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Best virtual phone number small business

Best virtual phone number small business. Used for every day and marketing purposes. You can track every call and analyse results. Choices are extensive

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Why use a Virtual phone number

First of all the world is fast going cloud-based so high-priced phone systems are a thing of the past. No one will have a phone system of any kind within a few years because you just don't need one.

However, we are talking about phone numbers that exist in the cloud so let's see what our options are.

There are currently a few options that are available for a variety of purposes.

Local area numbersFor your home city
National numberswith a national presence
Free call numbers1800 or 1300 or 800 etc
Name numbers1300 talking
Short-form numbers13xxxx
Fax numbers localHome city
Fax numbers national1300 style
Mobile numbersfixed to email
Marketing numbersused in advertising
International numbersOverseas routing
Call forwarding numbersHide the caller number
Broadcast numbersDisaster situations
Message service numbersTo divert to
Every one available with a virtual service

There will be times when you need more than one of these for the purpose they are

Local area numbers

These may be for your business, even your home, and can include a telephone service as well.
They can come with as many handset extensions as you wish and with a line hunt feature to pass to several lines available. These usually come with all the features you would expect from phone service and have a huge price advantage.

When a 1300 number is better than a local number

To clear up one issue there is no real difference between a 1300 or 1800 number with one minor exception. Local exchange number calls to 1800 are free to the caller and paid by the owner. Note that only from local exchanges are the calls tolled. As most calls are now mobile instigated this is not a big issue.

Secondly, the 1300 range of numbers does not pinpoint your location so you are selected by a much broader population base. Your business could be anywhere in the country.
However, if you are just a local business having a local number will serve you better than one of the 1300 range. We often want to buy locally.

One major hurdle with these numbers is that they are generally blocked for overseas calls so those dealing internationally may need to have a local company as well

Best virtual phone number small business with your name.

Name numbers

There is a much higher recall factor with a name number and indeed marketing benefits with them.

Numbers are purchased from the government with a price starting at just $250 however good numbers will achieve much higher prices.

You have 6 numbers that associate with characters as shown on your phone pad. For example
1300 sparky is 1300 772759. (Note 1800 can be the same I just use 1300 as a generic term for both)

Memory recall is promoted this way and it is a great business branding tool

Short form numbers

Don't get too excited here these numbers come with a hefty price tag. Used by government and corporations alike 13xxxx numbers incur a tax of nearly $10,000 a year for the privilege.

Sure they are easy however they would need to work fairly hard to pay the rent.

Fax numbers are in the cloud

Although faxes are a dying technology their use is still very common in some industries, particularly in the medical area.

No machines are required as everything operates over the email network for both incoming and outgoing faxes.

We use a 1300 fax number being a national company so they are available in most counties as well.

The best virtual phone number for small businesses includes your mobile.

Using mobile phone numbers for a business

Again we are in the cloud with new fixed numbers that travel over networks and arrive on your device of choice They can also deliver SMS messages going to your email account thus giving callers complete access to you at any time.

This is modern times and mobile numbers have a place in our society.

Where do you find telephone numbers in marketing

These numbers are everywhere, in magazines, classified advertising, Billboards, car wraps, web pages, blogs, and funnels. Plus many other locations as well.

Marketing numbers are often used as a tracking device so that the effectiveness of the advertising can be easily monitored.

They are just virtual numbers and can be pointed at any destination in fixed or mobile phones.
They come with Whisper Transfer so you know when a sales call is coming in.

Time of day routing adds even more functionality when daytime calls go to one destination and after-hours calls to another. Even to an answering service.

Understanding your call traffic is necessary to justify the expenditure.

Business SMS numbers explained

Why international calls can look like local calls

The telemarketers dream because they look exactly like a local number. However, they are exactly that. The international, or even interstate call, goes through a local service that attaches a nice local number as the caller's identity.

Not many of us will accept a call from a foreign country so they need to use subterfuge to get us to pick up. However, most local carriers will not condone spam calls therefore not accepting the business hoping to provide a small level of protection.

Working intrastate offers better pick up rates

In Australia, each state has a different prefix in the telephone numbers, 02 or 03 through to 09.

Again many people will not pick up on random out-of-state calls even if they are a recognised suppliers. This has been pushed further with the number of unsolicited spam calls coming from marketers.

This can present a problem when a legitimate company has branches in every state and operates functions out of different areas.

Call through dialing overcomes this problem by disclosing a local number to the recipient and increasing the completion rate. Smart marketing

How all calls can be forwarded to a chosen destination

Virtual numbers are just that, they are a number with no home therefore we must select a destination for them to be transferred to.

The destination can be a fixed phone, mobile phone, or even an answering service. It can change by time of day or day of the week automatically so that different options are based on resources available to take the calls.

This is generally the case with 1300 numbers and marketing numbers.

Why do you need broadcast numbers

These are often used in emergencies when a range of people need to be advised quickly to avoid disaster.
A couple of large style examples are Bush Fire alerts, earthquake alerts, flooding, and even a Tsunami. In these cases, a message is delivered to thousands of people at one time.

We use the same thing in smaller-scale operations like factories, workshops, and retail operations.
The beauty is that once a call is placed the carrier forwards it to selected destinations be they fixed or mobile phone or even SMS when required. You can clear a factory in seconds with good communication.

This is also used to great success in the medical industry. An example is a hospital where random flare-ups of unruly behavior occur. Instead of doing a code red where everyone is alerted a quick call can be directed to the right staff.
In some cases, this could include outside agencies like Police, Fire, or emergency services.

Surveys can be included under broadcast services

You may wish to randomly survey a group of clients with a message however typing one at a time is not going to work.

When invitations are necessary

This can be applied to large invitation groups where a common message needs to be broadcast. Often using SMS as well cuts your staff time down to just one call and not a thousand or so.

What are message service numbers

best virtual phone number small business
A free plug for myself

At a message service, an incoming call alerts an operator to exactly who the call is for and what actions they need to take. They do this by supplying users with a phone number to divert their calls to. They recognise that number and all the details pop up on the screen they are using.
The same applies to a virtual service where the number called can trigger all sorts of actions
at the service


This is a pretty big list of number applications however many of you will use more than one type of number.
A business may have a 1300 phone and an 1800 fax number, a local number to accept overseas calls, a marketing number on the Website, some will have a broadcast number and many will have an answering service number.

Controlling cost is always important however nowadays costs have been reduced to make it all a viable option.

Verdi messaging supplies all types of numbers in Australia at competitive rates and advanced technology

Best virtual phone number small business by Peter Hanley

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You cant let an offer like this go by.

You cant let an offer like this go by.