Do numbers make your web pages better

Do numbers make your web pages better? We take a look at using numbers from both sides to achieve a better website and results.

Why are numbers important?

Numbers reflect in several ways

  • Using numbers in Keywords
  • Then using numbers in words instead of numbers
  • Checking your numbers
  • Making numbers work for you.

Using numbers in keywords

You will see this often in all types of headings .

7 ways to build an arc.
101 best verbs for writing
How 2 cows changed an industry
Do 1300 numbers work
the best 99 numbers

In fact type into Google any number and you will see they have been used in a keyword of some kind. They are attention getters and show that you know more about an issue than a single solution. Google like numbers so use them when you can.

Why use words instead of numbers

Numbers are out of place in content writing unless in a list or description.

At all other times the full words will serve you better so says Mr. Google. It makes your writing flow in a more coherent manner and looks better on the page.
You may have seven ways of saying something but not 7 more ways of flow.

However I recently wrote about the rule of 7 which is seven ways to contact a customer, in this case the 7 is necessary .

Checking your numbers

This is the most important part of the page and I shall disclose many numbers of which you must be aware of at all times.
First of all as a content writer your paragraphs must be less than 250 words
Then your sentences must be less than 25 words.
Every post needs to be greater than 1500 words.

Here the numbers reflect what is required and would look less imposing written in words.

Google Analytics numbers

Google analytics has numbers for everything and most of them are an indication of your website success.
How many visitors per day to your Webpage/blog. No visitors equals no chance of a sales.
Traffic is really a numbers game which turns into percentages. Only ten percent of your visitors will become potentials and ten percent of them sales so you need traffic.

However not all traffic is good and Google analytics have a meter that tells you the time spent on the site, it's called bounce rate, the clicks that are not real, just machines hitting the site and never reading your material.
How many pages are read and How long they stay on site are also important expressed in minutes and percentages and a result against last month.

Follow the numbers and learn the story.

Do numbers make your web pages better and work for you?

Making numbers work for you

You may become obsessed with numbers because they are important, they tell you everything in a small figure, not a book or a lecture a small simple figure, like being up 10%.

When my numbers appear in red I panic. Has Google gone made and changed the world yet again.
He does it on a regular basis because of the numbers, he wants his better than yours so he changes the rules. Your choice is to follow because Google is law.

If you don't follow your numbers you will never know when you have been hurt, you may just go blissfully on with no one reading your content.

Why would I be obsessed with the numbers?

I recently wrote a post about blogging and the amount of effort that needs to be put in. The site you are reading contains well over three hundred thousand words, (300,000) just in case you missed it.

Your normal adult hard copy book contains about ninety thousand words so I have written three point three books (3.3) that could be on the Amazon shelves paying me money.
However my journey is not yet halfway, I want four hundred posts or over six hundred thousand words in this journey. It is in the numbers and people will follow.

It has become my reality and part of the marathon I chose to run.

It all started with a plan, not in my head but on paper with the numbers stretched over a period of time. It takes me a couple of days to write a post, OK I type slowly but research and many other things come into play. I miss days and miss deadlines so I fall more behind but I can still see the finish post because I know the numbers.

My conclusion on numbers

Numbers are important and my purpose is only to make you more aware of the need for understanding what effect they have on you.
We measure age by numbers, time by numbers and success by numbers that all reflect reality>
You can't change your age or gain hours in a day. A marathon will always be 42.2 Klms or 26.2 miles and you wont win by running less, you will fail.

Know your numbers and change your results.

Do numbers make your web pages better by Peter Hanley

What type of business can you start online

Your results depend on numbers

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