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What type of business should I start to have guaranteed success

What type of business should I start to have guaranteed success and make money working from home, Anyone can do it, why not you?

There are no guarantees in business because it has a you factor

However the You Factor can be harnessed if you are willing to participate in an intelligent and active way.
There is no easy money, get rich quick schemes don't work, scammers are looking for people just like you because they want your credit card.

How many times do you see an amazing offer that makes promises for just $7 or $10 any low amount. Now comes the up-sells, you really need the $49 offer oh and the $149 offer. However the $999 offer is the great achiever.

Laugh at this you may but the best top offer I have seen was $25,000. A promise of real wealth.
(By the way that company was made bankrupt by the US feds and everyone lost their input.)

Scammers are everywhere so always try before you buy.

Getting down to business ideas

Lets play a little game here, we all have different skills and even likes so that will point a direction for you.

Do you like dealing with people or behind the scenesEach has its own benefits and neither is better
Do physical products excite you or virtual onesThey come from different worlds
Internet or teachingHiding behind a keyboard or one on one
Writer or performerFront or back of the bus.
Technical or Artisticright brain or left brain
Build a business or get instant incomeA business takes longer
Full time or part timeA job or side Hustle
Target male or Female audiencesome are suited to an industry

As you can see there are a lot of ideas to throw around and they will set you in a direction that will suit your abilities.

What type of business to start


Pretty simple really, sell household trash ( someones treasure) and make some cash.
I have a Granddaughter that sells earrings, her father buys and sells antiques and old car products.
One Daughter runs an online clothing shop another advise on Social marketing. I blog, email, train and leave the product selling to my wife.
One family many different ways to the market.

Then there is Amazon, Walmart and a million others where you can market products.
This is a good starting area because you need to set up web pages and social media and Amazon has some good training. However the commissions are low and you do a lot of work for little return.
Amazon are also very strict so no sell and your are cancelled.


These are new generation products that exist in the cloud however people want them more than ever. I was asked a question recently if I trusted the virtual or cloud based environment. My reply was to ask if they had email and the response was off course doesn't everyone? This was really the start of virtual mail, you can't touch it yet in consumes a vital part of your life.
Learning and training is now virtually all virtual as we pull it out of the cloud.
Social media is a virtual society as is YouTube, Google and so many more.
The young readers have known no other world where as us older group were bought up with books and chalk boards and have had to grow with the internet.
Using your computer, backing it up pulling things down all live in a cloud so it is the new dawn.

What type of business should I start to have guaranteed success and that is one that keeps on giving

The business that keeps on giving.

I have spent most of my life promoting residual income products. Products that renew every month for years to come and repay you time over time.
I have sold Paging, Mobile phones, Telephone calls, and now online messaging , Web hosting and training products. All of these on long term contacts.

Having a base of customers builds a business that can carry you for years to come.

A benefit is that you get a regular income whether you work or not.

Training programs, service and support contracts, cloud based products, Affiliate products etc

More on this below.

The niche decision, a critical step

What ever you decide to do make it exclusive. Trying to do a dozen things at one time does not work. Furthermore get one idea working and repaying before you move on.
This single bit of advise cost me a lot of wasted time and effort because I tried to be everyone.

How to pick a Niche

This is often a hard decision because you are really unsure of what suits you and the way you want to go.

  • Who is your ideal customer?
  • What do they want?
  • How do you get it to them?

For example if you have a fixed location shop of some kind that you want to promote it is easy.
However it is also very hard because my advise wont work here.

First of all you need a good website or shop page. Somewhere for people to find you.
You are probably this far along so you will need to send customers to your site.
This may be with Social media, SEO, local marketing, newsletters, email, SMS even online advertising.
Make out your plan and work the plan.

Now for the bulk of my readers that are starting out, therefore it is about making money.
Quick money to pay my bills and get some cash.

The fable of instant wealth

Instant wealth for doing very little is a pipe dream and if you search Google you will be seen by every scam artist on the net.

If you want quick money sell some stuff that is laying around your house. I have been a watch buyer over many years and regularly change. Many are out of date and years old but still in good condition. E.bay did it in a few days and I pocketed a couple of grand.
I then bought some from a wholesale mate of mine and advertised locally $45 waterproof watch. Sold several and made a 100% profit.Not big money but every little bit helps.

What type of business should I start to have guaranteed success

What type of business should I start to have guaranteed success would a succulent do it?

A friend of mine grew Succulents and put them in nice pots and sold them, easy money. She then toured the streets getting cuttings from Franjipanis then potted them in cheap pots from rubbish disposal and sold them from the roadside.

For another example a Mate collects old USA number plates pays two dollars and sells for $10 to a steady stream of clients.

The list is endless but are there easier ways.

Selling web based products to build a business

Many web products are billed every month. Web Hosting, Cloud Backup, Insurance, SAAS, memberships, emailing, Videos, training,monthly product deliver etc.

In many cases this requires that you have a website to start the journey and have some idea of what you are doing. The ideal starter location is at Wealthy Affiliate a site that immediately grants you an affiliate licence. Above all they supply complete training on every aspect of the journey.
I have done the course twice because the first time I skipped many of the lessons as a way to get going quickly. It did not work.

As an affiliate of recurring billing you introduce clients to a seller who delivers the product and returns you part of the income, every month for years to come. With one client you may earn $20 a month but with a hundred clients $2000 and with five hundred clients $10,000 a month. Certainly a figure to live on. It is not done overnight it does take some time but you build a business for very little outlay.

Affiliate incomes are everywhere

You can sell just about anything as an affiliate no matter what niche you are in. However you must first show that you understand what you are doing.

Just type into google a product , leave a space and then type affiliate and you will be presented with a whole bundle of opportunities. I just did a random on Bowie Knives affiliate as an example. No interest to me other than I did a product out of the square.

What type of business should I start to have guaranteed success

You need to set up a marketing channel and then approach the reseller for your opportunity.

I am not recommending Bowie knives I just thought it was enough left of field to show that everything has a market and affiliate opportunities.

What type of business should I start to have guaranteed success and videos are the latest trend.

Making videos for a living

Under this one small heading you have three ways to get perpetual income.

Make a video for a clientHow to do something type videos
Market the way to make a videoAffiliate link coming up
Copy instructions and write a booke.Books still sell
all so easy

I do videos for my own products and post them to YouTube. These have links to things I sell for example edUpay a recent Video I did.

I have done them for clients as well because it is time consuming to learn but easy to do once you get the idea.

Most importantly YouTube is searched nearly as often as Google representing a massive market opportunity for any adventurous entrepreneur.

Writing an e.book is a way to teach others the new skills required

If you have a particular expertise or insight into a hobby, a job or product people often want to obtain a greater depth of knowledge. We all use it from time to time in give away books or cheap books that take us on a journey.

I have friends that have posted books on Amazon over many years and although the sales returns are very small the number of books written mean they have a consistent revenue.

A great example of this is the free book at Vidnami . This covers several areas however first of all it teaches you the basics, then an up-sell to more information followed by a free trial of their service.
So it is a training course and also a platform for income. I use Vidnami so I am a convert to this simple video builder.

The subject of your book can be anything you like because there is always someone, some where that has an interest.
Most e.books are given away however their content will carry all the links to fee paying sights.

Training courses return long time income

A training course is easy to write if you have some expertise, the problem has all ways been getting people to read them. First of all your course should be staged over levels of expertise.

Perhaps, beginner, intermediate and professional. There are several reasons for this and the first is confusion. All learning is a progression so start slow and build from there.

Secondly it is an ideal up-sell opportunity so you get three payments for one course.
I recently setup an account at edUpay because they provide an ideal platform for this activity.

What type of business should I start to have guaranteed success and the answer is one

To succeed in business specialize the content.

You are the Jack of one trade, not the Johny that tries to do it all.This is the fastest way to internet success and will reward you many times over. Off course you may need more than a single skill to build your business however the selling part needs to be a principal occupation.

For instance most businesses require a Website, a name an image and content written around tour proposal. This is a starting point for many and The Wealthy Affiliate platform teaches you how to get all this in line and then concentrate on the front end. The bit that makes money.

Blogging includes many path ways to success.

First of all blogging is a career move. It takes time and effort to be a recognized blogger however at the peak time the world is yours. It will bring affiliate income, advertising income, sales returns all from a single page, it may be blog number one hundred or even five hundred but it will come to those that plod the journey.

We all blog for a financial return, certainly we may push an interest and help readers along the way but we want to get paid for our labour.

It takes time and effort to put out 1500 word blogs that people want to read, in my case as a two finger typist longer than most yet we do it for enjoyment and achievement to satisfy the writers goal.

As I write this I pass three hundred thousand words for this blog alone and I have others as well. That's about eighty three working days of hitting the keyboard without all the other bits involved.
I say this only to give you an insight into the journey and the commitment required.

I know friends that are making seven figure returns every year from the effort they have put in and it's returns that keep on giving for years to come.

My conclusion

Maybe I have not given you the answer you want, however i hope I have provided some avenues of thought to make a move in your direction of choice.

Over time you will build on your arsenal to include more channels to market but do them one at a time. Do them properly and get a return before moving on to the next exciting promotion.
I started learning to build a website for my business because I did not like what I was getting and wanted to know more.

In the early days you needed coding experience and all sorts of skills to produce a product but now it is all done for you in a copy and paste manner that can deliver what you want.

The internet changes at a fast rate so you need to change with it or get left behind.. TikTok was not a product but a few months past, WordPress was not a block builder and a miriad of products have been introduced that can help you.

On this page I have mentioned Wealthy Affiliate a product that is fifteen years old and edUpay launched in August 2020. A vast difference in time however still products on which to grow your future.

What type of business should I start to have guaranteed success by Peter Hanley

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