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How to earn money from blogs

How to earn money from blogs is a question I am asked at a regular rate. The answer is easy: the actual something different.

How to write a blog post and further tips

Why write a blog anyway?

We presume you want to be a blogger for money, not just writing about yourself.
That is the path we are taking.

A blog can be in any niche no matter how big or small it just needs to be one that gets read.
We will show you all the SEO tricks to achieve this but let's get a few things correct first.

Blogging is not a pathway to instant money, it is also very cost-effective and will not drain your pockets of the coin. It will, however, take some time to achieve.

This is one of the most disturbing ideas that new bloggers encounter. They want action straight away and don't really understand they need to wait and continually produce products over time.

Let's start with a Google view on blogging

It is a fact that Google trust grows at just over 10% a month. Therefore in the first period of your blog, Google is just looking at your content and deciding if he likes you.

How to earn money from blogs
Taken from Wealthy Affiliate report on a site 7 months old with 130 posts

This may seem a bit harsh but it is a reality that we must all go through.

Therefore the early days are going to be a grind as you write blogs with only a small following.

However, the growth becomes exponential and the results will follow. The below diagram was produced by Hubspot, a leader in the market of customer content

How to earn money from blogs

So you can see the trend in that your old posts continue to drive the market and your latest one pulls it along.

Where does blogging income come from?

There are many ways bloggers can make money and it is always a good idea to plan this from the start.

Affiliate marketingThe number one way to earn income
Selling your own productRun a shop linked to the blog
Marketing eBooks, VideosHow to book etc
AdvertisingPeople pay you to advertise
Recommendingan advocate for a product
BrandingTalking about yourself

Your writing should take a direction to grow your future. I am unashamedly an affiliate marketer
Having written long articles on this to cover everything you need to know.
I find the best and cheapest small business support products, test them and then recommend them. I get paid on the results I achieve.

One of the benefits is that many of my products have recurring income so I grow a business over time that can produce a monthly package of income. This is unlimited as a result and can be in the tens of thousands a month.

My products include Wealthy affiliate a Blog host, Internet training post, Affiliate program, and a really active community. I would recommend this site to anyone either new or experienced to access your answers on any problem.

Videomakers the new way forward

It is a fact that youtube is searched nearly as often as google for all information.

How to earn money from blogs
A free book

What is also true is that video builds your website SEO by a great amount because of time spent on the site, a critical SEO issue.

Furthermore, most people are scared of making live videos because it is far too hard. That was, however, until now.
Samurai content has an easy video builder that anyone can use and in fact make a video in half an hour, with music and script.

How do you make money with Samurai content?

This is an easy answer,

  1. They have a great affiliate program that pays recurring revenue.
  2. You can join Content Samurai and make videos for others and charge for the service.

The produced videos can be loaded directly to youtube for being seen by the thousands or embedded on a website to increase site time.

Having a video on your blog will support your activity and provide an opportunity for financial benefit.

Writing eBooks

In some ways, this is a bit past its day in the sun. They were really big a couple of years back but are not seen as often these days as we become more search-friendly.
They still have a place in the “how to do things market” but that is much better attended to with YouTube.
However, people still read eBooks so write them away if you have a great subject.

Chatbot to grow customer contact

I have discussed conversational marketing as a new paradigm for growing customer connections. In fact, there will be one on this page where you can contact me for more information. This is a rapidly growing market and very easy to become an affiliate, plus it pays a regular return for all users so you can really grow your income.

A bot for every page

Selling your own products on a blog

When you have a physical product it is easy to promote in a blog. In fact, this equally applies to a virtual product as well. Anything that you have can be marketed in a consistent and promotional manner.
You can market a product or direct the reader to your online shop or store.
As a clothing store, for instance, you will carry many brands and styles. Fashion changes regularly so you can blog on a topical agenda like Double Denim. Is it in or out?
Then describe your latest product pricing and delivery with a purchase box on the blog.
This would give you enough material to blog about for a long time.

How to earn money from blogs and bed linen

We recently bought some new bed linen. A sheet is not just a sheet, you have a variety of materials like silk, linen, cotton, hemp fibre etc. Then you have thread counts and sizes and all sorts of decisions to make. It is not easy.
My wife did the research reading blogs on Bed Linen and could well have bought from an online supplier.

The biggest shopping market is Amazon and they own the retail space. Lots of products but slim margins.

Next is probably Walmart or associates who took all their products back from Amazon to market directly.

In a recent article by Neil Patel, he theorizes that Google will enter the retail market. This will be done in a more aggressive way and offer opposition to Shopify who dominate the web-based shops.
It is coming into a very interesting time that will offer greater opportunities.

Recommending something you are writing about

In the world of influence marketing, we can break the types of influencers into six categories – Mega, Macro, Micro, Advocates, Referrers, and Loyalists

sense mktg

This area of marketing is growing rapidly and is a source of massive wealth.
The mega Influencers maybe like Kylie Jenner, down to loyalists that could be on the fan club or membership list.

In an area, I am involved we just appointed an influencer. He is a well-known sporting identity and Radio announcer his job is to carry the message to others as an advocate.

You will notice a common trend for food and family issues. The well-known trend of Mummy bloggers is all the rage.

This is being the correct person at the right time. Unfortunately, I can not unlock the secret key and have large amounts of money thrown at me. Well, yet anyway but when I do you will be the first person I tell.

How to earn money from blogs and branding your business

Branding your business

This exact spot is where I started my internet journey.

I wanted more traffic to my site and went looking for it.
We work with small businesses so I target them with information, all things business and some more.
The blogging took over from real-life and became a product of its own.
Every website should have a blog component that draws viewers into a buying cycle. They are husband and wife the same but different.
Using your blog activity you can promote your products by writing about them at great length
and drawing readers to a close.
You can also do this for others as a paid occupation being either a guest blogger or the main writer.

Every business generally has a whole host of products that can be better explained in a story.
Writing that solves problems and moves you to understand why buying the product from Mr. X is preferable.
In my case, it leads me to better understand what I am selling as I delve deep into the background of the subject.
When you write for others there is always some research to be done so your own learning curve can be increased greatly and beneficially.

Displaying Advertising on a blog

This can be a great money-spinner for you but first of all, you need traffic. No one wants you until you are generating thousands of hits a month so.

Here, I am talking about advertising for other people, those pesky popups that appear all around the blog promoting products of other people.

PPC and PPV, are they for you?

PPC is paid per click. Anytime someone clicks on an ad you get paid an amount of money.
This is pretty easy and the most common part of the market.

PPV is pay per view and is generally based around a number of views, like 1000 or ten thousand views and you get paid.
I personally don't like a lot of site advertising, it makes me move away quickly.
I recently did a review on a site, a good site with lots of information but I was so bombarded with pop-ups I took an escape clause and left without a comment.

Test links

This is a bit like affiliate linking however you end up on an advertising page and get paid for the link, not the sale, a large difference.

How to earn money from blogs and paid reviews

Paid reviews

You get paid to write a product review, a favourable one is best of course with the agreement of the product owner.
Product reviews really work well and people believe in them more than any other form of marketing.
You can review products side by side or half a dozen at a time with links to your affiliate sites or advertising links.
The idea, if you are reviewing products together, is to have an agreement with both companies. Sometimes readers have made a decision that won't be changed and will click on what suits them.

Text links

Huffington Post did a test on links v banners and surprisingly links had nearly double the capacity of banners. More so that the smaller the banner, the greater the traffic as well.

This surprised me because I have been a convert for banners as the best way to go.
I guess I need to review my ways and do some tests on this. I'm adding a couple of simple links
to see what people want to view

Are pop-ups a good product?

I tried some pop-ups with a bad experience so am a bit adverse. It was my own fault because they were annoying in the way. I had them come in too early so people were opting out before reading.
We would use an exit pop or even a link pop would be good but an entry pop turns the readers away. just my thoughts.

However just today I was on a site that popped a big bold banner asking me if I wanted to increase my traffic by a zillion per cent and my finger hovered for just long enough to pass it by.

This was even before I entered the site for information. Yes, of course, they work. and they can be annoying, but it is all in the manner they are produced. So fear not, use them if you so wish.

When your readers click on the Pop ad you get paid.

How to earn money from blogs and where to start.

Where do you start with blogging

It always seems to be a mountain too high. What do you write about, how many words and then there is that SEO thing that leaves you wondering?

Your content is but part of the journey, OK, it must be readable without spelling mistakes and include good grammar but will it be read?

This is the one area that most bloggers miss.
If you don't do it your chances of success are almost nill unless you get really lucky and jag it.

How to earn money from blogs using keywords and meta description

I am talking about keywords and meta descriptions that give you a slim chance of climbing the mountain.
A Keyword is what people use to find you among the half a billion bloggers in the market and your description is that snippet that compels them to read your article.

Keywords have competition, and if it is too high you rank on about page 20 of a google search.
This is when 80% of searchers never get past page one. So your chance down the back of the queue is zero and zip.

That is why we use a keyword tool to tell us all the information we need and to make sure we have a chance in the window of opportunity.

However, you really need to learn a bit more about this and that is why I am directing you to the free training and Keyword tool at Wealthy Affiliate. You can choose from the extensive training modules those bits you want or go the best way, start at the beginning and learn the whole thing before wasting endless hours chasing your tail.

How to earn money from blogs and the rules

There are rules

Blogging has rules and they are determined by Mr Google who controls all this and makes our life hard when you try and shortcut the plan.

Many of us have searched far and wide in our learning and spent countless dollars on wasted courses before we found Wealthy Affiliate.
log in to the forum and see what others are saying as they follow a road that you want to play on.


This is not a total list but a good overview that may provide some insight into the direction you want to go. My goal is to build a business so I will stay away from the tricky bits and hold my readers to the content. Yes, I offer affiliate products but ones I use and recommend so that I can justify their use and small cost.
Trying things out is a way to learn and work out what works best for you.
I have done many things on this list. I have videos, branding, eBooks, text links, reviews so I am happy to promote my offers to you.

How to earn money from blogs my final thoughts


Blogging is a career, not an overnight gimmick. It is not a quick money fix, it is a time-consuming occupation that can leave you in doubt of your abilities and raise you high on results.
Blogging is not only for the young, but seniors also have a great role to play in this as well

Find a problem and supply the answers.

How to earn money from blogs
Peter Hanley

How to earn money from blogs by Peter Hanley

Where the learning starts. Find out about websites, domain niches and all the basic ingredients for a blogging career.

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