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Seniors working at home, to get an income

Seniors working at home, to get an income. Is it possible or even probable?
Let's look at a few ways anyone can make a few extra dollars.

Why would old people want to work anyway?

Don't get me wrong, I am on your side in this story. Yes, I do qualify at 75 years; I think that I am overage but still trying to learn a whole bunch of things.

Firstly seniors income is not the only objective after you retire from the active workforce.
You still need a plan to achieve some goals, a plan better than finishing the daily crossword.
Plans that may help others and continue to actively contribute to our society.

Manual Labour gets harder

Certainly, all those hard jobs just get harder: Cleaning houses, washing cars, gardening even babysitting stretches the exhaustion levels.

I am a fairly fit guy, walk a good distance every day, swim most days, keep up an exercise level but those hard jobs tire me out, it is normal, a part of the process.

I often need a bit of a nap after lunch just to recharge the batteries however I accept that and think of it as meditation.

However, what can we do?

Is blogging good for you?

Writing a blog is simply putting down on paper things you know about and telling others.

In addition, it can be done working at home and providing an income

I do it on business matters after a lifetime in small business but it could be anything, even a lifestyle.

  • Gardening, flowers, plants, succulents, native, hardy, annual etc
  • Knitting, scarves, children's clothes, for charity, quilts etc
  • Crocheting. let the mind run viral
  • health, your experience with asthma, heart, knee, arthritis etc
  • Fitness for the over 50s, walking, running, swimming, weights

This is just a tip of the ideas and we can show you how to expand this further for an income.

Why would you blog, is it a waste of time?

Seniors income.

Let's face it, most people blog for money, and yes, some do it for grander ideas, but for most of us, it comes back to the good old Dollars in the bank.

Affiliate incomeYou are paid to
sell other
peoples products
Best income
Sales IncomeSelling your own
Hold inventory
Referral incomeRecommending someone Have a good lead
Advertising IncomePop-ups on your siteGreat return
Consequently a lot of ideas

Finally, we'll just show you some of the opportunities and streams that will come to you as you start blogging for money.

Blogging is not a short term fix

I will tell you upfront that it may take you 12 months to really start paying out as a blogger.

No big promises of instant income. It takes time to be recognised by Google and to build a following on your channel.

However, when it starts it can grow bigger than you could expect.

You will be taken to step one to learn about Domains and Hosting and start your very own for free.

Then you will learn how to build a page that people will read and want more from you.

SEO is important with Keywords and meta descriptions all clearly described to you so you are ready to tackle the challenge of greater things.

Next will be making money while mastering social engagements and guaranteeing success with content creation.

This is just the tip of what you can learn, gee my 80 years plus lady friend from Alaska is killing it so why not you?

Affiliate income is tied to blogging

Affiliate marketing involves selling or referring someone to a site and if they sign up you get paid a commission. The amount may be a little or a lot.

The best example is Amazon, it is easy to become an Amazon affiliate and flog their products and get paid a commission. However, and because they are so popular while the commissions are often low, the product value can be big.

Recurring income affiliate sites will continue to pay you every month for a sale made. This can be Insurance web backup, web hosting or anything where there is a term commitment.

Importantly, Wealthy Affiliate itself is a recurring income business and also includes selected affiliate sites that are suggested by them as ethical.

Beware the high priced rubbish

Seniors working at home, to get an income
it is a trap.

The internet is a wonderland of opportunities looking to take your money.

Just today I looked at a program that promised a $1000 a day that would only cost me $3000 to buy into.
Above all an opportunity too good to miss out on except that all you are selling is opportunities, no real product or as they say it's a Pyramid so run like the wind.

To clarify this, these are the things to look for:

  • Are they selling a real product?
  • Is the cost for the product or for the seller
  • Are there legitimate buyers?

    Finally, the most vulnerable people in the market are the older age group.
    More on working from home for seniors

What is the easiest way to make money without leaving home?

images of social media
best online business marketing courses

Social media for business is a necessary way of life however it does take up a lot of time.

Writing a Facebook post every day and posting a snap to Instagram takes time and it is often time businesses don't have it.

My daughter taught herself to be a wiz-kid on Facebook. Took a few courses, did a bunch of programmes and then started to market herself. She used local forums as a platform and soon had more work than she could handle. (with three young kids and a professional husband)

Another is Newsletter writing, every business should do a newsletter at least once a month. I do, and many of my clients have followed suit with regular single-page copy and paste post. I queried a customer recently and he said, “Sure I send them I have a Girl that writes them for me every month. It may only be hours of work, but a few here and there soon add up.

What about overflow telephone answering? A group I know does Window Tinting as a business.
After hours they transfer the calls to one girl who sets up an appointment, she understands the business and can provide all the basics right through to a sale, her commissions are in the $hundreds.

There is always eBay,Seniors working at home, to get an income

This can be quite lucrative for those that are prepared to do the work. Selling household items is a start but selling other people's products can also work well. Buy junk at Op shops, garage sales, vendor sales and advertise at a markup. You will soon find what sells easily. This is still based on the internet for seniors

I have a friend who is an importer from Japan, lots of craft type items and a few special products. I recently bought a sports watch from him and decided I really liked it. We are talking about a 100-meter divers watch with a silicone band and stainless back.
My wife put them on the local version of eBay that is mostly in our area and sells a few every month. It's not getting rich stuff with a $50 watch but at the end of the month it all adds up.

How to get coaching for value.

This is great if you have a history in trade, sport or any type of industry and can offer your services to those that need a leg up.
My street is a prominent sign that clearly states Resumes written here. Writing a resume is not that hard, you get a template and fill in the words and it is done. However, the average school-aged kid really freaks at the idea.
So if you are a half capable writer it may be the way to go while working from home

Seniors working at home, to get an income

English as a second language also offers a lot of scope for a bit of one on one training.

Making a Video for business,Seniors working at home, to get an income

Seniors working at home, to get an income
It is now easy

Yes, it can be a little difficult but things have changed in recent years and now anyone can make a half-decent video.

Videos really rate for how to do things market among many other interesting ideas.

Most people have no idea what to do so with a bit of training you can sell your ideas to all sorts of local businesses

Proofreading is an easy job plus working from home

It might be emails, newsletters, web pages, or content blogs written by the business owner. Google hates trashy writing, spelling mistakes, bad grammar and broken links.

I just went back over a hundred posts looking for these errors that were created in haste.

People in your area will have a need as well and that is where the internet for seniors can begin

Selling for a commission,Seniors working at home, to get an income

This is sort of like affiliate marketing however you do the selling. Find a business you like and have products that match your outlook. Create a webpage and market it to your local area. When the sale is done you pick up a 20-30% commission great seniors income.

I do this as a side product even though I have my own business, a blog and other bits.

A friend is heavily into solar products, panels on the roof, batteries and inverters. I am in Australia and it has a hot climate and is a hot product. They do a bundle of shows and demonstrations and are always looking for helpers. I like the product and also working with younger people and sharing a bit of experience. I rocked up at the shows and started to sell. simple stuff, talking to people.

The list is pretty long and opportunities are everywhere.

Seniors working at home, to get an income

I don't want to go on forever because you are probably excited about the potentials offered. or maybe bored and go back to the rocking chair for an afternoon soapie.

We all make our choices and I choose to stay as active as possible and as long as I can contributing to others, we are on the other side far too long so make the most of life and most of all enjoy the journey.

Conclusion on internet for seniors

I don't have a magic wand but I can point you in a few directions that may spark something in you that will make a difference.

Whatever you do learn the basics of web page building because most of what you can now do is based around the internet.

I am not trying to sell you on the opportunities available only on your ability to do them.
Working at home I write emails, newsletters, do SMS marketing; I work with Social media in fact.
nearly all the things I have suggested.

It's not all easy and we need to learn new skills along the way. However, it is there to be done.

My Internet journey started because I did not like what others were doing and the prices they charged. I thought I could do it better. Leave a comment and let me know.

Seniors working at home, to get an income by Peter Hanley

image of the author Peter Hanley
Peter Hanley

P.S. One of my beliefs is that if Donald Trump can run the world at my age then I can run a home business. The difference is I don't tweet a lot.

Seniors working at home, to get an income

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  1. From my own perspective, I believe these seniors are really to be engaged better during their retirement I order to make their brains work smoothly, it’s so annoying that some of them takes retirement as a process of hanging any work boot which I not supposed to be, income is just an aside, achieving something great in their retirement is a good idea. Online business is the best for them, thanks for the update, it’s a useful one

  2. Hi, great work taking  on this important issue/ The internet is an incredibly valuable tool and combined with WA then I think it is a super smart move for seniors to use that are retiring. Simply because it requires so many hours of work and it is so much fun.

    Every  post I make I am learning about something that I find fascinating, then I get to teach people about it and get paid for it.

    So instead of doing puzzles or just knitting, which are still awesome. I myself love puzzles by the way. Working on a business is  great way to keep the mind active and keep passion in your life. WA is the best thing I could recommend to be truthful.

    Nice work.


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