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Here Peter Hanley discusses a well-known question on how to earn money fast and importantly keep it in your pocket for the better days ahead.

You want money now but you have none so what can you do?

We all have this dilemma at some point in our life and it is how we respond that will make a difference.

Now, look at the things that don't work.

  • Crying might help for five minutes
  • Sulking makes us feel worse and brings black clouds over our heads
  • Drugs and alcohol might take your mind away but the problem stays.
  • Blaming someone or something else is not a fixer
  • Avoiding the issues just wastes time and achieves nothing
  • Doing nothing achieves nothing and gets you the same

We are all guilty of some or all of these at some time. My best is to avoid a situation and hope it fixes itself but alas it never does.

So now I have made you feel bad about yourself what the heck can we do?

Making money is easy but is it ever enough

That's ok for me to say but how can you do it?

The first answer is always the easy one and that is to tell you to get a job, ask for a pay increase or a second job and budget your future.

Very easy for anyone to say but not always that easy to achieve for lots of reasons.

The next answer on the easy list is to cut your expenses. So often I see the poorer of us smoking and guzzling large bottles of bought drinks while feeding a couple of dogs.

Don't laugh, it is a real problem for many and they can't see it. They need the cool drink for the diabetes that it has caused and get a quick sugar fix.

Easy online income, further reading

Answer the question, how to make money?

The first question is what are you good at?
It is no good telling a Blacksmith to write poetry for a living.

In my country, and probably yours they have a service that offers work in your local area then you bid for the work and if successful do it, often at a low rate but at least it is an opportunity.

If you are good at gardening as an example you could quickly build a client list doing easy jobs. A client list that can be onsold at a profit.

I have a friend that builds up a window cleaning area. He door knocks for jobs and builds a regular customer round. When it is going well he sells it for a years revenue and starts again.
Hey, you need a ladder, some clothes and a proper window scrape. It is easy to learn with few overheads or problems.

There are many people that want household chores done and you could be the one.

Do nothing and what do you get?

Grab a sheet of paper and make a plan.
What are you going to do?
How much money are you going to make in money?
Also, what is a reasonable timeline for this?
The amount of time you will spend on it?

Then do something and do it well and you will make money.
Shoe cleaners make money, Street guides make money, beggars make money there are no excuses except your own.

I understand this is when it gets hard, we all need motivation and that is why we have a plan that we look at every day and say why not?
Share your plan and get a driving force to kick you along working to a Goal.

Make money fast
It's not all easy

Instant and honest money is not easy.

I won't go anywhere near anything Illegal or the mugs games of gambling in this post. The people that make the money make sure it is them and not you.

Multi-Level Marketing

A great way to create a fortune, unfortunately, is only for the very few. For the rest of us, the old 80% group will work our butts off for very little.
It requires a particular type of luck or skill to ever rise above the average. I have seen it tried many times, most often coming to standstill overtime.
You need investment money, lots of time and a way to destroy friendships to have any chance of success.

It is, however, a reasonably cheap entry into the market that just about anyone can learn. If it suits you give it a go and work toward that top 20%.
I have many friends that sell Herbalife weight loss and health products. I use the product myself so I believe it is good but can you make money?

I do know a couple that are killing it with Herbalife. A big monthly income after many years of dedication because of timing. Everyone else I know made very little.

Tupperware is having a comeback and many others that you can Google to choose for something you like.

It takes a lot of effort and training but it can be done.

Social media

The rise in social media is leaving many businesses behind. They can't do without it but they can't spend the time doing it creating a dilemma.

Learning one Social media platform can provide you with the 0pportunity to either do it for others or teach them how.

Teaching earns good money so this is a quick entry to an on-demand problem.

Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and more are there waiting for someone to use them.

make monet fast
Let this not be you

Internet and making Money

There are more opportunities on the Net than anywhere else to make money.

There are more scams on the Net than anywhere else.
I have a cupboard load of courses that I have bought, read, attended that did not work for me.
The one ingredient that was missing was proper training to provide any chance of success.
Like everything else, you need training and one place where you can get this for free (a couple of countries not available) is at the Wealthy Affiliate. Start with the free course and learn what it is all about. Ask questions on the blog and read about the results of others. Work out what you want to do and go in that direction.

It costs you nothing to try this and my guarantee is that at the very least you will learn something right through to a lot.

Don't waste your time being unproductive

Time is precious, wasting it is wrong and making a success of something is rewarding.

We have covered a few ideas that may help you achieve a goal, Ideas that are useless unless you do something for yourself.

What sort of people makes money on the Internet?
How about an 80-year-old grandmother, a 20-year-old kid living in Taiwan and everyone in between?

If you have read this far you are keen to succeed so, come on, jump in and start a life today.

Earn money fast with Peter Hanley

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Peter Hanley

5 thoughts on “Earn money fast”

  1. I don’t know about any legal way you can make money easy and fast. Even the online world, with all its opportunities, doesn’t offer any magic way to do it. What it does offer is a wonderful technology that can help anyone to build a nice looking website, even without having any technical background. And once you have the website, you can build a business based on it. Wealthy Affiliate offers the technical platform and step by step training on how to make money with a website. 
    It wouldn’t be too easy and not fast, but it creates the possibility. 
    Doing nothing will definitely not get you anywhere, so the choice is yours.

    • Thanks for the comment Mary,
      if only there was a magic money tree.
      I started my journey to learn how to build a website to save myself
      $10,000 they wanted to charge me. Haven’t left some 12 years later
      using the internet for business.
      Enjoy the journey

      Peter H

  2. You are right, there are plenty of ways out there to make money fast. Some requires seed money to get started, like for example, in the multi-level marketing business that you have mentioned you are first required to buy products at wholesale price from the company to resell to your customers for a profit. It requires money!

    If someone is looking for a way to make quick money without having to spend money as capital, then getting a job is the easiest option. An employer won’t ask money just to hire you, just a plain resume and some government clearances and you’re hired. But let me remind your readers that it is also not that quick either, as you have to work and wait for 15 to 30 days before you can en-cash a salary!

  3. Hi Peter, Great post! It said it all right in this article about how we work hard but always seem to need more money whether it is getting another job to supplement our income. But why do that if you can work for yourself by becoming an affiliate marketer? I have just started with WA about 3 montha ago and I am so motivated everyday to become successfully by doing this that my goal is to eventually quit my day to day corporate america job and just take care of the bills and then some while taking care of my family😊 I think everyone should join WA! Thanks agian for writing this motivating review.


    • Thanks, Clarrisa.
      I have enjoyed my time at WA and have hopefully learned a lot.
      When I started I skipped through thinking I knew better but then went back and
      started all over. It was worth it.
      Enjoy your journey.
      Peter H


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