Best way to promote your business is with great benefits

Best way to promote your business is with great benefits. Buyers don't purchase items, they want what will improve their life and style

Benefits verses Sizzle

Many struggle with this concept yet live with it every day.

Take for example Motor car adds on TV. You may need to watch a few to see what i meen however they don't sell cars. They sell a lifestyle. What the car will do for you , your image and your way of life.

Sometimes this is taken to the ridiculous however we are all believers that we will look like the people in the ad. However far from the truth.

They will show off road adventure and wonderful places to go, sometimes a bit of speed for the rev heads and pretty girls arriving at the theatre in the fastest small car.

They are selling a feeling, an emotional hook based not on logic or abilities.

Some other examples of promotion

The great clothing adverts will show you at an exclusive activity being admired by all around you. You look hot, and the envy of all in our $100 outfit.
Give me a break. I am way past Hot and just want something that will last.

Show me a coffee ad that does not have a nice Cappuccino with a design on the froth.

The best design wins however reality tells us that not everyone drinks a cappuccino.

However we still have an emotional pull at a nice coffee break.
It is about the feeling not the coffee.

I looked at some tea adds as well for a bit of fun,.

This brand’s focus was now to soften the brand’s  image on the beauty of relationships with the tea as a catalyst. This advertisement by Wagh Bakri Tea told the story of a husband-wife relationship. The ad was produced by Chrome Picture and won ‘Best Ad Film’ at the 5th Dada Saheb Phalke Awards held in 2015.

Therefore saving your marriage with a cuppa is the way to go. (Could have saved myself a lot of money knowing that)

So how can you use better marketing

I am a blogger among the other things I do. Included in that is affiliate marketing where I can make money if you buy what I am selling. A simple process yet one that is understood.

Even we sell a lifestyle of working from home and making a great living doing exactly what you want to do.

In fact the hard core marketers will take it a step further. They will show a fancy and expensive car beside a glamorous mansion as your day to day existence, Who doesn't want a Lambo in the driveway.

It is not about making money, it is what the money will do for you and importantly how you will feel about that.
I can give you a three hour workday making a five figure income working from a tropical island. The hardest decision you have to make is what deck chair is closest to the Pino Colada.

If you hate sun what about a ski lodge nestled in the mountains where you can ski all day and spend the rest of the time drinking hot chocolate.

Unfortunately these lifestyles are for the promoters not us punters as they would have us believe.

Make up your own marketing dream

Forget about marketing a product, lets find some benefits that portray a realistic outcome.
If it is too good to be true the masses will believe it. Greed does funny things to us and shifts our focus from reality. However I am not recommending that you stretch the truth just that you find a benefit and blow it up.

Colonel Sanders says, “shut up and take my money” because the whole family will have a party for just a few dollars. It is not about the fat filled chicken it is about lifestyle and how you will feel providing for the group.

Apple has never sold a phone. They are the most expensive on the market by a long shot and come with less facilities than a Samsung.
Yet they sell more communication tools than anyone else because they flog the benefits.

Tesla set out to make an electric vehicle, one that would help the worlds environment by getting rid of petrol guzzling cars. The early buyers of the roadster bought an inferior vehicle because it offered change.

Now that has become folk law in a way that EV is the way to go what ever the price. Buyer are kicking in tens of thousands of extra dollars to have a battery added to a Hybrid option.
This is not about a far better car in fact the one model offered a 60 Klms battery drive hardly enough to get to town yet they sold out.

Buyers are contributing to the cleaner environment.

In a pandemic selling needs to be smarter

Best way to promote your business is with great benefits that bring feelings not content

Look at feelings not content

Sketchers shoes promote Style and comfort not price and product.

My local fish shop has line caught fish, not any old fish but no different.

The local pie shop has Winner of the best Pie award nit what's in it

We can go on but by now you will be getting the idea.

What are the benefits

How will it make them feel

What will help them live the dream.

Write down as many as you can and then play on the words to come up with a plan.

I started with a very old cigarette ad. A pretty girl, a desert scene and the worlds most popular cigarette, what more could you want. Maybe Cancer but that's another story

Best way to promote your business is with great benefits and my wrap.


You will understand that marketing is an art form that needs some deep thinking to emulate the experts. They know what they are doing ( well the good ones anyway) so copy when you can by changing the words but not the idea.

Sometimes it is trial and error to find the solution because you don't have a million dollars to spend on a test campaign.

However good marketing will increase your results many times over.

Best way to promote your business is with great benefits by Peter Hanley

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