What is the best social media platform for business and why?

What is the best social media platform for business and why? Wasting your time trying to get followers that are just not interested

Choosing the right Social Media is not hard

How to get quality traffic to my website on a budget

Let's face it Social Media is time-consuming and a chore to keep up to date.

Everyone struggles with this and the more media you use the greater your input.
However, it is probably not a greater return for the effort.

Social Media has pretty defined channels, these go from Kids to Seniors and all in between so which one suits you.

What's more, if you are not active it matters not, nothing will work.

Harsh it may be, however, it is a fact of life that the more posts the more reception.

Social users by hours spent in the US

In late 2019 Statista compiled the following data.

What is the best social media platform for business

You may think that this is the ultimate goal and that Facebook has it all so it is the only place to be. However, you may be wrong.

Facebook has a varied demographic that says;

Whilst 70% of US people have a Facebook account it is spread in two areas

80% of 18-29 year old's have an active Facebook account.
65% of those over 50 have an account. (HubSpot)

Then we have a look at others

Instagram only has a 37% acceptance
73% are aged between 18-24

What they don't say here is that Instagram has a majority Female audience.
That audience is ripe for the correct market.

Twitter only comes in with a 27% capture and:
40% of 18-29 are users and less than 20% are over 50.

TikTok has a 15-21 age group although growing older.

Whilst these figures are a year old they do come from reliable resources.

What is the best social media platform for business, how to choose?

Therefore what media to choose

What is the best social media platform for business and why?

Your selection will be determined by several things;

  • Certainly age group counts
  • Percentage male / female
  • Education
  • What you want to post

First of all, I believe everyone should have a Facebook page. It has the largest following group and covers a range of ages and sex. It helps with branding and allows advertising at a cheap rate.

Many followers use Facebook as reference material so if you are not there you miss out.

Instagram (owned by Facebook ) has a higher female group than the others. This allows for great pictures and movies to entice your crowd.

It works great for Women's Wear, Hairdressers, Skin products, Babies, etc.
It however lacks on the Blokey stuff.

What is the best social media platform for business

This is produced by HubSpot who should know what they are doing so take note.

What are the best social media platform for business and the most important element?

The most important element of Social Media

Read and believe. The success of your marketing will depend on consistency. You need to post up to three times a day every day of the week. No not once a week or once a month you need to bash it with a big stick and hammer it.
That is why you make one media your preferred outlet it takes some time and organising.

But, you say, what do I post to bring viewers?

Hairdressers post customer snaps, clothing stores post pictures of the lovely suitably robed to impress. Coffee outlets with all things coffee and so on.

You need to be inventive and creative to appeal to the reader group. You need to be interesting and attractive to compete in a busy market. It takes time and effort.

Do your avatar of the perfect customer

This is where you break down your buying group. What age am I trying to attract? It is no use marketing retirement packages to TikTok users, they are not interested.
Therefore choose your age group carefully.

Are they Male or Female predominantly in your audience. Selling Off-Road tyres to 20 something girls is going to be a waste of time, likewise baby clothes to the blokes won't cut it either.

Sometimes you will have a cross-over audience. For example baby carriages and cots etc.
We know that young mums are the demographic however the grand parents also feature highly in this. A mix of Instagram and Facebook adds to the confusion.

What is the best social media platform for businesses to find out by testing?

Test your market

You will soon discover the best market or even the worst by trial and error. This will pave the way if you want to do paid advertising. You want to be sure of success before paying out money.

This is one way of directing traffic to more focused selling material. It may be a Website, Blog post, or YouTube channel that completes the circle.

Your Social media is a delivery device, you entertain to solicit more traffic. Let's face it we are doing this for business, not for fun so make it pay however you can.

One trap that many fall for is delivering readers from a selling page back to a Social site. Imagine your trips to YouTube as you get lost in the Vortex looking at all sorts of junk.

Social Media is a delivery mechanism not the end location

My Social conclusion

It is all about choice, finding the right demographic, and targeting with a plan in mind.

Trying to do too much across too many platforms will bring down your performance unless you outsource the work.

Results will depend on volume. If you post often enough they will come and they will buy.

Besides this is not for fun, it is your business and you must demand results from your media efforts.

And again I believe everyone should have a Facebook site. It is used as a reference location
and remains the largest media by a long way.

What is the best social media platform for business and why? By Peter Hanley

Important Benefits Of Social Media Marketing

Important Benefits Of Social Media Marketing

Important Benefits of Social Media Marketing for all business and online interests. Social media is growing and so should you with these tips

At the pace that digitalization is moving, social media marketing for businesses is no longer optional. It is important to know that 97% of advertisers use social networks, and 78% of salespeople outsmart their rivals by using social networking sites.

Social media is effective in engaging with your clients, gaining useful insights, and developing your brand. Although it can seem daunting, it is not possible to overstate its significance.

Alister Clare, CEO and Financial Specialist at Credit Capital attests to the efficacy of leveraging social media to promote your business. According to him,  “People use social media to link with brands.  They support brands more than following celebrities. 80 % of users follow at least one organisation on Instagram alone. If you don't take part in social media marketing, you're losing out on an easy, cost-effective, and successful way to access nearly half the world's population.”

However its benefits are not known to all businesses. If you’re still not convinced about putting more effort into your social media activity, read on:

1. Boosts Brand Recognition

Note that 60% of Instagram users claim they are on the platform to explore unique products.   Even so, most buyers based their buying decision on the product's brand identity. Social media presence allows your business to build an identity, convey your message, and inspire loyalty.

2. Best Conversation Starters Around Your Business

A strong marketing plan for social media would create discussions around your business. You'll generate a great deal of input for your products or services and get people chatting as well. Also supporters participating in social networking enjoy holding real discussions.

It would be best to actively indulge with your audience as they interact on your social media posts. Make them feel that there's a human behind the brand, and they don't feel as if they're chatting with a computer. Doing so will create a more profound sense of connection and leave them feeling more like an appreciated client.

Focus on a social exchange that encourages conversation naturally. Some of the approaches to do are:

  • Send shout-outs to partner entities for which you collaborate.
  • Request reviews on your products or services.
  • Throw open-ended questions and let the audience respond to keep them interested.

3.  Effective Sales Boosters

First of all, regardless of your industry, social media can help boost your sales.

Social networks have become extremely relevant for product discovery. Because the number of users accessing social media increase, and social advertising platforms expand. Thus, it's high time to include social media in your sales strategy.

4. Excellent Client Satisfaction Tool

Social media is a medium for communication and collaboration. To humanise your business, building a forum for your business across these channels is critical. Furthermore customers will understand that they would get a customised response instead of an automatic message. Recognising and responding to any comment indicates that you care about your clients and strive to provide them with the best experience possible.

5.  Best Tool In Watching Your Competitors

Social networking platforms will enable anyone to hold their finger on the pulse of the marketing strategies employed by your closest rivals.

Wait No Further to Utilise Social Media

Online Business Marketing by Peter Hanley help you take advantage of social media marketing opportunities and bring them to fruition. Furthermore there is no excuse for not integrating social networking into the marketing plan. Plus, there is little to lose because it is so cost-effective. In conclusion the earlier you start, the faster you'll see success in your business.

Important Benefits Of Social Media Marketing by Chloe Harris

Facebook and business

Facebook logo

Facebook and business go together better now than ever before. We will take you through a few steps to make your life easy, and your sales rock.

Have you heard that Facebook is dead?

Well, pardon me but that is most highly exaggerated. In fact, Facebook is booming.
It may have changed, it may be different but it still has more users than any other media.

How then does that relate to your business?.

Facebook is a delivery mechanism

There is often confusion between a Facebook page and a Web Page or blog.
Who controls whom and is it really important?

The answer is a resounding yes, and an answer not often discussed in the media.

Your web page is designed to sell, it will have a call to action and lots of posts and pages.
You will openly display your contact details and locations.

It may contain links to authority sites, but those links are one way and the reader is Returned
when they have the information they want.

Facebook is there to deliver readers to your main page, either by stealth or by a hammer – it matters not.
When you are on Facebook you have every chance of getting lost, diverted off to another page or link and never coming back. So sending your page viewers to Facebook is in danger of losing them to some bright object or another page.

So the answer is Facebook readers to your website and website viewers to a sales option.

Facebook and business a Maarketing tool

A marketing tool

I use Facebook in my marketing toolbox. When I want to research a potential client I will always look at the Facebook page for extra information. It will usually have email addresses, contact details and a lot about the business.

This is where a neglected site will impact badly on your potential.

When I want to understand a client better, Facebook is a window to the company.

You may have pictures of your staff and activities and provide that opportunity to know you better.

It is, however, a two-way street. Your opportunity is as good as someone else's so use it well

An important factor in Know, like and trust

It is a rule of marketing that clients need to know you and like you before placing enough trust to buy from you.

Facebook is really important in the first two elements because it can deliver the message you want to tell and affirm your bonded association.

The other rule we often highlight is the rule of 7. That is, you need seven touches of some kind before a buyer will gain that trust. Facebook can be an important touch.

Perhaps an entertainment vehicle

With about 2.5 billion Facebook pages, how do you make yours stand out?

The local authority is probably the main generator here. I don't want to search for a business in Russia when I live in the land down under. I will search locally and that is where you will be found.
When people get to your page they want to be entertained, or, they quickly disappear

Do active snaps of real people in real situations actively involved in business

Remember it is all about them, give answers, build on fear, provide a time advantage

You want their business and you want it now.

Facebook and business: your visual identity

A shopfront window

Readers will judge you on your brand. Your Facebook page is just part of the overall image
and if it disapoints you will lose business.

believe me, you will have Facebook viewers and referrals, so think of it as your shopfront.

They make life easy with a scheduler

One of the great things about Facebook is that you can schedule posts ahead of time.

This means that you can enter a week or month of posts at one time making life easy.

It also allows others to do it for you if you wish to delegate.

I have several business sites and some I post to daily ( I do it once a week) and some
I post twice a week for a month ahead. This I generally do on a spare half hour on a weekend
so it does not interfere with my week, however, it gets done

Then they move the scheduler

As someone commented to me this week, the Facebook play hide a seek with the buttons.
They make changes all the time and probably to fool the bots and scams.

Choose the Publishing tool on the front page of your business site

Facebook and business

Then hit the create button in the top right side

Now load your pictures and comments and use the date scheduler

Then share now twice. The job is done.

Facebook and business

What do you post about

As I have said, you are in the entertainment business so you want to impress. If you are selling to local markets lots of snaps and opportunities.
It is about them and solving a problem they have.

What to wear or best to buy, price opportunity or limited time offer.

Do you also run with Instagram

Instagram is owned by Facebook, however, it targets a mostly female audience of 18-30-year-olds. If this is your demographic, certainly copy it up from Facebook.

Instagram is growing rapidly so it would be well worth trialling it over a period of time to see
what transpires

Other Social Media

Using social media takes time to do it properly so I never advise spreading yourself too broadly. Pinterest has a market so do does Twitter.

You must, however, have a position on LinkedIn. It has a viewing audience that is worldwide
that want to know more about you, have a great picture and a well written Bio and keep it current


Facebook is an important part of your overall brand so please don't ignore it.

Remember that it is there to deliver people to your home page or business so that you can
active market to them.

It is very easy to neglect this part of the business so set aside a regular time to keep your posts current and entertaining

Facebook and business by Peter Hanley

Facebook and business
Peter Hanley

Facebook and marketing

Facebook logo

Here we review Facebook and marketing. If you think Facebook is going anywhere you are mistaken, look at the best ways to grow a business without ads.

I hate spending money on social media

First of all, we are talking about a Business based Facebook and not a personal family snaps area.

I like to use low-cost marketing wherever I can and Facebook is one of those mediums.

Facebook is still the biggest media in the social group and their ownership on Instagram gives them an even greater hold on the industry.

I was interested to learn that 79% of all Facebook views are on a mobile phone and that there are about 1.4 billion users worldwide. Add 30k new subscribers every hour.

Is that a big market or what?

Facebook is a search source

Many people use Facebook as a search source for good business leads. Generally, we put all our information into our Facebook about page that contains an email address, phone numbers etc.
I often use it when gathering new customers and need those extra details.

When I consider targeting a new client one of the first things I do is have a look at Facebook. Is it current, is it interactive and what effort is applied?

This provides a window into the business and the people in it.

Of course, I also use Linkedin and Instagram as well to build a history.

Social Media Has Changed

You will probably notice that Facebook has changed and that the old style has been replaced. They want you to spend money on advertising, this is where they get the revenue to live a lifestyle we all want.

However, advertising is not the only chop on the block, consistent and relevant posting still works.
Trust in marketing, is it still viable.

Build a following

Groups are one way to build followers but not other business groups because it is difficult to market in most of these. However your own group is an open house, you make the rules others follow them.
This remains a great marketing tool as you develop followers and have a captive audience.
Make sure you don't have the sales hat on every time you post, remember that readers want to be entertained or informed and not hit about the head.

Scheduling your posts

Facebook is really one of the only places that does not penalise scheduled posts. Instagram hates it even though there are some platforms that allow you to do it.

Facebook has recently changed the way this is done and I had to go search for an answer.

How to schedule a Facebook post

Notice; Post scheduling and additional options are available in Publishing Tools and Business Manager.


Back in the olden days of a couple of months past, the scheduler was on the front page. Things have changed and now it is hidden away in the backblocks. It took me about five minutes today trying to find the scheduler because I had forgotten where to look.

Facebook and marketing
Facebook and marketing

I went to Publishing tools on the front page. Then the create button at the top right.

Downloaded my picture and then wrote about it.
hit the share now button,
Schedule and pick a date and post and post.

With the My Rescue Cat site, I post daily with fun pictures and the business site weekly for 6 weeks to eight weeks ahead.

You can do it at any time thus keeping your site current should never be a problem.

Best way to post a link

I sometimes use the free service at Canva to build a Facebook post and build a link from that

Use the templates but head it with the site URL

Type or paste the URL of the Web page that you want to share into the text field. Include the “http://” section of the URL. Press the spacebar and wait while Facebook automatically links the URL and adds a preview image and paragraph to the link.

Facebook and marketing
My latest Facebook post

Remember that you are in the entertainment business

People are just not into you, so get over it. They care about their own lousy lives and they are on Facebook to be entertained and just maybe educated.
So your job is to grab their interest, quickly and get some action happening

We often forget that as we try and sell our product instead of branding what we do.

However, Facebook for business is a delivery channel, you want readers transported to a selling page. Your website, funnel or blog.

There is often confusion when a webpage sends you to a Facebook page, no, don't do it!
We all get lost on social media, flitting from one post to another and never returning to the selling site.

What do you post to Facebook about?

This is an interesting and important topic and one that I often forget. I am a seller so I forget the rules of branding and not hard nose hitting.

On one site I run a series of my customers businesses and what they have to offer. I even link to them at times to introduce business directly to them.

We all work on the theory of Know Like and Trust in marketing. These are the three pillars that must be established before people will buy.

Facebook still offers the opportunity to establish a connection with your future market.

The negatives of Facebook and social media

Social media for many businesses has made you lazy & stopped you doing what you needed to be doing.”

“Likes, comments, retweets, connection or follower numbers, won’t pay your bills. Getting on the phone might.”

“Most social media experts, gurus & ninjas tweet circa 100-200 tweets per day x 7 days a week of evergreen out of date stuff, quotes, memes & anything they can get their hands on. Who has the time for all of this?

Your job is to be awesome at your job. Nothing else”

“For most of you in business. Social media is not the answer. For most of you it will simply be a costly distraction.”

“Instead of going to another social media conference where they’ll tell you the same thing you would have heard 5yrs ago. Use that money to hire an SEO expert to SEO and make the best out of your site.”

The above was cut from a Twitter guru's comments about social media, but are they true?
The social media effect in society.

You should have a social media presence that is undisputed.

If you are marketing locally it is the easiest way for new clients.

Balance time against money. Like any market, there must be a return of some kind.
I also like to remember that Branding does not pay bills, OK for the big guys but not us small business owners.

Social media is necessary for Small business

Target your market for all social media activity

All social media is subject to age demographics.

Instagram targets 18-35-year-old females, in fact, BrandWatch recently posted,

” 90 per cent of Instagram users are younger than 35″
I know as the young adopt a media the old follow, the parents become interactive with the posts because they follow the family.
This still tells us that Instagram has a tight demographic.

Pinterest is an interesting one with nearly 50% over the age of 45 and that includes many in the over 65-year-old group (USA 2019 and a large majority-female at 72%)

Twitter is an interesting media.
Donald Trump has made an artform of Twitter, it is not just his tweets but that the Press keep them in the headlines giving a lot more exposure.

I find myself following a lot more Twitter feeds in the political and sporting world and the younger ones with music and film trash.

That leaves Facebook as the overall favourite

All ages use Facebook, ok the Teenagers are moving away to Snapchat and other instant photo action but they are not our market.

It is easy to do messages and you can program them in advance.
Advertising is readily available in several formats if you want to spend money.
Retargeting works in many industries and should be considered if you have a budget.
Any online store should use Facebook to regularly market goods.
Never leave a page neglected, it will have a reverse effect.


I have outlined some good and bad things with social media so that you will understand where it is best to build your brand. Remember it is an avenue to your webpage or sales funnel it is not there to Sell.
It is different to a personal page so consider it in terms of your market, and work it the get future or potential clients to know and like you.

You should have a Facebook page, it must be kept current and entertaining and include your contact details.
If you can target your market, do so and keep at it until you get a return.

If you are too busy then delegate, get someone else to do the posting, the small cost may pay a big return.
Finally, a reminder that Facebook is there to get clients to a site that will do the selling.

Facebook and marketing by Peter Hanley

image of the author Peter Hanley
Peter Hanley
About Peter

Training for social media

Social media is a must for every business however some never quite grasp what is needed. Here we give you training on social media by Peter Hanley

Training for Social media, people in a class room
Training is essential

Where do you find the best training for social media? How do you go about building a following to deliver new business without spending a lot of money?

Why use social media?

Social media fills many deficiencies in your marketing channels.
Without these forms of customer contact, you remain mostly invisible to the wide area of public acceptance.

Google search engine use has grown so vast that even a small local business will get lost without many interactions in customer touch.

While the use of Google, Bing, and Yahoo as search engines is the commonplace way the growth of YouTube is taking up a pole position.
YouTube is searched for nearly as much as Google and more than the others combined.
Do you think you could be missing out?

You must be doing some social media or you will be lost in the woods with no path out.

What does social media do for a business?

You may have your own beliefs on social media and as an older person, I have my own ideas on what I like and dislike.

However, the difference between liking something personally and it being good for business is not the same thing.

My example is Instagram that I personally can't really understand or see the direct benefits to my life. Yet Instagram is one of the fastest-growing media available today and those using it properly are killing the market.

I have seen small businesses stack Instagram against other media and settle on just that for total exposure.

One of the myopic reasons I had this choice is that more women follow Instagram and the target age is under 40 years old which is a demographic in which I don't fit.

My presumption was based around my own ideas and not sound business reasoning.

Why we use social media in business

This follows my often preached rule of 7. This ancient rule states that a customer needs to see something 7 times before making a buying decision.
We see this in TV advertising and Radio plus in email marketing, even in the press. Social media affects society

When you add up your points of touch, the job is a lot easier when you include a dozen social channels.

However, touch is one thing but it needs to be efficient and do a job in delivering contacts to you.

Social media for business has a very specific role. The delegated job it has is to deliver interested buyers to a point where they will commit to paying you money.

Indeed some of this is done by stealth and hidden persuasion but the function always remains the same.

As a business owner, you are not in the entertainment business you are in the sales business because that is what pays the bills.

All your social media is there to channel people to you.

The question that always remains is are you doing enough with this media to have a positive effect.

Half done media is usually negative results

You should only consider one or two media to promote your business unless using an agency.

All media takes time, thought and effort to be really effective and you don't have the capacity to commit to everything.

Half done media is a complete turn-off.
I use several media to research a customer before doing a proposal.

A Facebook page that is neglected is an immediate signal that the business needs help. They just don't understand the consequences.

How many think they must have a Facebook page and then forget about it and consider getting the job done?

What are the essential social media channels for a business?

Training for Social media
best online business marketing courses

The two channels I choose are ones that individuals use as a search program. These are media that we are seeking information about you and are acting on that search.

My first post is LinkedIn

Every business person should have a current LinkedIn account. The account should have an appealing Photo, a good BIO, and an enticing business description. You may have a regular post and you may advertise but they are added to the purpose.

Many will say I don't want to post my photo to the world and my answer is to get out of business. Marketing is about branding and the better the brand the greater the return.

LinkedIn has a similar following in male and female and a fairly broad spread of ages although about 62% under 50

This is your silent friend that keeps people informed about you and your business.

Training is freely available from LinkedIn and should cover most of your basic needs.


Facebook continues to grow every year despite the many changes in how the group does things.
It is also an excellent venue for advertising and retargeting for those wanting to spend money.

Your need for Facebook is for buyers or the potential to use it as a guide to your business.
We all regularly check a Facebook page to see what you are all about and make our decisions based on what we see.
If you have an old and outdated page that is the immediate opinion we make about you.
There is every chance that we will move on to someone more active in the business.
Your great benefit is that Facebook has a really good post scheduler that allows you to post well into the future.
This saves a lot of your time and can be done once a week or even a month.

Your posts can be anything you wish with the express intent on getting people to like you.
Provide full contact details within your page and never hide from the world, you want people to ring or mail you for more information.

You can never post too often but you can post too little.

Posts can be personal, product comments anything but direct selling. (excluding Porn, insults, nudity, etc under their rules.)

Your specific intention is to be liked so when the buying time is real you will be in the client target zone.

Training is available from Facebook on their site but heavily concentrated on advertising

Facebook is 62% male and 74%, female
Age group is evenly spread up to 65 years old
My current research tells me that the under 20 age group are turning away from Facebook into other media in both male and Female.
This can't be confirmed in current statistics and maybe a more local occurrence but it should be a consideration if that is the target group.

As a business, what social media is best for me

Training for Social media, help sign
The best advice I can give

You have agreed that every business should have Facebook and LinkedIn properly set up and current so let's dig a bit deeper.

Each media has its own demographic and your target audience will vary with the products you market. However, one media does stand out as today's hero.

What you should know about YouTube for business

Firstly Youtube is ranked number 2 in global and local searches ( Alexia)

With 30 million searches daily it is a must-do for your business.
For a long time businesses stayed away from youtube because of the difficulty and costs in staging a professional video. This has changed with technology and nearly any Phone or I.pad can be your producer.

Unlike a lot of media, you are encouraged to have a direct link to your business or product with every video so that you really are delivering value.
This is where the use of Keywords is essential. Keywords are what potentials use to search for you.

You can also set up a channel for your videos so people will find it easy to connect with you.

Videos can be hosted on YouTube and found with a link or even embedded in your webpage for direct viewing.

If you have some doubts about your abilities to do a professional video you can get a free book at content Samurai. This comes with a $3.00 bonus that is well worth the money and a free trial to make as many videos as you can. After that is a small monthly subscription if you choose.
Samurai offers a bundle of training as well.

What would you use YouTube for?

  • Business branding
  • Selling products
  • how to do things is the big one
  • Unpacking
  • Content Marketing
  • To make you human as the identity
  • Have an objective in mind
  • have fun

Videos should be as short as possible but cover the need that you desire and mostly is it watchable and entertaining in the right way.

Noble Samurai is a great learning area or Youtube provide plenty of free stuff

Good for all ages and equal men and women

Instagram for business

Instagram is having some great success in certain markets.

I have many retailers that prefer Instagram as a marketing channel to all others because they get better results. I will admit these are mostly female-oriented businesses and are in the 30-45 age group.

They post a daily picture of a day's events and build a great following.

The Facebook group says the growth of Instagram in new business advertising is the biggest contributor to advertising revenue. This is why so much attention is being paid to this media

Pictures and stories are important and those that relate to your business will build a following. Advertising and remarketing at a price are available.

The market is weighted towards women 18-35 but is gaining across all groups.
Like any media, it will build a following over time.

The under 20-year-old start the adventure followed by the parents and then the Grandparents wanted a part in the action.

Instagram will see many changes in the coming year, moving more to a marketing and sales tool than social entertainment.

It is well worth setting up a channel now so you will be ready to be part of a huge growth curve.

The Facebook channel also does Instagram training

Twitter is an option for many

Training for Social media. image Donald Trump on twitter
The king of Twitter

Again, this is equal in the sexes and mostly in the younger age group following those that tweet.

I am surprised at how often I follow tweets to get social comment and realize for many this is a growing media.

My number-one Twitter account is Donald Trump. Who doesn't know what he is thinking at any time? He does not do near most Tweets but what he does do is repeated by the world press.
This is worth consideration and more on this on Twitter for business

Pinterest for the ladies

Largely dominated by women of all ages in certain demographics. Mostly around needlework and similar pursuits.

If you are in this niche, go for it and build your client base.

They have a great feed that brings the latest posts to you on a daily basis.

How to make the rule of seven work for you

Training for Social mediaimage of 7
Rules must be followed

The rule of seven is seven customer touches before anyone will buy.

When they look at your social media, website and other marketing, you are getting closer to capturing a lot more sales and business.
Following this trend means it is only time before they buy. Doing nothing is certainly not the answer.

The use of Keywords in marketing

This is a part of the marketing cycle that must be learned and followed or you will not succeed.
Keywords are what people use to search for something online. They may be short or have a long string of words however their importance is paramount to your success

Neil Patel covers this on his search platform at Ubersuggest where you can see if any words meet search criteria

More training is available at Wealthy affiliates where they cover these subjects and lots more.

Training on social media by Peter Hanley

Training for Social media, image of the author
Peter Hanley

Social media effects society

Here Peter Hanley looks at the social media effects on society and the social outcomes from mass elections to the smallest business.

social media effect on society

How social media affects society

Most of us have a Facebook page seeing it has been going on for nearly 15 years and to this day it is growing stronger every year. Of course, they have added Instagram, Messenger, and a few other bits along the way.
However, has it made a difference in your life?

The far-reaching effect is now being seen on a regular basis.

In the recent elections in the USA with Trump, in the U.K. with Brexit and in the Australian elections held this week the Polls showed that the leading contenders would win easily. However, that was not the case.

In fact, the social media figures showed up to twice the interaction with the party tipped to lose.
You can make money on this because it is working despite the long term reliance on community polling.

I believe this is because our increased use of social media gives us all a voice in what we believe.
Tweets and posts come at us from many directions and our response rate can be immediate to contribute to the subject

How social media affects us

Social media effects society
Twitter expert

I will start with the fact that we are far better informed on world facts than ever before.

An Example of Social media effect.

My top contributor is Donald Trump. Wait up there, and before you go this is not alike / hate thing this is about his consistent use of Twitter.

We all know exactly what Mr. Trump thinks about a range of issues. He is not the biggest Twitter user in a long way, but what happens is that the world's press repeats everything he has to say, increasing the reach of millions of people.
How would this be possible without social media?
This is a world leader setting a standard that is difficult to copy or indeed challenge.
American politics is not my thing, I have but a passing interest as I am not in the country but I know what is going on because of social media

In elections for the presidency, nearly all the locals presumed he had little chance of success. In fact, it is reported that he felt the same.

What they did not tell you at the time was that whilst the polls had Mrs. Clinton up front, social media did not.
Trump's social media activity far outreached Clintons indicating a degree of support not seen in the field.

Social media is changing

Was this a one-off occurrence or a general trend?

The same thing occurred with the Brexit vote in the UK where the polls said one thing and the voters said something else.

I am in Australia and our federal election has just been held. The Labour side were clear winners in every Poll for 2 months. The local betting agency paid out on the result early as they were a declared winner.
Liberal was quoted at 6/1. Not a chance

Fortunately, life is not like that and the underdog party stormed home with a majority of the available seats.

Those are three international results that showed Social media was the winner.

At the Australian election, social media forecasters saw that the underdog party had nearly twice the activity of the favorite. More people were interacting and watching the Liberal party than all the others. They tipped a winner when all the telephone polls showed a different result.

Why were the telephone polls wrong?

In this politically correct age, we find that having a strong opinion can make you an outcast. People are being marginalized because of their beliefs.

In the U.S., if you said you liked Trump and thought he could win an election, you could enter into a bitter disagreement.
If you took the wrong side of gay marriage you could run out of town.

If you have any disagreement with Climate change you are from another planet.

So strong are the beliefs now that if you don't want to get into an argument you keep your ideas to yourself and mouth what they want to hear. It saves a disagreement.

The telephone polls are getting popular votes, whether it is believed or not. It just saves a problem.

Whereas when you vent on social media the flack is not as daunting and you can follow who you like and say what you want.

You follow social media because of an interest in the person or the party. You don't follow the ones you don't like.

So which media works the best, Social is way ahead proven in these three examples.

Facebook to Instagram have you moved?

Social media effects society
Are you on Instagram

This is an interesting question. Instagram is but five years old yet it is growing faster than most.
I saw Instagram as a hangout for 15-25-year-olds and no place for a geriatric person like me.

Then your young mums found the picture business worked so they lifted the viewing audience to the mid-forties, posting happy snaps and following the social icons.

When the Yummies ( Young Mummies ) joined Instagram the parents had to follow because this was where all the action was pulling the demographic into the 60year olds.

So in a couple of short years, we have added a whole new audience and grown the market.

The advertisers could not resist this growth so they came on board and stretched it further.

In fact, this has been so good that Instagram is now trialing a for sale button within the post. Buy now and fill your door.

This will change social media so much that we won't recognize the old model in 18 months' time.

If it works for Instagram, Facebook will certainly follow. YouTube is currently working on this as with many others. The world will change.

Instagram pulls in better than Facebook. I have seen this proven in many small businesses as the media has expanded. The demographics are changing and people are following the changes.

Twitter is a contender for a bigger market

Social media effects society
What is all the Twitter about

I am generally a late bloomer in media and watch the market before I move into it.
Twitter has taken me by surprise at just how powerful it can be. Twitter can take you on a journey to a result where others want you to be.

I had a Tweet the other day from a well-known author. A guy I follow because of his writing and not so much his political leanings.

He posted the other day a short and sharp Tweet saying along the lines off;
You know who is last on the list but who is close?

I clicked out of curiosity and it took me down a political trail to expand his views on the subject. Very clever Tweet.

When the current tweet list starts coming into your mail, as it will, don't just delete it, follow what the clever ones are doing and see what it can do for you.

I know that singers, actors, and sportspeople are huge followers but that is not my area.
Why do they use Twitter?
They get paid for the attached advertising and make a very tidy income from a few words a day.

Is YouTube good for business?

Fact. YouTube is searched nearly as many times as Google searches and far more than Bing.

She's the new shining star in advertising revenue and it's not just kids' playrooms.

Just a few years ago most businesses stayed away from YouTube because of the cost and bother. Studios, cameras, sound equipment, and specialist writers all added up to the problem.

Now. An Ipad can have a video online in minutes. Other services are also coming online so you can run cheap videos to show off your business.

When did you need to know how to do things where do you go? Youtube has the answer.
how far has this come from buying a service manual and searching pages for badly written material?
The olden days were not that long ago.

YouTube has changed our world for the better

Social media and advertising

Social media is not made for you. Don't get me wrong, we are just advertising bait. Social media gathers our information and sells it on to others so they can flog you stuff.
It is a pretty simple model really.
I remember when Google first came out just after 1988 and we all wondered how they could ever make money. they gave it all away for free or did it for a short time.

The facts are that last quarter Google earned 27 billion dollars and 24 billion dollars came from advertising so if you believe they are a charity you are wrong.
Total earnings over 100 billion US dollars a year

Social media has a big impact on society

We could go on and look at all sorts of media that impact our way of life.
You can now make free phone calls all around the world sending pictures and using video at your will.

I started a business many years ago offering cheap calls between Australia, the USA, and the UK at a dollar a minute.

I can now use a paid service at cents per minute or go to Whatsapp or Messenger and do it for free. How big is that impact?

My kids are scattered all over but I get the latest happy snaps every day.

Others are in business and use social media to drive customers through the doors at no cost to them.

Not that many years ago, a Yellow Page entry could cost you between 5-10 thousand dollars every year.

I want to search for anything I can do on my mobile, my iPad or my computer whenever I want to.

My bookcase with 50 volumes of World book is gone.

My road directory is in the bin as world maps take me wherever I want to go.

Siri gives me information when I ask.

And Newspapers are closing every day

We have to love social media and the Internet

Social media affects society by Peter Hanley

Image of author
Peter Hanley

Complete social media training is available at Wealthy Affiliate

Internet affiliate marketing

Here Peter Hanley looks at Internet affiliate marketing and finds a (new way) that takes a lot of research out of the equation and gets you going easily.

Internet affiliate marketing
It's all about the money.

Take the complication out of Internet affiliate marketing (and start your income)

If you have tried affiliate marketing you have probably come to the conclusion it is all too hard. OK, some of you may be winning but most will not.

Of course, Amazon makes it easy, but you had better get your sales going or they get you going.

Then there are JVZoo and Warrior + that have a lot of ordinary products. CJ has thousands, Share a Sale, Market Health and others along the way as well.

There are several problems with all these outlets in wondering about commissions if you get paid, the time you are eligible.

I have posted the below compliments of Affilorama a training site

Compare Affiliate Programs and Networks

How hard is it to become an affiliate?

Internet affiliate marketing
You will need a taste of these

In many cases it's very easy. Amazon is very easy but they are also very strict and have low commissions. JVZoo and Warrier plus are very easy with good commissions but often not as good a product with high returns.

You must show a degree of knowledge and often past sales successes. This is a stumbling block for most new entrants. You are looking for great products with a reasonable return and unfortunately, these are often the hardest to qualify for.

I am an affiliate of several of these (and never happy)

Now, there is a company called Wealthy Affiliate that is a web hosting and training site for would-be marketers.

Like anything you need to do the basic training and it is here for you and fortunately for free.
They grow the base through affiliate referrals with an ongoing commission base for the lifetime of the customer. In my mind, this is the best commission you can get with regular payments and a great percentage.

Knowledge is power

Internet affiliate marketing
It is all in the training

Unless you enter this program armed with some decent background your chance of success is minimal.
You need to pick a program that works for you and that is why I am introducing a program just released.

Wealthy Affiliate own Affiliate program with thousands of opportunities for everyday people just like you. Have a look at the affiliate details here

The great position is that Wealthy Affiliate is free, a lot of the training is free, you can immediately become an Affiliate and then join hundreds of other programs.

Affiliate marketing is a worldwide industry

An industry turning over about 6.8 billion a year, with individuals of all ages and sex contributing to it.
Certainly, the USA has the most.

My friend Neil Patel recently described this as:

Affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting other people's (or company's) products. You find a product you like, promote it to others and earn a piece of the profit for each sale that you make.

Neil Patel

To become an affiliate choose a product in which you are interested as the starting point and do some research.

Google the Keywords and see what others are saying, taking note of the websites and the description.

Then do a Keyword search using Jazzy or Ubersuggest to determine the level of traffic and degree of difficulty in your area.

Set up a blog site for your affiliate program

You can do this as a paid site or a free program with a URL ( your address) a domain name and hosting.

It can all start for free as you get some experience.

I wrote about starting a small business recently that will take you through all the necessary steps and get you on the way.
Remember 81% of all brands indulge in affiliate marketing and they are household items.

Affiliate marketing has taken over from email marketing as the greatest producer of income for individuals like you

What is the best way to promote products?

General consensus will say that doing product reviews will get greater readership than other media. We all read reviews at some time by clicking on the links on the site.
However, and importantly the conversion rate is very low at about 1% average and even this is hard to achieve in the early days.
Furthermore, the opportunity to make money is unlimited and could be in millions of dollars should you succeed in your vocation.

Email marketing by affiliates

One of the most lucrative programs is in web hosting because the rates are good and recurring income is great as you build a business that will return money month after month.

I recently did a short blog on training for online marketing on this site and it could be helpful to you.

Internet affiliate marketing and my warning.

My warning to you

Internet affiliate marketing
Be warned

The internet world is full of scammers and those wanting to take your money. There are paid courses that cost thousands of dollars and deliver little. They are mainly the real glossy ones that promise untold wealth, fast cars and a grand lifestyle. They are adept at taking your money and delivering little.

I would never say do no training because you must increase your skills along the way. What I will strongly suggest is to learn the fundamentals of Websites and online marketing before you branch out. You will have a slim chance of avoiding the hucksters this way.

The above is basically a free course that can take you most of the way. There will be a small upgrade when you are ready.

You automatically become an affiliate and can start your journey from day one.

Their online group are always willing to help in many ways and you will learn as much from the daily posts as anywhere.
You can search for training on nearly any subject and it will be available in written and video format.

You can even ask questions on how or why do things and you will get a range of responses.

Am I a member? I've been here since 2015 after wandering the internet for solutions. I am generally in the top 150 member ranking of nearly 2 million active
and have done training and regular blogs.
The whole area has a family vibe as you join in the good and bad times. Is it a Scam? Always the question to ask, particularly before paying money into any program. No, Wealthy Affiliate is a very honest, cheap, excellent and highly professional approach.

Internet affiliate marketing by Peter Hanley

internet affiliate marketing, image of author
best online business marketing courses
by Peter Hanley

Instagram for a business

Here Peter Hanley looks at Instagram for business and explains why this is the new top social media tool to deliver contracts and sales to your business.

Why do you need Instagram for business?

Instagram for a business
Instagram is growing to be number one

The reason for using this media is because it works really well.

Like you, I was slow on the uptake because I could not see a benefit for a business or anyone really for that matter.

Admittedly I am in the older age group and this started as an 18-25 target with the younger mob posting great photos.
However, many larger international corporations followed up on adding to the coverage.

Next, the parents and grandparents needed to see the kids and family snaps so the demographic grew.

I have also written about training for all social media in a separate post on this site.

Instagram is now very different

Let's just duck back to when the Facebook group bought Instagram for a paltry one billion dollars. The press said it was not a model that would work and the critics doubted the wisdom of Zuckerberg.
Facebook-dominated the market, so what was this also-ran product going to achieve?
First of all, it is now worth over 50 billion dollars in value and is being pushed in new directions so it is doing something right

As Facebook has suffered a recent life of problems, all the work appears to be going into Instagram as a product to use.

Social media was just a delivery tool

Instagram for business
Social media for business

You may have seen where I have said that Social media for business is just a delivery tool to a selling page or location. We are not here to entertain but to sell things and make money.
We use our social media to get know and like factor working, so, we can finish the trust bit in the sale.

This is generally still true, except that Instagram is now turning a post into a sales tool.
In the US market, they are beta testing a buy button with a payment checkout. You and I can't get this yet as it is only majors that are trying it but it shows a path forward.
Maybe web pages will be a thing of the past as the social giants have their way.

What to do with Instagram?

First of all, you need a business account liked to your private account and you do this via Facebook.

Then it is about Pictures, stories and #tags

The way forward is to be consistent in what you do for what you want to achieve.
You should post at least 5 times a week, every week providing value to your clients.
One way is to seek engagement by asking questions or surveys to seek a response. You should always respond to these to increase the traction.

It can be useful to maintain a consistent brand by having a logo on the post.

Every business is different so we can't make decisions for you but maybe we can share some ideas.

Who uses Instagram?

Instagram for business
Kayla Itsenes

Small businesses everywhere are finding that Instagram works. This is somewhat dependent on your demographic of course but it is building quickly.

A friend runs a women's dress shop as both a physical and online business and promotes regularly on Facebook and Instagram. Usually 2-3 post a day in the latest in-store fashion. She has discovered that Instagram works far better for activity.

Another has a Hair Salon that is kept fully booked using Instagram as the sole media to the market. At least 2-3 posts a day.

Another famous user is Kayla Itsenes who started work in the home garage with a fitness program and became a millionaire using Instagram and Facebook in marketing.

This is really a great example of the power of social media

Here is a list of some relevant stats

  • Instagram ears 24% of Facebook income
  • There are 1 billion active users per month
  • 200 million searches on businesses every day
  • Best times are weekdays 1 am to 3 PM
  • Video postings increase your business enquiries by 38%
  • 1/3 of most-viewed stories were of a business
  • Most # you can use is 30 but about 7 is good
  • 64% of 18-29-year-olds are active users.
  • The older ones are now following
Instagram for business
Your business growth

There are other media as well.

In some cases, YouTube or Twitter may be your thing or even LinkedIn. Naturally, remarketing on Facebook has a lot of sting as does Ad Words and emails.
It depends on the demographic, the product, the brand and the need.

However, in my books, Instagram is getting all the attention and should be a consideration for many of you.
You need to learn some basics in pictures, videos, posts and stories with the use of Hashtags

Automating Instagram

There are many on-market products that automate the posting on Instagram for days or weeks into the future. I am sure this will be done by the majors as they set up a strategy
but I am led to believe this may affect your results. Instagram requires live regular action and rate that better than a programmed list is one view of the market from a high profile user.

Quality of the pictures counts

Certainly, this is a factor in their calculations, but with the later iPads and phones, anyone can get good quality snaps with a bit of thought in taking them.

Instagram for a business by Peter Hanley

Instagram for a business, imasge of author
Peter Hanley

Business with Social Media

Business with Social Media
if it is the growth you want

Here Peter Hanley looks at Business with Social Media and how it can drive you to greater sales and profit without breaking the bank.

Good social media is a must for every business.

The sole purpose of Social Media is to drive potential buyers to a sales situation, be it a WebSite with a big bad Buy button or a live encounter.

This will differ to many explanations but let me tell you that we are in business for one purpose only and that is to make money.

Entertainment is only to solicit customers or we would not bother. Forget Brand Building, this is for the big guys we want to seduce them imagery to transport them to a sale.

Unfortunately, in this new world, we must use Social Media to be better than everyone else.

What we must not do is ignore this phenomenon or disrespect it.

Half done media is worse than no media so let's look at why.

What is the best social media for your business?

Naturally, this will vary from business to business and we shall have a look at quite a few ideas but on top of my list, there are just two.

First of all, there are a couple of must-do items.


We don't disrespect that this can be a good sales outlet for some, but for most, it is a contact directory.
It might be a business, a Bank, a Customer or whoever is looking for a background in you.

You will have a nice photo and a great Bio with a work history. Now some will say is a photo really necessary and my answer is it is branding if you don't want to be seen getting out of business.
I don't have the Pro package because I don't push the selling side but I am there and see searches regularly.
Make sure LinkedIn is current and sells you and your business to any or all lookers.


business with Social Media
Love it or hate it

This is probably falling in popularity with some ages but still forms a very important part of your portfolio.
I use Facebook regularly to check on a business and to see how active they are. Inactive sites turn me off so make sure you are always up to date.

Facebook is still good for advertising and re-marketing and is relatively easy to manage.

Again, it needs to be current and tell people where they can get to you.
Many businesses hide their email address on a website from visitors cloaking it with a login.
This is done for two reasons. The first is to add you to their email list which is a good idea.
The other is so they don't get spam mail with people building up a list.
Fair enough.
I do email people and sometimes they need the address. Just go to the Facebook site and it is generally under contact details. A great opportunity if you need it but don't use it for spamming.

Most of us probably have a Facebook feed that downloads and casually glances at it only stopping on the interesting bits. Get a clue here, make sure you have an interesting bit.

I just did a quick search on mine and picked up a customer's birthday wish, yes I sent a message from myself and my business. Will it sell anything? No, but will I look like I care?

These are my two must-do media outlets that every business should have going at all times.

Instagram, do not ignore the raging bull

business with Social Media

In case you are unaware, Instagram is owned by the Facebook group. They bought it in 2012 for a mere one billion dollars. It's now worth between 50-100 billion depending on the degree of excitement in the writer.

Personally, I avoided this for some time because I could not see a future in a few happy snaps from the younger age group.

I believe many of us were on that boat until the family snaps drove the Grandparents to join in spreading the age from 20-year-olds to 80 a big spread of customers.

Instagram was not easy, the pictures needed to be good and It could only be done from a mobile phone, and in most cases still like that.

Then a strange thing happened. People around me started telling me that Instagram worked better than the other media. a photo of the product got a far greater response on Instagram than all the other media.

These are small business users that are going almost exclusive Instagram.

My Daughter runs an online shop and was a late user of this media. Just in my quick check just now four pictures of a product on Instagram nill on Facebook. Guess why? Results.

Another group of pictures was by Nike.
So small business and one of the world's biggest competing for my attention.

Furthermore, Instagram is going to become a selling tool. In the US, now in 2019 beta testing has started with the top 200 corporations and a buy button. A direct pitch to their followers to purchase a product, pay and get delivery.
This really knocks my theory on entertainment.
Instagram is getting the owners' attention and will devour the market in the next couple of years.
So get to Instagram now and start building your following

YouTube is another giant in the making

business with Social media
You need to consider this

You will have searched for something on Youtube and stayed online to play as you jump from video to more videos that get your attention.

What you may not know is that YouTube searches nearly equal that of Google. This is a massive market and it really is underachieved by businesses.

It has always been too hard and too expensive to use the channel and get a result for most businesses. In fact, in the USA only about 20% of businesses had used it.

Things have changed and it is no longer hard to do a video. Your mobile phone or tablet can do a good job and have you on-air quickly.

You can sell things,
you can brand your business
or do videos on how to do things.

Traditionally it has been a different market but it has changed and is now a necessity.

This free Ebook from Noble Content will take away a lot of doubt and I will give you other reasons.
1) it is good for SEO as it keeps people on your site for longer.
2) Add a link that delivers people to your site.
3) When customers ask how to do something, refer to your video.

Make a couple of videos and start putting them on Youtube for customers to see. This will give you new points of contact

You now have two must and two need media

Business with Social Media
Is there more?

Is there more, you may well ask, and the answer is a definite YES.

It is evident that media does come in quickly and fade the same way.

In some cases, Twitter can be great if you want to build a profile of fans. Donald Trump has used this really well and I follow a news feed where I get a current event in a regular manner. This really builds your brand and is very good for many business owners.

Messenger growing in use

I never really liked this product because it did the same as many similar things on the market. SMS was my choice of product because it is easy, cheap but limited.
I now see Messenger being adopted by many businesses as a form of communication. This is really one to watch.

Business with Social media by Peter Hanley
business with social media, image of author
Peter Hanley

Ideas for make money

Here Peter Hanley looks at ideas for make money on the internet or anywhere you find a genuine opportunity to increase your wealth and income.

So many ideas and so much time wasted.

When we want money badly enough we go to Mr. Google and do a search for ideas to make money without a lot of input in time and money.

Unfortunately, it does not work like that.
Life is unfair.

Let's look at a few ideas on how to make money without investing the family fortune.
This will take no time at all.

Ideas for make money on the net

The internet provides many great ideas.

Ideas for make money
It is all there for the asking

You should always invest in some basic training before entertaining a new career or pastime. This should be done without spending a lot of money or time wasted on trying to work things out.

Hey, we have all done it and some have learned a lesson from it. My pig-headed self has attempted to work through things to learn the best way of achieving results but wasted so much time and resources.

If you want to learn everything internet the best place is at Wealthy Affiliate, the home of the Internet, WordPress and marketing.

Let me also tell you it can be achieved for free before you get to the second step in the process.

Don't take this lightly as the very best money-making opportunity is Affiliate marketing. Not only do you get paid once but every month for the customer journey. Often many years ahead.

You can build a career in Affiliate marketing

Don't believe me, have a read of the followers on the Blogg pages and see what they have to say. The internet is a scammers paradise Furthermore I have a cupboard full of courses that created little other than basic learning skills. That is why I have no hesitation in recommending you start here.

Ideas for make money with MLM

MLM or Multi-Level Marketing

Ideas for make money
An example of MLM

This is often touted as an opportunity for anyone to build a business and amass a small fortune. How wrong they can be.

It is not for me to knock this style of marketing because I use many products and believe in the foundation and structure that can push you in a direction of success.

You should, however, remember the old 80/20 Pareto rule where the 80% is the trudgers and the 20% are the achievers.

This ratio is probably generous on the achiever levels as it is in reality probably less than this.

You are also looking at a level of investment in time and money to start your career but you can build up a nice following from a local or national area.

The trick is to get others into the structure so they are committed and buy more boosting your earnings.

Don't get this confused with Pyramid marketing where the income is only made at the top levels. Many times governments around the world have tried to label
reputable companies like Amway, Bessemer,
Mary Kay or Herbalife as illegal but has failed in the attempt.

With these companies operating on high margins they give the advertising and marketing percentage away as commission income. Nothing wrong with this and indeed it has been proven to work a threat through all levels of sales.

Your input is your time and costs to market to a local population and pushes a product to anyone that will listen>

like most people I have Tupperware in my kitchen and will certainly buy more over time.
I use a Herbalife product that provides great results and looked at becoming a NuSkin dealer at one time.

Ideas for make money in a big way

Revenue: $8.6 billion
Amway is the biggest multi-level marketing company in the world, with nearly $9 billion of yearly revenue. While many have called the MLM company a pyramid scheme, the FTC decided in a landmark 1979 ruling that the company was legit since it was selling actual products. The home, health, and beauty products the company sells are real, but in 2010, the company paid $56 million to settle a class-action lawsuit that again accused it of being a pyramid scheme.

Always in the eye of the law.

They are not the only ones that have gotten close to trouble but when you turn over that sort of money you have big lawyers behind you and usually win the war.

Social media implementation and training

Ideas for make money
A new opportunity

The internet is growing at such a rate that keeping up with Jones's is getting harder by the day. Facebook will have it all in for the next Instagram takeover before being overrun by Twitter.
How can a small business survive and maintain a level of response?

Social media has always been a channel to take interested people to your webpage or store. You entertain them and they get to know and like you so your brand is ready to fulfil the last bit of trust.

Its role has never really been to sell anything but a brand or image and deliver buyers to a sales center—webPage, funnel, or store.

This has now changed and the latest is to include a selling click in the media. More on this further down.

Instagram, owned by Facebook, is now being used as a vehicle of choice in many areas.

I have customers that use it exclusively for marketing and generating business.

Twitter is another great brand Builder. The world follows Ronaldo, Katie Perry, Taylor Swift, and Barack Obama. I believe the best though is Donald Trump who has used it as an art form, he does not get the most tweets but he does get the most press with his tweets and has built a brand and following

Social media and you

Whilst every business should use some forms of Social media it must not be badly done. If you go to a Facebook page to get information and find the last post was months ago you generally move on.

Should you specialise your skills in the media you can either do the daily grind of keeping it up to date or go into training mode.

Keeping it up to date is now pretty simple with programs that allow future posting over any period of time. The story is that few understand this because they are too busy with normal work.

I run a Facebook site on rescue cats as a fun thing. It is for all the Cat ladies and started as an exercise in list building. A New picture and comment every day. This is achieved in about half an hour or less on the weekend.

Online shops require constant updates to products and pricing and if someone needs to do this, it could be you with a few simple procedures to copy and paste as you load the stock.

Advertising and re-marketing or re-targeting require specialised skill sets that are easy to learn if you stay within a narrow band.

We mentioned selling on social media and Instagram is now about to use this on their platform.
They have started with Beta testing products in the USA where a click will deliver you to a shopping cart for special products. This will soon be worldwide and an opportunity for the introduction to many businesses

The Social media platform has opportunities.

Ideas for make money
Watch on YouTube

Moving to YouTube

Now, this is exciting. YouTube is now searched nearly as many times as Google for information, and certainly more times than Bing and Yahoo combined.

Saying that only about 10% of US businesses are involved in YouTube.

This is a market opportunity.

The reason why is probably the cost thing of producing great content with technical skills and equipment but life moves on.

A reasonable video can now be produced on an iPhone or computer with just some good scriptwriting and a few happy snaps.

This is great for showing how to do things or explaining issues, brand building, or selling

You can do it and do it well using SEO techniques, keywords, writing skills and production for just a few dollars a month.

I use Samurai Content video builder as my tool of the trade to have a professional low-cost product.

You could do this for customers and earn a good buck turning out Videos all day long.

You can also try it for free and make as many Videos at that time as you wish to store them on Youtube for a later time.

Using this link to Samurai content you will get a free ebook and discount on the service if you want it.

This is certainly an opportunity product and skills are easily learned along the way

Great opportunities to make money quickly

Here we have explored some ideas that are different from the normal ones and easy ways to make money in the internet age.

  • 1st of all the basic free training manual
  • Affiliate Marketing is the easy earner
  • MLM for those that want to try
  • Social media in all forms
  • YouTube video building for beginners

Finally, my friends, could keep you active for many years and make you money whilst building a business.

Ideas for making money by Peter Hanley

ideas for make money
Peter Hanley

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