Ideas for make money

Here Peter Hanley looks at ideas for make money on the internet or anywhere you find a genuine opportunity to increase your wealth and income.

So many ideas and so much time wasted.

When we want money badly enough we go to Mr Google and do a search on ideas to make money without a lot of input in time and money.

Unfortunately, it does not work like that.
Life is unfair.

Let's look at a few ideas on how to make money without investing the family fortune.

The internet provides many great ideas.

Ideas for make money
It is all there for the asking

You should always invest in some basic training before entertaining a new career or past time. This should be done without spending a lot of money or time wasted on trying to work things out.

Hey, we have all done it and some have learned a lesson from it. My pig-headed self has attempted to work through things to learn the best way of achieving results but wasted so much time and resources.

If you want to learn everything internet the best place is at Wealthy Affiliate, the home of the Internet, WordPress and marketing.

Let me also tell you it can be achieved for free before you get to the second step in the process.

Don't take this lightly as the very best money-making opportunity is Affiliate marketing. Not only do you get paid once but every month for the customer journey. Often many years ahead.

You can build a career with Affiliate marketing

Don't believe me, have a read of the followers on the Blogg pages and see what they have to say. The internet is a scammers paradise Furthermore I have a cupboard full of courses that created little other than basic learning skills. That is why I have no hesitation in recommending you start here.

MLM or Multi-Level Marketing

Ideas for make money
An example of MLM

This is often touted as an opportunity for anyone to build a business and amass a small fortune. How wrong they can be.

It is not for me to knock this style of marketing because I use many products and believe in the foundation and structure that can push you in a direction of success.

You should, however, remember the old 80/20 Pareto rule where the 80% is the trudgers and the 20% are the achievers.

This ratio is probably generous on the achiever levels as it is in reality probably less than this.

You are also looking at a level of investment in time and money to start your career but you can build up a nice following from a local or national area.

The trick is to get others into the structure so they are committed and buy more boosting your earnings.

Don't get this confused with Pyramid marketing where the income is only made at the top levels. Many times governments around the world have tried to label
reputable companies like Amway, Bessemer,
Mary Kay or Herbalife as illegal but have failed in the attempt.

With these companies operating on high margins they give the advertising and marketing percentage away as commission income. Nothing wrong with this and indeed it has been proven to work a threat through all levels of sales.

Your input is your time and costs to market to a local population and pushes a product to anyone that will listen>

like most people I have Tupperware in my kitchen and will certainly buy more over time.
I use a Herbalife product that provides great results and looked at becoming a NuSkin dealer at one time.

Ideas for make money in a big way

Revenue: $8.6 billion
Amway is the biggest multi-level marketing company in the world, with nearly $9 billion of yearly revenue. While many have called the MLM company a pyramid scheme, the FTC decided in a landmark 1979 ruling that the company was legit since it was selling actual products. The home, health, and beauty products the company sells are real, but in 2010, the company paid $56 million to settle a class-action lawsuit that again accused it of being a pyramid scheme.

Always in the eye of the law.

They are not the only ones that have gotten close to trouble but when you turn over that sort of money you have big lawyers behind you and usually win the war.

Social media implementation and training

Ideas for make money
A new opportunity

The internet is growing at such a rate that keeping up with Jones's is getting harder by the day. Facebook will have it all in for the next Instagram takeover before being overrun by Twitter.
How can a small business survive and maintain a level of response?

Social media has always been a channel to take interested people to your webpage or store. You entertain them and they get to know and like you so your brand is ready to fulfil the last bit of trust.

Its role has never really been to sell anything but a brand or image and deliver buyers to a sales centre. WebPage, funnel or store.

This has now changed and the latest is to include a selling click in the media. More on this further down.

Instagram, owned by Facebook, is now being used as a vehicle of choice in many areas.

I have customers that use it exclusively for marketing and generating business.

Twitter is another great brand Builder. The world follows Ronaldo, Katie Perry, Taylor Swift and Barack Obama. I believe the best though is Donald Trump who has used it as an art form, he does not get the most tweets but he does get the most press with his tweets and has built a brand and following

Social media and you

Whilst every business should use some forms of Social media it must not be badly done. If you go to a Facebook page to get information and find the last post was months ago you generally move on.

Should you specialise your skills in the media you can either do the daily grind of keeping it up to date or go into training mode.

Keeping it up to date is now pretty simple with programmes that allow future posting over any period of time. The story is that few understand this because they are too busy with normal work.

I run a Facebook site on rescue cats as a fun thing. It is for all the Cat ladies and started as an exercise in list building. A New picture and comment every day. This is achieved in about half an hour or less on the weekend.

Online shops require constant updates to products and pricing and if someone needs to do this, it could be you with a few simple procedures to copy and paste as you load the stock.

Advertising and re-marketing or re-targeting require specialised skill sets that are easy to learn if you stay within a narrow band.

We mentioned selling on social media and Instagram are now about to use this on their platform.
They have started with Beta testing products in the USA where a click will deliver you to a shopping cart for special products. This will soon be worldwide and an opportunity for the introduction into many businesses

The Social media platform has opportunities.

Ideas for make money
Watch on YouTube

Moving to YouTube

Now, this is exciting. YouTube is now searched nearly as many times as Google for information, and certainly more times than Bing and Yahoo combined.

Saying that only about 10% of US businesses are involved in YouTube.

This is a market opportunity.

The reason why is probably the cost thing of producing great content with technical skills and equipment but life moves on.

A reasonable video can now be produced on an iPhone or computer with just some good scriptwriting and a few happy snaps.

This is great for showing how to do things or explaining issues, brand building or selling

You can do it and do it well using SEO techniques, keywords, writing skills and production for just a few dollars a month.

I use Samurai Content video builder as my tool of the trade to have a professional low-cost product.

You could do this for customers and earn a good buck turning out Videos all day long.

You can also try it for free and make as many Videos at that time as you wish to store them on Youtube for a later time.

Using this link to Samurai content you will get a free ebook and discount on the service if you want it.

This is certainly an opportunity product and skills are easily learned along the way

Great opportunities to make money quickly

Here we have explored some ideas that are different from the normal ones and easy ways to make money in the internet age.

  • 1st of all the basic free training manual
  • Affiliate Marketing the easy earner
  • MLM for those that want to try
  • Social media in all forms
  • YouTube video building for beginners

Finally, my friends, could keep you active for many years and make you money whilst building a business.

Ideas for make money by Peter Hanley

ideas for make money
Peter Hanley

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  1. Hi Peter! Thank you for these ideas to make money. They have made me start to view things in a different perspective. I’m surprised that these options are at our hands reach, and we probably use them daily (such is the case of social media) but we hadn’t become alert of the opportunity. Thank you very much for this post!

    I’m particularly surprised with the growth Instagram has had. Facebook acquiring it and many business going over there to establish their brands. 

    • Thanks for the comment, Henry.

      I watch a lot of local marketing and try to get a feel for what is
      working best for small business. Instagram will be the next hero.
      Thanks for the comment

      Peter H

  2. Hello,

    Your post really has some great ideas of how to make money online. I like that you didn’t just mention one and totally focus on that. This gives people a real opportunity to take all the information that you have given them and go find for themselves is the best choice for them.

    The Youtube option of making videos for other people, is very interesting. I may have to look into that for myself.


    Great job


    • Thanks, Coralie.
      There are so many ways to work on the internet that we can never put them all in a post
      so I try and do different ones each time.
      I believe the secret is to concentrate on one or two until
      you are happy they are correct before moving on.
      Thanks for the comment

      Peter H


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