Free traffic, a dream and a nightmare. We would all love a constant stream of traffic that makes up the numbers but can it hurt you

What is free traffic

I guess a lot of traffic is free however some of it can actually hurt you.

Every business, website, Funnel or marketing requires traffic, without which you have nothing.
We work tirelessly to generate customers / buyers to our plans however should we be selective.

You can source any amount of traffic from a google search so it looks great on your analytics page however Google knows better.

Traffic is just one measure among the many that Google wants to see.
Equally as important are the number of disconnects. Those that hit your site and move on without a moments thought to your content.
Often generated by online programmes designed for this purpose. They actually hurt your ratings.

Important are those that open a page and even more importantly remain for a small amount of time.

Free traffic, a dream and a nightmare
Free traffic, a dream and a nightmare

I bought free traffic to meet a demand

Interestingly we all fall for the best ways to create an illusion. I wanted my site to display a large volume of traffic that looked real and met all the Google needs.

I found this at Spark Traffic a sight for just this purpose. The numbers reflect great activity and meet the Google requirements of page selection and time on page. As well the all important bounce statistic

This is a great way to add as much traffic as you want for a small amount of money.

However you should remember that it is computer generated traffic and not keen buyers.

When you want to add advertising to your site they wont look at you until you have a level of traffic and this shortens the process.

Same site with traffic added. Looks good enough to sell.

YouTube is a traffic generator

There is no better source of free traffic than You Tube.

This site is searched nearly as often as Google and much more than Bing and Yahoo combined.
Therefore to ignore this really at your peril.

However you must build a following and make sure your link is prominent either in or below the video.
If you are insure how to create a professional video try a free go using Vidnami. Make as many videos as you want in seven days and save them to YouTube. Each one should only take an hour or so therefore you will have a big display in your channel.

With this knowledge in place moving forward would be simple.

A dream or a nightmare, depends on how quickly you expand your knowledge.

Social media can be great but it takes work

Off course regular posting on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc will have a range of new and old viewers. Without spending money this is fairly limited however necessary to the overall effect.
Posting on forums and following groups will bring more contacts than pure luck. When you are active and contribute to these areas you will build a natural following. Furthermore when your readers are comfortable they will refer others to you.

The trick is to not spread yourself to thin. Each media takes time to do it properly so pick the one you are most comfortable with and make that your hero. The others are the support crew to tie it all in together.

Using Quora, reddit and similar media

There will be those that love this marketing and those that loathe it. However it really needs a trial in your internet life. Answering questions and provoking conversations can build a following that really share and like and thus building followers. Importantly many will click your links.
Build a personality and keep social to be successful.

Along with Quora is guest posting in all media where your subject can be recognised. You can become the go to expert as you answer all the questions.

A host of ideas that may take your fancy

Starting with your own eBook. A short story on a subject you understand and want to share with the masses. Answer a question, solve a problem and provide a solution. You probably wont be able so sell these wonderful products but they make a great give-a-way item to solicit followers.

Training courses are an extension of your knowledge. People want to learn and there is no better way than a well structured course that can bring many followers.

Yes they take a bit of work however they last for a considerable time and continue to provide new names and emails. If you are lucky or really very good courses can be a source of income

Free traffic, a dream and a nightmare begins with great SEO

Let's not forget basic SEO practices

SEO is as important as any of the above ideas. Google rates your Web or Blog on the basics of SEO.

  • A keyword that will be searched
  • Your heading that will be read
  • The meta to draw them in
  • Pictures to maintain interest
  • Proper Sub heading structure
  • Colours and set out
  • Sentence and paragraph structure
  • Minimum of 1200 words

Every single item will count to you being read.

You need to be on page one of a search term to have any chance of success so without well structured SEO you have little hope. You can learn more about this at Wealthy Affiliate a training site for optimal page construction.

Newsletters need a mention

This simple act can be a wonderful source of new business. Many think of a Newsletter as sales tool however that is far from the truth. The good Newsletter is there to entertain, inform and educate your readers. They will decide when to give you money whilst your job is to grow the list of followers.

Free traffic, a dream and a nightmare and my summary

My Summary

When I was doing some research to find a few more ideas I thought that most of the posts offered too many radical opportunities. Everything you do takes time so the best use of your time is the vehicle that gives the best return.

I have a friend that uses just Instagram for her business. Two posts every day seven days a week keeps her appointment book full for a month in advance. Time is minimal, cost negligible however the results are excellent. She spends her time on making money.

Therefore I suggest you choose your hero media and give it everything you have until you achieve great success or even fail miserably. If you fail that is one to be taken of the list and try something different.

I like a multi media approach however spreading your self to thin will actually delete the results you are wanting to achieve.

Free traffic, a dream and a nightmare by Peter Hanley

2 thoughts on “Free traffic, a dream and a nightmare”

  1. Great post I have been focusing on mostly social media, but want to start posting some videos on youtube also still just a little nervous and shy though haha.

    I am going to look into spark traffic also that sounds like a great option to generate some traffic.

    Do you have a preference or feel one works better than the other between Facebook or Instagram?

    • Hi Brandon, thanks for that. FB and Instagram have different audiences  so it depends on your target.

      Female 20-45 is definitely Instagram  however Face book is more broad in its capture.

      See where you can get the biggest following and then target that one

      Best of Luck

      Peter H


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