How to promote my business for free

How to promote my business for free is better than paying out for no return. we are looking at guaranteed business ideas that will deliver customers.

The year of the Chatbot

Nothing else is growing like the chatbot epidemic.
Little pop-ups that want to talk to you by typing in a message.
In most cases, it is not a live service but AI (Artificial intelligence) that is programmed to answer common questions.

Your website should include a chatbot and a recent article by Tidio that may explain a long-form
write up on the types and uses.

The first time I installed my Bot I had an inquiry within a short time so I was more than happy.

Reports of a 250% increase in sales using a Chatbot would suggest we must all be there
I tried both Tidio and the free version at Purechat

Branding and How to promote my business for free

I don't often talk about branding for small businesses because we are more about selling.
However, I do recognize that many things are important to elevate you among the many.

Consistency is the first input. Customers need to instantly recognize your material in whatever form it is presented. Emails, Invoices or shop signs all need to carry the same message.

The big end of town is spending a lot of effort on branding however we just need to be mindful of our presentation. I say this because you may not see direct results from your efforts in this.
This will happen and is often tied back to other marketing efforts.

Your Logo can be a driving input, this can easily be done on Fiverr or Canva and stay with you for a lifetime. Don't be too out there or use too many colours because the cost of printing is often based around the number of colours in the logo. Simple is good.
Here are examples of the world's best marketers.

Apple logo

Once done they can stay with you for a lifetime. The above also has colour versions but the point is to be recognized.

My point is to stay on Brand at all times, it is a memory jogger when people are making a decision.
I have talked previously about the three pillars of marketing'

Know, Like and Trust Your brand can cover all of this. The above brands certainly convey those qualities in heaps in a simple manner.

How to promote my business for free using Newsletters


How to promote my business for free
The newsletter is to retain the contact

This is the cheapest and most effective exercise you can participate in.

Newsletters are a perfect branding opportunity to be seen at a regular time and recognized instantly.
They are a Know and Like format that provides consistency to the pillars of business.

The opportunity to sell the product is always present with a closer on every issue.

Easily gained statistics reveal what is happening, to allow changes to be made early.

In fact, I generally test the market to a small number of subscribers to see results and make the necessary changes before doing a broadcast.

Remember the heading is there to capture attention so make it inviting.
Keep them general in nature and not a rampant selling page.
Stay on the subject. If you are marketing Tyres, don't include knitting as an example.
Consider your audience profile and write to them as a single person.
Use nice pictures that show what you are writing about.

I recently had a sale from a contact that had been receiving my Newsletters for over 12 months.

He hit the buy button at the right time when he was ready to go.

Keep it shorter than a long article to keep your attention on the page
How to promote my business for free with social media

Use your social media channels

How to promote my business for free
The ultimate lead generator

This is still the ultimate lead generator available at a no-cost entry.
You have a bundle of choices but limit yourself to just a couple of products depending on the demographic you are targeting.

LinkedIn is essential for every business and person involved. It may not be a selling venue for everyone but it is a phone book of the business world. people can find you for all sorts of reasons, so a current bio and a good photo are always required, you can set and forget or post to it depending on your target market.

How to promote my business for free and use your image

I had someone recently that stated he would not put a picture of himself on this site as people may use it for clandestine purposes. My answer was to say you should get out of business if you don't want to be known. It is about branding you as a business.

Next, pick a medium that best reflects your market.
Facebook is the most popular and still generates the most interest. This should be considered your first choice.

Instagram generally has a demographic of younger females up to about 40.
Yes, there are many others as well, but we are playing to the masses.

I have friends that only use Instagram, one is a ladies hairstylist who posts about three new heads every day of the current cuts and colours that have been done. She has managed a great following and is regularly booked ahead. It works for her.

Another is a ladies' dress shop, again a younger clientele that is targeted with images that may swing a buyer. In these cases, Instagram is ideal for staying in front of your mind.

Pinterest also has a following of generally slightly older and again strong on women.

I must admit I have not used this but I got good feedback from some of my friends who use it very well.

Facebook has many advantages, it can be linked from blogs or posts, They have a great scheduling tool for pre-programming your posts into the future.

It is easy to do and easy to delegate if you wish.
However, you must remember it is an advertisement and designed to attract attention.

Make your ads stand out and do them every other day.

The name of the game is consistency
How to promote my business for free with authority

Establish your authority

  • E is for expertise
  • A is for Authority
  • T is for trustworthiness

SEO is based on your ability to provide information on the subject you are discussing.
For example, if you were to provide medical advice but you are a plumber you will never get linked, Google just does not think you are a good reference site.

Perhaps if you are a master plumber and head of the plumbing board you can have a good chance to go straight to the top.
However, you must tell Google about yourself in a bio or on your page in a widget

Video is the new champion of business

Every page on your website could have a video showing how to do things, explaining things or selling things.

YouTube is searched as often as Google so you need to be among the searches.

Is a video all too hard?

Not anymore with a professional video builder like content Samurai.
You can have a video with a professional look going in half an hour. To show you how easy this is, just try our free version ready for you today

Try it today and keep your videos forever with our special 7-day trial offer. of Content Samurai


This is not an exhaustive list but one that has the necessary ingredients for every business to base their marketing on in 2020 a new decade of better business ideas.

How to promote my business for free by peter Hanley

image of the author Peter Hanley
Peter Hanley

My final input to your marketing

Finally, if you want to gain a lot more confidence and ideas on marketing and making your business grow I recommend the free training at Wealthy Affiliate. It comes in all grades and levels and you and your staff can participate in making the sales walk in the door at your own time and pace.

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