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If you are searching for Senior Internet Plans and ways to save and make money while enjoying the journey, look no further.

Is there a place on the internet for the older folks?

Let me start from where I sit behind my computer at 75 years old, that's me, not the computer although the black box is not really new either. I still run Windows 7 and get hounded to upgrade nearly every day.

Finally, an update here I recently went to Windows 10 and am more than happy with the free version.

Many years ago when webpages were new I hired someone to construct a webpage for me. I had a business and decided to join in this new marketing idea with a pretty cool web page.

The page did nothing, no one looked at it and no one bought from it.

Thought to myself that it could not be that hard to learn this stuff so I started a journey of discovery.

It was about 10 years ago and you needed to have an understanding of computer code as well as solid marketing techniques.

What I did back then was to learn what I wanted from a site, and how I could achieve results and then get someone else to build the site. My plan worked and that construction is still being used today.

Internet earnings are done from home.

The internet is now much easier.

Seniors Internet plans
Anyone can do it

Nowadays anyone can build a good website, in fact, you can have one online in a couple of hours without any understanding of coding or any of the technical jargon they used to prattle on about.

Pricing has come down to a point where you can start all this for free whereas in the olden days I paid several thousand dollars for a site and $500 a month for SEO and I did all the work.

A website can be a business where you sell products online.
It may be a Blog, which is about writing content about your favorite subject
Perhaps a funnel that captures readers and delivers them to a sale
Or even a family site shared among those that are close to you.

Cheap internet access is almost everywhere

Home internet is usually very cheap, yes it varies from county to country but Googles your area and see if you can get it for $20 a month.

Most shopping centers have free internet, libraries, and recreation areas that allow you to log in.

Some older folk even contact their younger neighbors to share with them. WIFI signals travel up to about 100 meters, so it's an easy test.

Your iPad or iPhone can come with data access but always understand data use

You just need a cause.

The technical term is Market Niche. Your place on the internet can be easily found and reward you for your effort.
(You will see words in blue throughout the article that take you to more information on the subject, sometimes technical, sometimes other pages to read.)

Many of you will have some grounding or knowledge on this subject so you can skip these early bits but for the new ones I want to simplify things as much as possible

I have many friends in the 60s, 70, and 80-year-old bracket that do internet blogging and in fact, do it very well. Some are writers, others want to make money and there are those that just want to keep the brain working and manage new skills.

What is important is that anyone can do this and achieve great things and as a hobby or business it is addictive in nature.

Affiliate ideas for seniors designed to earn money

How do you make money on the internet?

Seniors Internet Plans
Your friend

The easiest way is to buy and sell things on eBay or your local alternative.

My wife is a bit of a gun on this, she sells it for herself and her daughter with all sorts of things.
Currently a Watch, a Bonzai tree, a painting, a bundle of mens ties I no longer wear, and some lady's shoes my daughter discarded.

My son does curbside pickups and gathers interesting items and then sells them on eBay.

As they say someone's trash is someone's treasure. Everything has value.

We are about to downsize our home so we are getting rid of a lot of items we no longer use. They get advertised first and what we do not sell ends up in a local charity collection.

Furthermore, my wife has made headbands for kids and other useful items to sell.

Plus she wrote a book covering her first 16 years of life, Friends and family all got a copy. I asked why not for the next 12 years and she patiently explained that it may not be good reading for the young ones.

Selling other people's products

The most famous of all is Amazon. Most products at Amazon are sold by what is called Affiliate marketers. These are people like you and me that market products and the buyer is taken to the Amazon site. If they buy you get paid a commission.

You can sell one product or a hundred products because Amazon doesn't care.

Amazon University has a lot of information for you.

Senior internet plans and warnings

My early and important warning to you

Warning sign image
It's important to read this

The internet, like the real world, is full of people wanting to take your money. We elderly folk are often a soft target because we don't understand or are open to hard-selling experts that look so appealing.

You do not need to spend any money until you have a good idea of what you want.
Do you get that, spend no money until you have a bit of grounding in this.

When you search for something on Google or Bing etc the first Adverts are usually paid ones.
They pay to be at the top of the list so they get your click.
You will see a little blue (A) before the listing so tread carefully because they pay to get your attention thus they need a return from you.

Buying products to sell on the internet

It is easy to buy any number of products at really cheap prices from places like Alibaba. This is a Chinese distributor of just about any product you can imagine.

However, you should ALWAYS do a sample test before you buy a lot of products. Hey, I have a few boxes in my shed that I can't sell so I am not a great authority on this. Some do it very successfully but it does require some technical skills in marketing and purchasing.

Is dropshipping different

When you are selling a product you need to allow for delivery costs, returns, and failures in your selling price. However, when the manufacturers take this over and deliver the product it saves you a whole lot of trouble.

Hang about I am coming to the easy bits very soon.

The internet is a very large shopping center and information provider and there are many things you can do.

You can build an online shop using Shopify or similar and stock it with products just like a real shop.

Then you just need some basic information, products, and time and away you go.

Seniors and working from home.

What is blogging all about

The internet has its own language and a blog is one of the words that you will come across.
The concept is not a mystery, it is simply something you write about and put it on the Internet. In fact, you are reading a blog post now.
Perhaps it can be a page, a post, an article, or content and all are basically the same thing.

I blog about all things Internet for business as my principal theme, however, I do branch out like today into other subjects.

If you have a subject (niche) that you know all about, are experienced in, or just want to talk about, this is a great place. The rules are pretty simple and the most important part is understanding how you can be read. With millions of Blogs, why would they pick yours?

Most people write blogs with a view to making money. It may be direct or indirect however the anticipated result is the same.

  • You can refer readers to a site that will pay you a commission. Affiliate Marketing.
  • People can advertise on your site and you get paid
  • You can sell both real and virtual products
  • Perhaps even write blogs for a living and post on other people's sites

    Senior Internet Plans and affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing – how do you use it?

image of affiliate marketing
The best job in town

Affiliate marketing is simply recommending other people's products and when they make a sale you get paid a predetermined commission.

This is the best job in town, particularly when you earn a recurring income every month for the client's life.
Furthermore, I am very careful to only recommend products I use myself and that don't have a huge up sell tail. $40 today, a hundred tomorrow, and a grand next week. Believe me, it happens so don't let it happen to you.
The senior internet plans all start with you

We all need to start from somewhere.

Senior Internet plans

When I first started my journey I did course after course, often having to buy them and wasting time trying to learn everything I could from poor quality material.
The Internet loves people like me who are happy to hand over money seeking all the answers.

Finally, I found a resting place that had nearly everything I wanted and the cost was free! Wealthy Affiliate. Now I pay them a monthly amount because I host a dozen websites with them and I need high-quality hosting, but I also earn money as an affiliate.

With the Internet, you always have a question to ask, nothing is that easy or straightforward and you can waste endless hours searching the web for a simple solution.

In my sight you have several options;

  • If there is a host-based question there is 24/07 support
  • The technical question has a chatbox
  • The more involved issues have a technical area
  • Not least it is a great forum for people all wanting to help

    We can link you to many of the older generations that are really active contributors and making money along the way. Some have fallen on hard times, others like to write and even to keep the grey matter bubbling along.

Affiliate ideas for seniors

I do not recommend paying out any money. No credit cards are required and no high-pressure upgrades.
What I do recommend is being involved in the group for a few days and doing a couple of the basic training elements.
No one but you understand how ready, or not, you are for an internet journey.
However, my promise to you is if you do what I have said above and you develop a basic understanding of the whole thing, then move forward at your time and pace.

Everything I have talked about is there for you. Let the members tell you about the service and how they believe it is the best place to hang out. Click here to get to WA
Senior Internet Plans and working from home.

You arrived at my site for a reason

Senior Internet Plans

You did not come here by accident, I know you searched for what we call a Keyword and you were seeking more knowledge. That Keyword is found with a simple tool that tells me how much traffic I will get and on what page of a search I will appear.
It is not magic and guess what? you get it all at no cost.

I want to see more seniors taking this ride. It is fun and addictive and you can achieve anything you want.
Yes, you get people saying it is a waste of time and energy and that nothing will come of it.
But you know what? If you do nothing what do you get? NOTHING

Furthermore, I spend about six hours a day on my blog. I am an old guy and my two fingers don't type that quickly plus I need to have my spelling checked along the way. (another free tool called Grammarly).

Oh, and by the way, I still have a business and have a very active life. We no longer count the days behind us and the ones ahead are getting less all the time.
I have a Facebook site dedicated to rescued cats that started as a bit of a lark and many other online activities

It is time to take action.

Conclusion and final thoughts

My objective is to show you what is possible and how you can achieve it without having a breakdown.
There is a hard way and an easy way and I have tried them both. I have a cupboard full of internet courses and the scars from many an adventure. However, I am still here and loving it.

Plus I am helping others to achieve their goals, then make a bit of money along the way, and am comfortable matching it with the younger people, what more could a man want.

Finally, I am actively involved in social media and email marketing.

Senior Internet Plans by Peter Hanley

Senior Internet Plans
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