How Easy is Affiliate Marketing and Can Anyone Do It

How easy is affiliate marketing and can anyone do it and make money? While it is not a get-rich-quick system it is a get-rich way of life

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Getting rich by selling for others

How Easy is Affiliate Marketing and Can Anyone Do It

Once upon a time, there were the door-to-door encyclopedia salespeople. The sale was education They sold a product that they did not own or backup but got paid for their service.

Then came the Electrolux guy that sold a way of life, 100 easy payments on a new Vacuum Cleaner that would make life so much easier. They sold your lifestyle and got paid for it.

Nowadays you get placed with a Cryptocurrency broker to find ultimate riches and they get paid for recommending you.

Affiliate marketing has been around forever and all we did was change the name.
You sell someone else's product, get paid, and move on to the next sale. You don't own a product, deliver it, support it or even care once the sale has been made.
Then you can get paid in one big hit or in dribs and drabs as your client continues their regular payments.

Your job is to do the door knocking and sell the dream, or in today's words open the internet door and sell the dream.

Are there many affiliate opportunities

There are millions of opportunities in every product you can think of with all companies waiting for a salesperson.

Affiliate marketing has become so popular that companies are set up to handle the payment and processing of many sellers and ensure the transactions are done properly. It is outsourcing the handling of the processes behind the sale.
these companies include;

  • ClickBank.
  • ShareASale.
  • CJ Affiliate.
  • Awin.

And another low key group like:

  • JV Zoo
  • Warrior plus

And of course, those that chose to deal direct;

  • Wealthy Affiliate
  • Jaaxy
  • Generate Press
  • Amazon

Plus any amount of opportunities found by typing into Google a Niche, leave a space, affiliate

There is lighting that you can't sell on the internet and get paid for it, the challenge is choosing the right one.

Do you need experience to be an affiliate?

How Easy is Affiliate Marketing and Can Anyone Do It

Ok, we will go for a yes and no answer. It depends on the seller.
let's face it everyone wants a great salesforce so proof of ability will often be a pre requisite to being chosen. However, in some cases, the seller will be prepared to train you along the way and develop your abilities. They then get a long-term dedicated member.

An understanding of the business will place you in front of most. It has a learning curve so taking advantage of that will bring results sooner than later.

One company specifically aiming at that end of the business is Wealthy Affiliate. A complete training package that covers everything you will ever need. Furthermore, they let you try a package before taking any money from you.
The top earners for Wealthy Affiliate can all be contacted to confirm that this is a positive environment for both the inexperienced and the professionals. It is a very open and honest approach the getting the best out of affiliate marketing.

Do Affiliate companies make money

Affiliate marketing is really a sales funnel paid on results. This is instead of using other forms of paid advertising in the hope of achieving results.
As a global market, it is getting harder, and more expensive to canvas new customers across the major countries.
Paying out a success commission must be in front by a long way.

I just did a review on a small loan company in Australia. They are extremely successful however their Adwords spend is up to $300, 000 a month plus Facebook and Instagram costs
That is big bickies however it is paying off for them.

That money would keep a lot of affiliates in groceries for the month.

Being an affiliate is easy

The only pressure to perform comes from your needs and you can apply yourself any way you wish.
However, the great results go to the hard workers that know what they are doing. Therefore it is your choice the path you chose to travel.

How Easy is Affiliate Marketing and Can Anyone Do It

Can you be an affiliate for more than one company?

You certainly can and in fact, it is recommended you do just that. Having all your eggs in one basket can lead to disaster so balancing a few good companies to partner with gives you some security.

However, your associations should be following a general trend so you are marketing to a fixed niche and not trying to be everyone for anyone.

However different websites may chase different target markets and that is ok. I would suggest that you don't spread yourself too wide and lose focus and do nothing well.

How Easy is Affiliate Marketing and Can Anyone Do It

Again I confuse the issue with a yes/ no answer. I understand some do when they think they may get a better deal by going direct. This is generally not the case however it can be easily resolved.

The simple solution is to not disclose the link details. Companies like Pretty Links mask the link with other words so that no one will know where they are headed.

Using your online stats will give you a pretty good handle on this. You can see who and how many are clicking through to make a determination based on figures.

The problem is with the site you are referring people to. Going to Wealthy affiliate would appear that there would be no advantage going direct. However, Cheap Dan's traffic supply may offer an advantage.
Most affiliates offer the best solution because they know the business so follow them when you can.


No business can equal the opportunities that affiliate marketers supply.

  • You have no stock to buy
  • Billing and collections are done by others
  • Customer service has its own portal
  • Being paid monthly is so easy
  • Many avenues to market are available
  • Full training programs can be accessed
  • You can build a saleable business

If you can find a better job can you let me know because I want to?

How Easy is Affiliate Marketing and Can Anyone Do It by Peter Hanley

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