin your site
write like crazySet a structured time
ReviewUse Google Analytics

This should get you started and we will explore them a little more before finding you some other necessary things to do.

How many words should a blog post be discussed in depth

Where to find your niche

Many beginners who think about blogging struggle to identify a personal niche that will keep them involved for many years to come. This is not unusual so never despair. As usual, I looked at the wiki for an answer that covers this subject.
My area is small business marketing but that includes Social media, blogging personal development, training, etc broadening the things I can write about. However, I would like to stay faithful to my direction and not go out of the boundaries I have set.

I suggest thinking of a broad term and breaking it down to a small area that you can concentrate on.
Health is really a broad term that covers a wide area. One of the new popular targets is the use of medical marijuana for curing the illnesses of all mankind. I am not recommending this, in fact probably quite the opposite but showing how you can find an area to concentrate.
Another could be footwear; everyone has a dozen pairs of shoes but what about those made especially for football, Gridiron, Soccer, Australian or Irish Football? These are the micro niches that you can use.
World Poverty is a broad term, reduced down to those living rough in New York as a niche.

Remember this is a long term game so choose something that can keep you interested over the journey.

The importance of a Keyword in blogging

This simple step is critical to your results on the internet.
It is ignored by many and they will complain about a lack of traffic.
You can write the best article ever, capable of winning a literary award but if no one reads it it is wasted time and effort.
We search the internet for answers and we search by words. They may be a single word or have a long string afterward.

If I search, say, Footwear, there will be thousands of answers, however, “Gym boots worn by LeBron James in the last final” are far more targeted.

Keywords are designed to get random searches to your page through SEO ( Search Engine Optimization)
Google and other engines are looking at several areas to determine whether traffic should come your way. Your Keyword is the starting point and the most important thing in setting up a blog that will be read.

Are meta tags important with SEO

There are two areas to complement your keywords and they are your Meta description and the opening paragraph. Both must contain your keywords because Google says so.
You can also include the alt tag in the pictures although it may not be as important.
The beginner manual can be thought of as Yoast training and he does it quite well on the subject of Meta building and description

Write your heading first

This is a great piece of advice for those who struggle to find enough words to meet a 1500 word average blog.

Your blog should flow from a problem to a solution so that readers are taken on a story and need to spend time with the content to get full information from it.
You may find several methods to do this but generally, it goes like this:

  • Find a problem and explain it
  • Show your desire to overcome the problem
  • Explain the opportunities available
  • Delve into the conflicts associated with it
  • Present the solution

No paragraph should be more than three hundred words and sentences less than 25 words so short and sweet.
Your headings should start large and go down in size and not random distribution throughout the article.

Writing a blog post tips and pictures.

Pictures bring readers to attention

Writing a blog post tips

Many of us are skim readers unless we are entirely fixed on every word, a rare thing indeed.
We generally want an answer to a solution so we want to read the last page first.
The pictures pull us up, we look and then read as a natural curiosity takes over the mind.
Of course, they must be relevant to the subject but they do act as a mental stimulant and a stop sign for the browser.
Remember you sometimes need authority to use pictures.

Link to authority sights

This is one area that many of us miss the opportunity to include, however it is very important.
Google praises those with authority and by holding hands with them you show that you mix with the best.
Examples of authority can include Wikipedia, Wikimedia or even CIA World Facebook.
I generally throw one of these into an article if only to bow to the gods of SEO.
I used a Wiki link early on in this page which has become a habit with my writing.

Outbound links most definitely matter for SEO. Not per se for your SEO, but for SEO in the most generic way there is. Your outbound link helps your neighbor, your supplier, your customer and of course, your visitor.


Writing a blog post tips and internal linking

Internal linking has many benefits

Internal linking is taking readers to other parts of your blog or even other articles written by you.
This shows that you are more than a one-trick pony and have a broader expanse of knowledge.
It also increases reading time on your site with another valued feature: time on site.
With WordPress, you can use the return feature so that after the small diversion they come back to the current article.
when you choose the link tab, also use the small V tab and click the open in new tab option.

Writing a blog post tips
Click on your option to open in the new tab.

Write like crazy perfection comes slowly

I like to set a time period away from distractions. As I write this I have given myself an hour of total concentration to write as many words as I can with my two fingers beavering away.
I have Grammarly correcting my mistakes along the way so I hope that covers a lot of my lack of education in writing skills. I write at about 700 words an hour when I am totally focussed and have my headings in place.
this includes side journeys to complete the product.

Critical analysis

Yes, you should review your site and preferably get someone else to go over it for a different opinion.
Don't get bogged down in perfection, it is not being submitted for an award but for general readers.
If you want a deeply critical analysis, the use of Yoast SEO can provide that. They criticize a lot of what you will produce. I particularly fail in positive writing, a skill I am still mastering

Writing a blog post tips. Use a chatbot.

The use of a Chatbot for your blog

This is the biggest thing to happen in 2019. Conversational marketing became the word of the year in 2019 and the use of chatbots to connect with readers has become almost mandatory.
You get to build an email list and correspond with readers to help you build a future subject.

I have tried a few and on this site is one by Purechat although I am thinking of changing.
I like to promote advantages that are free to a point where you need professional help and then it is not a problem to take a paid upgrade. Tidio continues to supply a heap of marketing support and they have impressed me in their follow up.

The importance of comments

Google loves that people comment on your content. It shows that your site is respected and liked by the masses and this adds to your SEO.
Furthermore, it adds to your wordcount thus building up your average numbers.
An easy way to get comments is on the Wealthy Affiliate site where you can either trade for comments or pay a very minor sum for them.


There is great joy in finishing and publishing a blog. It is really a work of art in words that have been a journey from inspiration to completion.
It will have an impact if you follow the basic rules and provide every opportunity to be found in the search terms.

I have written a lot more on blogging including how to do it for free.
The greatest hurdle is the first words, getting started is not hard you must, however, do it.

You can practice on a free site and change as you grow or just start blogging and update your early efforts later.
Best wishes on a successful career as a writer.

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