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Purechat.com review

Purechat.com review of the workings behind conversational engagement and the need to have immediate contact with your web lookers.


The easiest and fastest way to add live chat to your website. Plus it's free.

Name: Pure Chat.com
Website: https://purechat.com
Scottsdale, Arizona


Free planI website 3 operators
Branded Pure Chat
$49.00 plan 1 Website 4 operators
White Label
$99.00 planUnlimited websites and
all extras

Owners and location

A private company with CEO Hamid Shojaee.
Based in Scottsdale Arizona USA.
Winner of several awards

An estimated 14,000 customers and a turnover of >$3.1 Million. Private funding is in place for growth.

Purechat.com review

Product overview

In their own words, the Pure Chat policy is for a product that is;

Affordable, simple and intuitive and they achieve that

The growth of online chat is massive and while there is a lot of competition, some of the chat lines are not keeping up with technology.
Loading Pure Chat is really a 5-minute process and you have three options.

  • Copy and paste a line of code to your website
  • Add a plugin to the WordPress site
  • Install a button

They are easy choices and in fact easier than others I have tried.

Making it easier for small businesses to convert leads from their websites.

Arielle Hurst, marketing manager for Pure Chat told Small Business Trends, “We’re focused on small business. We understand that small businesses need affordable tools that deliver new leads and sales. And unlike many of our competitors, we offer native apps for iOS, Android and Kindle because small business owners can’t afford to be chained to their desk.”

Chatbots explained.

Why use a chatbot?

Using a Chatbot can increase the chance of a sale by 80% (Hubspot) because it overcomes any objections early in the process.
Modern society is time-poor and they will move on quickly to another opportunity if they are not getting answers. A chatbot allows instant communications and paves the way for a finished product.
Not to mention that you get email addresses along the way for future marketing.

A mobile app is necessary for a Chatbot

It is no coincidence that PurecChat has introduced a mobile app available free from the App store. This certainly helps with the immediacy of response in all situations.

I'm good with PureChat

Support, I had a problem with my installation and support reviewed my site and showed me the error of my ways. My conclusion was don't tick boxes you don't need to.

Code supplied. As a WordPress user, I hate adding plugins because they slow your site, so this was easy to do.

The free version of Purechat.com review is great for most businesses.

Bad at pure Chat

It is built as a basic service for small businesses without a lot of extras.

Will it remain in private hands and be a risk or go to the market for a public listing?

Who is Pure Chat for

It is targeted at the small user or small business that does not have the income to pay premium fees. In fact, it started life as a free site and only recently added paid channels.

Purechat.com review and support

They evidently run their own support desk so you do get personalized service. Time differences are sometimes a problem but it is only a wait on an answer issue.

I used their support and was more than happy with the result.

Pricing at Pure Chat

A free service for one website, three operators and branded images will suit a large percentage of users.

$49 service gives you white branding and another operator. plus 100 SMS messages

$99 service is unlimited websites, no branding, and 1000 SMS messages.

Purechat.com review and affiliate opportunities.

The affiliate program at Pure Chat

It is often great to be able to refer clients to a good product and be paid for your support.
It is easy to become an affiliate and earn a percentage of all income referred by you. On paid plans, of course.
This is not for everyone because you do need activity on your part to generate new business but for those wanting a bit extra it is great

My final conclusion on PureChat

When I researched the product for a Blog I was writing I decided to try three different services to see what worked best for me.
Three different websites were used in a free version to gather as much variation as I could.
I have settled on Pure Chat because they tick all the boxes of small business needs.
No need to use a plugin, mobile and SMS and reasonable pricing. Not to mention a great affiliate program.

Purechat.com review
Peter Hanley

Purechat.com review by Peter Hanley

P.S. I am sure there will be a pop up you can try on this site

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