Marketing concepts guaranteed to make an amazing difference easily.

Your marketing concepts guaranteed to make an amazing difference easily. It's not easy with today's online ideas so we make it possible for you.

What the heck are Marketing concepts and how do they work for you?

I was driving home recently and a chat show on business was talking about marketing concepts. I wrote it down and thought about my response to the idea.

Furthermore as a consistent marketer I had to really think about the tools and promotions that achieve results. Plus how they could drastically improve returns for your business.

Not a boring subject

This starting area is a bit dull however I shall brighten things up however you do need to understand the fundementals

First of all while the internet has made things easier for us small business owners it has also applied an onerous amount of effort to achieve that growth we reasonably expect.

The Marketing Concept is preoccupied with the idea of satisfying the needs of the customer by means of the product as a solution to the customer’s problem (needs).

            The Marketing Concept represents the major change in today’s company orientation that provides the foundation to achieve competitive advantage.


The Marketing Concept is preoccupied with the idea of satisfying the needs of the customer by means of the product as a solution to the customer's problem (needs). The Concept represents the major change in today's company orientation that provides the foundation to achieve competitive advantage.

My version is the ways of supplying a product that meets a customer needs.

 This is a business philosophy that challenges business orientations.  It holds that the key to achieving its organizational goals (goals of the selling company) consists of the company being more effective than competitors in creating, delivering, and communicating customer value to its selected target customers. The marketing concept rests on four pillars:  target market, customer needs, integrated marketing and profitability.

Sell them what they want not what you have.

Where do we start with a Marketing concept?

First of all I take it back to Branding, how your business is perceived in the market.
We know if we buy a pair of Nike runners we get a great product even at a higher price than many others.
Nike also make runners in price points from $69 to $269 and even higher for the TN's however you get what you want even if you are a dealer.

Know, like and trust in marketing, without them you wont rate

The whole arena around marketing is built on people's concept of you. Lose any one of these elements and you will lose your following . I might know McDonald's. I even like them but I can't trust them to deliver healthy food.

When you search on Google and state you have found a product to buy, however you have never heard of them.
The first thing you do is research the seller, look for bad reviews, where are they what else do they sell and even are they a scam site.

Therefore your brand must present well and consistently deliver on what you promise.

A good tip is to have a really good LinkedIn page packed with information that you can refer new clients to. LinkedIn has a high reliability factor and always presents you in a good light..

Marketing what the customer wants.

Do you want fries with that, what a silly question off course I do.
It may be a one time up sell however it makes the package a whole lot better and sets up a customer buying habit for future orders.

Domino's are furiously advertising half and half pizzas even delivered on order. Why would they do this? The answer is because that is what you want, you like anchovies your partner does not so let's split it down the middle.

This really is a marketing concept based around giving them what they want not what you sell.

The place of selling is a concept

I just used Domino's as selling what the customer wants an important concept however I added that they deliver to you via one of the delivery mob adding a further function of need. I am an old bloke and I like to pick up but the younger armchair group want service and Domino's supply it on Demand.

Integrated marketing to achieve results

The use of integrated marketing has risen dramatically over recent years utilizing many of our modern media at the same time. I was recently targeted by BMW for a service option on my car.
Me a small cog in the world of BMW received an SMS an email and a link to a web page.
I see businesses using Facebook, Instagram, email and SMS to market products however they will only work if they are targeting customer desires.
Dominoes use TV advertising as well as old fashion letter box drops. Furthermore they do it consistently however in a style that delivers what we want.

The look and style of a product contributes to the desire.

I shall continue with Domino;s for the moment because they also delivered on the look.
Their biggest complaint was the actual product did not look like the advertised product. To fix this they installed cameras in all the ovens to make sure it had an authentic appearance, plus if you were not happy they would replace the pizza.

The P's of marketing concepts

There have been many books on this exercise and they generally come down to the P principle.

PeopleYour customers
PositionIs it what you want
PackageWhat it looks like
PlaceWhere is it available
PromotionHow is it advertised
PriceMust be competetive
The P's of marketing

Our Domino's example ticked the boxes

I am using Domino's because I think the marketing has been exceptional. I bought from them some time ago and declared never to return because the experience was really bad. They offered me a free product and I said I could not eat the last one I surely don;'t want to try again.
Mine was a complaint aired by many so they took notice and fixed the problems and really delivered on the P process. They turned the business around based on what the customer wanted not on just a cheap product basis.

Apple expanded the delivery experience

I well remember my first Apple product, the original The un-packaging experience was such a joy, A really strong box, tightly sealed in cellophane that pulled apart with a woosh of air.
The special charger unlike anything I had seen before and even Ear pods included. I kept the box and repacked it when I later sold the phone.

Now six or so phones later it still provided a delivery experience that meets any expectation.
Why marketing is important

Apple meets a demand

The has grown in size and shape well out of my boundaries. I had the seven that met with my expectations and I did not want a bigger screen. I was not alone in this and it was effecting volume and Samsung were well in opposition.

I have just purchased the Seven SE. A phone with the exact dimensions as the 5 year old model but the interior technology of the Eleven the latest in the lineup.
It is a product I wanted at a price point that is really acceptable and delivered in a package of desire. I think they have read about supplying a product I want and not what they sell.

It's not about price it is about experience.

Many have followed the original Apple trend, Google home, Nespresso, Samsung
even computers and laptops .
However they are not sold around a price point, they are marketed on a high end sale where price does not matter, Therefore it is the experience that counts.

My conclusion on marketing concepts

First of all I really enjoy great marketing concepts where companies go out of the way to supply to what you want.
Nespresso machines delivered an experience, for a price point, at the start of a trending market for home coffee.
Meanwhile people wanted packaged meals delivered at home to make life easy and companies supplied the people what they wanted.
Most importantly Hyundai had a image problem on reliability and engineering. Instead of backing away they introduced the 7 year warranty. our cars don't break down and we can prove it.
Subsequently one of the top car sales in the world and most importantly the warranty has been followed by others.

On the other hand I experienced a reverse situation recently. My local Fish and Chip shop only supplied a choice of three types of fish, one was Shark the other imported fish. Certainly where I live has a lot of great fish but at a price premium.The shop was marketed well and did most things right in addition to good presentation.

However,despite a lot of requests they would not change the menu. Another shop opened and offered local fish at a higher price point. Therefore Shop number one has now closed the doors because of slow business. They failed to supply what the customer wanted.

finally I am sure you will find many great examples and hopefully look at your delivery to the community.Above all view your efforts and make changes.

Marketing concepts guaranteed to make an amazing difference easily by Peter Hanley

Above all Content makes a difference

In conclusion find your level of customer need and apply your skills
to satisfy the need.

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  1. Yes indeed marketing makes a difference when you want to have a business and that you want to be successful. Because marketing is the way to make your product or service known by the public. I never knew that marketing was considered a boring subject. On the contrary, I’ve always said that marketing is constantly evolving. And the Internet has made marketing cheaper and easier. Well, anyway, thanks for the post!

    • Thanks Angeice

      I love marketing and have taken the passage from Yellow pages to online and all the new ways.

      It is easier and cheaper to gather new customers however it changes regularly

      Stay well

      Peter h


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