The Sales funnel builder, free and trained

The Sales funnel builder, free and trained, I don't believe this offer will last for ever because it is just too good to last

Let's look at what a sales funnel achieves.

It's a bit like a Web Page however it is designed to take a reader to a result.
Along the way you pave the road with upsells, down sells, and all sorts of reasons to buy your product now.
It is a high pressure environment that demands reader action and done properly only a few will escape the net.

I have long wanted to use Click Funnels but could never justify the cost

The Russel Brunson product is a really great App however it also comes with a hefty price tag.
As a beginner I could not justify the near $200 a month cost to try and learn how to build a funnel.

Even though I wanted to transport people to my training site I could never see a return that would justify the expense.

So, like most others I shelved that project and went in other directions.

Then recently I was introduced to Groove Digital. What got me interested was the offer of a free version to play with until such a time that I had confidence I could drive a return.

The free version allows you three sites with many bells and whistles and a very clear upgrade channel.

The sales funnel builder and a complete deal

Groove Digital then sealed the deal by offering me money

That's right, they have a very easy to manage affiliate program that pays out on several levels.
Even as a free user you join the program although you do get paid more as a full member.

The important thing is that you are an affiliate from day one with all the promotion material you could wish for.

A lot of these programs offering great income are really shady however the good ones work well.
I use Wealthy Affiliate as my core product. They have built the entire business using affiliate sales and have created really high income earners. What's more I have been with them for several years so I understand that they have a 100% trust factor.

Another that has stood the test of time is Joel Thereon although he has had to change his product strategy along the way. He was an early innovator in Multi level income and sharing returns among the levels of sales people.

Is a dual level affiliate program worth while?

First of all let me explain what we mean by two level income. All your paying referrals earn a percentage of the payment.
So If someone takes a lifetime platinum deal you immediately get paid for that. Furthermore if that Lifetime member recruits say 10 others you also get a piece if that pie, so they earn and you earn.

Personally I would sooner have a single level at a higher margin however this way if you recruit one good down line it can really explode your results.

Therefor please be my one great down line and start making money today.

Don't confuse this with Multi level marketing or indeed a Pyramid scheme as both are entirely different and in fact sometimes illegal.

You are not buying a product to sell on to others, in fact with the free version your cost basis is zero. You are recommending a service that is needed by most online marketers and being paid a referral commission for your marketing efforts.

The sales funnel builder and marketing

How would you market a product like Groove Digital

At Groove Digital they understand marketing very well, indeed it is their core business so if they don't know what to do then no one will.

All marketing starts with the fundamentals;

  • Family and friends always the first point of call
  • Your Social media pages should include information
  • Networking works well if you are so focussed
  • e-mail campaigns will generate activity
  • A blog page ( like this) is ideal
  • A signature on all your correspondence with Groove details
  • Web pages
  • Direct Mail campaigns and so on

Groove has instant material available for all off the above hard coded into your link.

The sales funnel builder and hard coding

Hard Coding make a world of difference

This means that your referrals are never lost .
For example Amazon have a very short window where your referral goes in house after a day or so. What that means if you make a good recommendation and they log in to browse but delay buying for a week your commission has gone.

Groove Digital lock your referral in by hard coding and not pixel linking so you can never miss a great opportunity. This is a very important factor because many companies are after cheap leads. You get cut out of the action very quickly and will never be able to follow up.

Checking on your traffic

We often wonder just how many people we refer along the way and do they all hit the paying site. Not that we think companies will cheat just that everything is in place.

I use an app called Pretty links to track my clicks. This is a free service available on WordPress. It not only tracks your links, recording them along the way but allowing you to change a link on every page. All this in just one place.

Using a spread sheet to track your monthly progress is a great idea, if it is not improving then change something to make a difference.

The sales funnel builder and training

Your training on Building a funnel

There is no way I can attempt to provide all the information you need to build a funnel hence I will link you to where you get it all for free.
It is a basic sales pitch with promises that will work for you.

Like it or not these things sell product like crazy because people want Diamonds. Instant wealth, health or happiness delivered in a thousand words. Some good, some bad but all delivering results.

If you want just one Internet focus building tunnels can deliver above average results even for newbies. You just need something to promote and Groove Digital even give you the product.

Throw in a couple more affiliate products and you are off to the races and in the winning straight.

Have a look at Groove now

My Groove conclusion

This is a relatively new operation taking on an award winning product that has millions of followers. Will they keep a free version long time, maybe because they believe a large percentage will upgrade and those that don't were never going to make it anyway.

When you start to build a few referrals and work out the variance in your income between the paid and free version you will change. Furthermore the change will pay for itself at double the return.

Like all new programs it is only as good as you. Your marketing and your Funnel building prowess.

The Sales funnel builder, free and trained by Peter Hanley

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