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Make a blog site

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The greatest thrill is how to make a blog site and get it read. However, there are rules to follow and tricks to use to give you a chance in a challenging area

Everyone on Google is looking for information to solve a problem or better their life. When we want to know something our first objective is to try and find it on the internet.

You will start by typing in a keyword that applies to the subject. It may be a one-word Key or a much longer phrase that narrows down the target to be more specific. This may be in the product, use or location.

What are you going to blog about?

There are probably millions of blog headings in any conceivable subject, so you need to be different.
It is easy for a brand to be read be it a product or a person. If Katie Perry blogged about her racy life, she was going to get read. First of all, she is a well-known brand and secondly, sex sells so she has a head start.

Food blogging is one of the better-used areas of writing. Heston Bloomfield, writing on the best Fillet mignon, will get read: “He is a brand and he refers to popular food group or product.

You have no brand, yet anyway, and no following, so what do you do?

To start a blogging journey

You need a domain name and a host, pretty simple stuff. If you need to know more, we can go back to the start and get that setup.

If you are using the current domain we will continue to use it by logging in and doing the post.

Every blog is a new Keyword

There are seven things you need to do to start the journey.

  • pick your page name
  • Then choose your keyword
  • Plus, your description of 160 characters
  • Select a category
  • include your tags
  • A featured image
  • Do your headings

Now you are ready to start the journey.

The last two items above are optional but will really help your writing.
I find that by running out 15-20 headings it makes it a lot easier to fill in the writing and follow a logical sequence.

The writing sequence is important as you want to describe a problem that exists, you then expand the problem before you find an opportunity to fix it.
However, there will be a conflict before you enter a solution.

Writing for a blog

The art of storytelling in a blog

We want to be entertained and not spoken down to. Your aim is to lift us high on your shoulder and keep us reading to the very end because it is good for our blog and great for the reader.

I recently wrote a blog on saving a business from failing by instituting some basic ingredients to grow the company under a manager and not a worker.

Instead of saying do this and this I invented two people to be the stars.
Ben was the business owner and the coach I called the Cool Dude, young with a Goaty beard and a bundle of attitude.

It was an interesting journey to take Ben out of a working role and engage in marketing to grow the business.

We explained to Ben that a business that is managed is easy to sell, whereas a just work business is hard.

We stepped through ways to grow and came up with real solutions that satisfied the readers.
The story was based on an actual case but I used actors to emphasise the result. I then linked the story to my email base to get greater readership and click on my links.

My neighbour has a very lucrative lighting business that revolves around her expertise. We recently discussed selling and the only answer was she would walk away from her business and close it down because it could not be sold.

Writing and blogging

We are writing for a purpose and in most cases, that purpose is to make money while having fun>
You will earn money in two ways as you go forward.

  • Use links to products in your post
  • Having advertising in the post

In fact, why not have both?

You can have links from day one but advertising only starts when you have a few thousand followers.

However, you may just be a patriotic writer of interesting material and wanting to gain a following by organic methods.

I admire you, trusting success will come your way.

Get your blog read.

Seo and Keywords are just one way of promotion and there are many others.

Social media is certainly one of them as you ply your links on FaceBook or Instagram, even Twitter or LinkedIn to gather a crown begging for your words.

You can pay for advertising as well, but does that sit with your endeavour to change the world in words?

YouTube is the new formula for followers. It can be searched nearly as often as google and watched for much longer. It can bring a following to you in a short time.
People search for; How to, best way ideas for, on all different topics and you can back up your posts with pictures linking them together.

The art of filming has got a lot easier with the I-pad, I-phone era as you can dash off a suitable product in minutes and not days.

For a more professional approach, I use the people at Content Samurai where you can do a Video with pictures, video, music and voice in about an hour and have it working on YouTube.

They will even teach you how to script write your spiel for better results.
I have organised a week's free trial for you where you can bash out videos for 7 days, save them on youtube at no cost.
It should grab a few followers.

Obtaining the names of followers

Why, you may well ask, do you want to know who your gallery is?

The purpose is to send them special promotions, make sure they never miss a blog and keep in contact.
We do this by having a capture box on your site. Give us your name and email and we will send you the world's best food recipe at no charge.
They are then yours forever and have real-world value.
The capture boxes are in WordPress apps, A Weber (paid) monster insights etc.

Getting feedback

This is an important ranking factor and adds to the value of your blog. At Wealthy Affiliate, we have a way of requesting valued feedback in a way that promotes your site in the best possible way. However, you can simply ask for it in your blog or get family and friends to contribute. It matters how many good comments you can produce.

The conclusion to make a blog site

My suggestion is to get your site up and going and start writing. It won't happen overnight and you can always come back and upgrade your early posts later.
You are not going to win an award when you start but you need to start anyway so get in the driver's seat and press go.

You will obtain a heap of self-confidence and really enjoy the journey as you go forward,

How to make a blog site by Peter Hanley

Make a blog site
Peter Hanley

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You cant let an offer like this go by.

You cant let an offer like this go by.