Earn money online the easy way

Earn money online the easy way and don't break the bank while doing it. This is a simple method to generate a monthly income that is guaranteed.

The big sucker line is earning money the easy way.

I hate to burst your bubble but the world was not made to please you, you need to apply effort and learning just to fit into a little bit of it.

What I want to do is save you some money as you search for internet scams.

No experience needed, no web site required, spend just 5 minutes a day and I shall send you a new car.

What a bunch of rubbish, the only people that earn the money are the sellers, not us buyers.

Think about earning easy money, if it was that easy everyone would be doing it, just sit back and count the folding stuff. It just won't happen.

Ok, there are a few illegal ways but you might get shot at or hauled away in a nice wagon. they are also not that easy when you have a look at the playing field.

How can I make it easy to earn money?

The real answer is understanding what you are doing, finding a way forward and doing it over and over.
As they say, get it right then rinse and repeat.

There are half a billion blogs a day but did you know it takes over 12 months of effort for even Google to like you? That means you won't grab a huge following until you do the trackwork.

In fact, it is a bit like running a marathon. You can't just lob into New York in November, no training, no support, no plan and expect to do more than a quarter of the distance. Let me tell you 42 KLM is a long way and comes with a lot of pain to achieve the distance let alone time under 24 hours.

Earning money is the same, it's a marathon, however, it can be made easier if you follow a few rules.

How do you plan a way to make money?

You write it down on a piece of paper or type it into a keyboard so you understand what you are about to embark on.
First of all pick the way, product or idea that you believe you will like and stay with. It could be;

  • Social media
  • Blogging
  • Online store
  • Training or coaching
  • Writing
  • Building websites or similar
  • SEO for others
  • Email Marketing
  • SMS marketing
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Creating images
  • Video building, blogging, and sales
  • Multilevel marketing

Any of these ideas will work and you can be successful given a bit of time.
You can't do them all. Eventually, you may be able to cover a lot of activities but not yet.
Pick one and do a plan over a period of time, at least 12 months. Think about cash flow and be realistic in your thoughts.
The biggest mistake is trying to be a master of all and an expert at none.
A maths student does not start with Calculus they start with adding and subtracting and slowly build a knowledge of the subject. You are going to do the same.

I don't have a lot of time so what is a quick way to make money?

Go get a job that pays an hourly wage.

Then at the end of the week, you can count the notes earned by hours of work. It might not be a heap of notes but it is a sure way to make money.

However, start your side hustle so that in time you may make a new way forward.
There are many great stories about people that have made a lot of money but they forget the time element.

Image of kayla iteness

One of my favourites is a girl called Kayla Itenes. Kayla started a home fitness course in her parent's garage. She did some videos and wrote some books and advertised them on the internet.
Now many an aspiring Gym junky has done the same but Kayla uses Instagram as her vehicle. The audience is a young female group hungry for new ideas.
Now a multi-millionaire Kayla has reached the pinnacle quite quickly in real terms.
However, she did have to be an expert in her field, write eBooks, create videos and market like crazy, it was not overnight.

Can you make money using MLM

Another couple I know is Herbalife distributors. they earn about a million a year and have a pretty glamorous life.
They struggled for many years when the product was unpopular and worked there butts to gather a following. Now that people think they made it easy, it is never quite so.

I have seen great individuals give it all but never rise above the basics, it may be simply time and effort without which you can not achieve a result.

Earn money online the easy way.

Where is the easy money to be made?

This is an interesting question because I am referring to a location.
You need to choose your playing field.

  • Local businesses, the easy ones.
  • Home business, not too hard
  • The national market
  • Perhaps the world is your game

This blog can be read in the USA, UK, Australia and most of Asia so my market is pretty big. The problems, however, are just the same as the local market it is being seen.

I do market to a local area in another business so I can really see the same issues in gathering followers.

Earning money in the home market

Social media drives customers to a business where they can be sold. It might be a Webpage or Blog or even a funnel but somewhere you ask for an order.
Social media is about entertainment and gathering a know and like persona.

Most small businesses do not have the time to bother with this and therefore they miss out on a lot of customer opportunities.
This is where endless opportunities exist for a smart operator just like you.
Go to local businesses and offer to do their social media for them. Send emails. do a monthly newsletter, post on Facebook or Instagram, and all this on a contract basis.
This is easy stuff to do and you can charge a healthy amount for your time and at no outgoing cost.
I promised you the easy money and I will deliver it.

Where do I learn to make easy money?

Wealthy Affiliate training covers everything you need to know. You can start from scratch or pick your subject and start to apply to the principals

I am a graduate of the training and have extended my internet knowledge over many areas.
As a small business owner, I have put it to use for most of the areas I have mentioned.
I email daily, use SMS marketing, write Newsletters and regularly post to Facebook and Instagram so I am talking from a degree of practical learning.

How hard is learning the Internet?

I have a close friend who decided to get back into the workforce after 8 years of parenthood.
She took a few online courses and started to offer services through women's clubs and around businesses she understood.
Unfortunately, she was so successful she was coerced into a full-time marketing role on a substantial salary. It took about 12 months.

An online income

Another close friend has a lady's clothing shop. local trade in a small population area. The only way to grow was to set up an online shop. After 30 years as a Nurse, this presented a big challenge. The stock had to be integrated and the website etc. It now accounts for a good percentage of all sales in the store. It was a big learning curve that returned remarkable results.

Another is a high priced ladies' hair salon. Booked out for the month ahead. Her only media post is three daily posts on Instagram. It takes just a few minutes to photograph a hair colour done during the day and load it for all to see.
Five minutes a day is the total salon promotion.

Online business opportunities are everywhere

Are you too young or too old to want to make money?

The answer to this is a decided no. I know of many older people (like myself) that are very active on the internet.
I also see younger and much smarter groups using it as well with many more years ahead to really make it big.

The internet does not see age, race or profile. It is blind to our hangups and treats us all the same, we are indeed equal to the Google world.


I hope I was not too hard at the start or turned you away from a great side hustle or career.
The best results come from your own effort.
If you could understand the feeling of crossing the line in a marathon you can envisage making it online.

At one point I went for gold prospecting, walking for hours and days with a metal detector digging up tin cans. However, let me tell you when you found Gold, even a small piece the sense of accomplishment was massive and worth the walk in the blazing sun.
I get the same feeling with a successful product on the internet and you will too when earning money.

Do some work, get some basics, lay out your plan and do not give in until you reach the finish line with an Online income

Quitters never win and winners never quit.

Earn money online the easy way by Peter Hanley

image of the author Peter Hanley
Peter Hanley

19 thoughts on “Earn money online the easy way”

  1. It’s a fact that should be clear to online business owners that before you can start earning money with easy, you must have done a tedious and stressful part of it before hand, so it means that its not a day’s labour that will generate that reasonable amount with ease, it takes patience, consistency and perseverance. There at many opportunities to explore online, the more you can dig, the more you know. Thanks 

    • Thanks for taking the time to comment on my Blog.
      So many times I see people spending money on scam products offering an easy dollar.

      If they would just take a bit of time to get the grounding in place it would make their life a whole lot easier.

      Peter H

  2. There are several platforms on the internet where one can earn from. However, it is important to keep your eyes open as the markets are now being flooded with con artists, making it a little difficult to find a legit source of income online. Personally, I am a blogger and an affiliate marketer, and these are my main occupation, both of which are web based. Affiliate marketing business doesn’t require much capital to start up and the most important thing to get when starting out is guidance and instructional materials. 

    • Thanks, Amanda for your insight into the subject. I agree Blogging is a great idea and picking up income from affiliate sales can become a big earner. However, it is not an overnight success it takes time and understanding.

      Peter H

  3. I’mnot trying to counter what has been done here but I really would like to make us understand or rather let us have it at back of our mind that to make money online is not easy, as much as you want to make determines the level of effort you input and for further information, it’s always good to make adequate research on any business offer that we are willing to be a part of. You mentioned MLM, please can you give further information about those successes you said you know about? 

    • Thanks for taking the time to ask an important question. 
      Any business activity takes time and money, and results are slower than the needs.
      I have witnessed first hand Herbalife but it is a constant grind and financial input. Personally I use the products but social networking is not my thing.
      A friend was top sales in the world for Enjo another product I love. She has since given it away.

      Amway and Tupperware are having a come back as well.

      Remember that these products become life-consuming to get above the bottom levels. Some love this lifestyle and for them, it can be rewarding.

      Peter h

  4. My take away from your post is to find a niche that you are passionate about before deciding to take the plunge into an online business.  Without passion and drive it will be difficult to develop the right plan to reach your goals.  I have been with Wealthy Affiliate for 2 years and find that it is the most comprehensive platform out there to provide the diverse tools needed to be successful in the online marketing world.  The starter membership got me up and running in the website world, but the premium membership allowed me to truly explore my passion in the health and fitness niche.  It has been well worth the investment and provided me with a great community of other like-minded professionals.

    • Thanks Stacy.
      You are very correct in what you say. Knowing what you want is the first hurdle to internet marketing and
      it does take some time to establish a footing. No doubt about Wealthy affiliate it has it all,

      Peter H

  5. Wow! You just explained all that I did when i was starting, I thought making money online would take like a day or two, registered more and more website, but I never got anything from them, until I found wealthy affiliate thank you for sharing this post am sure it will reach many people and it will be of great to them.personally I agree with you that wealthy affiliate is the best money making online platform that even for beginners in marketing.

    Thank you.

    • Thanks, Joy, many of us have made the same mistakes in our original journey before settling into Wealthy Affiliate.

      I have a bookcase full of wasted training programs if anyone wants them LOL

      Peter H

  6. Hi there Am I looking at starting a online  business from a position of relative strength – feeling good about myself and feeling I am relatively well off – or am I looking at starting a business from a position of relative weakness – recently laid off from a job and being behind on my bills?

    also If the online business doesn’t work out, how easily will I be able to pick myself up and move along to the next endeavor?

    • Hi David. Yours is a common tale and one that I have an understanding off. 
      let me again point out that online activities take time and there are no instant hits.

      You need a day job to support your side hustle growth, sorry but as I have said there is no easy money.

      Peter H

  7. Hi Peter,

    There are 100’s of make money online programs and products introduced every week. As you mentioned, many products sales page is full of hype and unrealistic claims. Nowadays it is a must to do our homework before joining any make money online programs.

    I do agree with you when you said it takes time for Google to like our blog. We need to give minimum 12 months time for our blog and in the meanwhile we need to keep producing regular content with great value.

    You have provide great insights and I am sure this is going to be a greater help for many. I prefer blogging with Affiliate Marketing. The best thing is we can turn our passion into profits and do what we love.

    Indeed, all successful people spent years in working to become successful. In the book Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell he shares that it takes 10,000 hours of practice to excel in anything.

    May I ask…

    On an average how long it will take to make a consistent income via blogging (at least $500 per month) if I invest 4 hours daily and writing 3 quality posts per week on the make money online niche? Please advise.

    • The Wealthy affiliate training hints at least 12 months of consistent activity however by including great affiliate links you can make a difference earlier.

      Again it does depend on the niche, use of keywords and traffic building to give a real answer.

      Peter H

  8. It is true that making money online is very easy. It is very easy for those that have the authority in what they do. They have the power to attract Money anytime they want. They know how to pull out Money from you and me.

    Please tell me, how long does it take to actually start making a profit doing an online business? Affiliate marketing to be precise.


    • Hi Techie, do you want the truth or a dash of smoke in the ear?

      12 months give or take a year to make money as an affiliate.
      Not the answer you want? Well, think about this. 
      When you do start making money the question will be;
      How fast can I make this mother grow?

      A whole new world.

      Peter H

  9. Hi Peter! thanks for sharing this post on “Earn money online the easy way”; so there are no easy way to earn money online. It takes a lot of work, time, consistency and a little money too if affiliate marketing.

    I want to do affiliate marketing but I’m a beginner. What niche do you advise I should start with? I know quite a lot about MMOs. I’m taking of starting with the MMO niche. What do you think?

    • It is always a hard question for someone else to answer. The reason is we have our own likes and dislikes.
      I will give you an example, half of the articles that pop up are on medical marijuana.
      I am not opposed to this but have a fundamental reason for not supporting it.
      However, it is a huge industry so maybe I am wrong.
      The niche you chose must be something that drives you and you won’t become bored or disillusioned. Only YOU can make this call, do it wisely.

      Peter h


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