Free Traffic to Affiliate Links (How to avoid the mistakes I made)

Free Traffic to Affiliate Links and how to avoid the mistakes I made. Every click should be money so understanding the rules is essential.

No, not really, except that you need to get a payback from either one to enjoy the benefits. Free ones may take you longer and a lot more work however the return is all yours. When you pay for a click you certainly need some sales to justify the expenditure.

Money in less money out equals a return. if it is negative it is time to think about it.
The term Affiliate Marketing would cost you $5.30 for every click. (Uber suggest). That is not sales that is clicks. So if one in say eight subscribe you have a cost of over $40 a subscriber.

However if your return over a period is more than this then it is worthwhile.
If you are new to this leave it well alone for awhile however for the more experienced it is simply mathematics

Off course some Affiliates pay better than others. Amazon may now pay you a paltry 2% on most products which makes it pretty hard unless you are selling big ticket items.
I like commissions that are paid monthly on a recurring basis like Wealthy Affiliate where you may get $24 a month for the life of a client.
However many don't stay in any product for long so it is only experience that can guide you.
There are literally millions of affiliate opportunities in just about any product you can think of.
However choose one that has market acceptance, demand and a good return as your number one choice.

One is never enough and that saying really fits in here. You can have as many affiliate links as you want on the proviso that you can do them justice. I limit myself to about eight products that are closely associated with My small business marketing niche. That way I can get a good balance and a reasonable volume of clicks.

Choosing your time to offer a product

Timing is essential and that can apply with your affiliate products when you go to market.

First of all we have four seasons that have very different needs. You will never sell Snow Shovels at the beginning of summer nor thin jogging shirts at the peak of winter.

What's more we have festive seasons where great opportunities are available.

then there is Black Friday an internet dream when products move faster than any other time.

So Pick your product and match your timing to achieve greater success.

Good SEO is the starting point

Nothing in the internet world works without good Search engine Optimisation. Being an affiliate is no different because you need to be seen to sell. Keywords, Headlines, offers, and structure all count in being found. The most important is keyword use and that is why I wrote a lot more on this issue.
SEO is about many things however it starts with a Keyword and your headline. Without having these correct you simply won't be read.

Consistency is the first objective

If you do a promotion once and it does not work then try again. Building a brand takes time and your brand is carried in everything you do. Overtime you will gain a following and traffic will not be a problem. A brand may just be your name (as I do) or a pseudonym that you choose, it matters not. What matters is consistency

Using forums to advance your opportunities

Some will excel at this and some will hate it however it does get results. Posting on Quora is easy and you will get lots of requests however too many links and you will get banned, don't say I didn't warn you.
i included this because it is heavily promoted but it is not my favourite way. I have and still occasionally post on Quora so I cant knock it.
Parlar is another among many you can use

Having a data base of followers

If you read nothing else on this page read these couple of paragraphs.
First of all a data base of contacts is like gold. You can use it often and it still retains a real value a value that you can bank.
These are picked up from everything you do and kept in a manner that can be used to contact them.
However not every contact is real or of use particularly when gained in ways that should not be used. Black lists may hold little or any real value however those real names cultivated over time by the many ways to market are invaluable.

Off course Social Media is always a winner

You can advertise, gather followers, post articles do lots of stuff on all the advertising mediums named as Social Media. The first was Facebook that is still growing after all these years right through to TiK Tok the latest trend in instant media. It is interesting that each of these has generally a age based following. look at Facebook that started out as University students, went to the younger set and ended with an older demographic of followers.
This is a long subject however an important one for you to be placed in front of your demographic.

Free Traffic to Affiliate Links by writing blogs.

Blogging is an easy way to results

What is a blog? Well buddy you are reading one right now and somewhere on this page will be a contact form to give me your email address and name so I can add you to my data base. However the purpose is to educate you like a book would only in a lot less words,
There are literally millions of bloggers and for those that like to write a great place to be. However it takes time to grow a following but once there a powerful form of affiliate marketing.

If it was too easy everyone would be doing it

Affiliate marketing may be the best job in town however it takes some time to gather an audience.
Many will jump in and out believing it is not worth while whilst those that stay the distance will reap the results.
There are many roads that lead to success. You can choose several at the same time to ply your wares on the market.
Success comes to those that apply the rules and training is the answer.
Trust in your self and your future will be filled with financial rewards.

My final words

Using multi media will assist your promotion in different ways and then ramp up those links that provide the best results.
In fact if the analytics are favourable this could be the time to look at paid advertising to complete the package.
A positive return on investment is the basis for extended marketing and much higher income.

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