How to become an affiliate marketer

How to become an affiliate marketer and make tons of money sitting on a beach. Life isn't that good, however, we can make the journey to success easier.

Developing a business and a lifestyle

An affiliate is an internet salesperson delivering sales opportunities to a supplier and being paid for the effort.

  • You might get paid a commission for a sale
  • Also, the payment for a click
  • Even a bundle of clicks
  • Then advertising on your site.

You can be an affiliate for one company or many companies even competing entities.

Your choices are wide and varied.

If you sell a book on Amazon you might make $0.50 if you sell an insurance package on Amazon it could be $300.

When you sell a monthly plan and share part of that every month, you can really build a sustainable business.
This is recurring billing and will apply to many businesses.

Suppose you paid into a training program that cost you $50 a month. There is every chance the introducing affiliate could earn $25 of that and get paid every month.
Furthermore, consider when the affiliate has introduced a hundred clients and gets $2500 a month. This is your sit on the beach and make money time.

Learning to be an affiliate

There is a truth in life that you must understand what you want to do before doing it.
You learn to drive a car, ride a skateboard and even read a book before you dare take it to the extremes.

Learning the basics of affiliate marketing is, therefore, the starting blocks of your journey.

Imagine, if you will, going to a company and asking to be their affiliate.
Mr. Company says ok then, tell me how you will market our product and your answer will be?

Therefore you must have a website and be able to build some traffic as proof of competence. It can be a blog, a funnel or a website however it must show that you have some industry knowledge.

For beginners, the best place is at Wealthy Affiliate. They teach you the trade, show you ways to build a website and manage keywords and SEO. What's more, you start for free and there are no nasty surprises.

Over two million members will shout about the abilities of Wealthy Affiliate.

Are there still affiliate opportunities?

How to become an affiliate marketer

Let me start with an example that will blow your mind with opportunity.

We all have a niche or area in which we are interested and would like to work in that direction. Now insurance is probably one I would stay away from but that is personal. However, say we pick the insurance industry and wonder where to start. Go to Google and type in Insurance. Leave space and then add the word affiliate. In front of you will be endless examples of affiliate opportunities.

Pick any industry and do the same and you will see that companies worldwide are adopting this marketing method.

The biggest is Amazon, a monster company that markets with affiliates and pays small commissions because it can. It is easy to learn and easy to set up an account. However, if you don't perform you are dismissed as early as three months into the journey.

In addition, a blog post takes about nine months to be accepted as trustworthy by Google yet Amazon wants you on centre stage in just three months.

There are endless companies that promote affiliate opportunities and even some that let you start without a lot of experience.

They do this as a numbers game and if a thousand affiliates make one recommendation they have a thousand opportunities to convert. At 10% that's a hundred sales.

You may get paid or you may have to reach a certain level of sales before you get paid.

Sometimes I think this is a good training ground because by raw experience you learn good from the bad. However, it is at the high cost of your time and will often burn your enthusiasm.

Affiliate marketing is building an online business

Every business takes a bit of time and financial commitment to make it to the top. depending on your situation either can be applied to a greater or lesser degree.

There are affiliates making the magical $million a year on a regular basis and also those that will never make it.

All the ingredients are available.

  • Great basic training
  • An endless supply of opportunity
  • Magical online tools
  • Support networks
  • A variety of methods to market
  • A market that is unlimited at the top end

A word of warning for you at this early stage.

The get-rich-quick schemes will only work for promoters.
Wood ducks get burned so be warned and remember this every time you pull out your credit card, fully understand what you are doing before jumping into the fire.

Where do I start my affiliate journey?

First choose a niche, subject or product you would like to promote.
this does not have to be fixed in stone but it does help you choose a direction.

Secondly, decide on a method that will suit you and your online abilities.

Writing a blogBe prepared for the long haul
Building a funnelUsing keywords to effect
Establishing a webpageDriven by WordPress
Using Social mediaChoose one to start
Sending emailsBuilding a client list
Telephone callingOld and Faithful

The reason for your choice is that you can not be a master of everything. Each one has a learning curve and you are far better served specialising in one. Home business ideas.

Yes as time moves on so will you and you will broaden your range based on an understanding of your target audience. In fact, I do all of these at different times with different results. Would I choose just one?
It would really depend on the market I was wanting to open.

You can't telephone canvas without a product, you can't email without a list so you really need to find your starting point and build a structure.

My online business is about helping small businesses develop new skills so I use blogging for that. This is one of hundreds of blog posts on my webpage.

I only recommend half a dozen affiliate programs that I know are honest and have the potential to return a regular income.

Marketing for seniors

Affiliate marketing is all about the links

A simple link can connect you to the world and return you wealth beyond your dreams. it will achieve this time and time again and last the presence of the years.

This is the one

This simple little paper clip provides a channel to the world. Called a Link, hyperlink or even anchor link, it takes your reader to a new page.

The one shown is a WordPress link however many varieties of the same will have a similar performance.
This is a tricky little buggar because you can hide it behind a picture or use it in a word. If you click on either the picture or the blue highlighted word it will take you to a new page, in this case, Wikipedia.

However, you will lose the reader to a new site unless you ask them to return.
This is ideal when sending them to an affiliate site where you want them to stay.

However, if it is a reference site like Wikipedia you want them back reading your article when they click exit. This simple trick will make a huge difference to your page and result in abandoned actions.

Where do you send your link?

The idea of affiliate marketing is to sell a product or service of another company. They have a sales funnel that will convert lookers to buyers and report back to you.
I recommend Wealthy Affiliate as a premium training site. Once you sign into the site I will be informed and we will start your training.

Or I hide it behind this image for those that get entranced by pictures. It is exactly the same link, just a different way of presenting it.

Importantly, you won't get sent anywhere without your action by clicking on something.
Furthermore, you won't get charged for anything unless you present your credit card and agree to pay.
Finally, it is a safe and reliable action used in the majority of posts and pages.

What are the best affiliate companies?

There is no real answer to this except to say there is.
You will want to connect with companies that have a great reputation and pay good percentages of the sale. The ones that you can expect to pay on a regular basis.

Also things that people want to buy. In many cases you can market high priced training packages with a commission in the thousands of dollars, but fools are scarce and sales volumes minimal.
On the other end are low value products that require thousands of sales to return a small margin.

There are several ways to earn money with affiliate marketing. Online training reviews a case study

My favourite is a recurring billing product

Most of my recommendations will be in this manner. I have been running businesses in this style for 30 years and have no intention to stop.

I have a messaging service that has a whole bundle of customers that pay every month and have done for over a decade. Yes it is a full time job but my income is not worked on todays activity. It rolls in every month because they have monthly subscriptions.

Wealthy Affiliate is like that. The pro product with web hosting training and support are monthly billed products of which I receive a percentage. Now my monthly percentage is maybe just $20 however a lifetime is many years working into thousands of dollars. Furthermore, as my base builds so does my monthly income.

Your own business ideas

The biggest is Amazon

How to become an affiliate marketer
Affiliate marketing

OK, you know about Amazon and probably had a look around at buying stuff and it's all pretty cheap and good. Many Amazon sales are made by affiliates who collect commissions.

RakutenManager of sites
Share a saleManager of sites
Lead pagesHigh end product
A-Weberevery day product
Constant ContactEmail product
Review sitesEveryday Products

If you Google the best affiliate sites you will find any number of opportunities listed. However, you need to find the ones that suit you and your interest group.

Review sites

With a bit of basic training, this can be a good starter position to capture early results.

  • Review a single product
  • Compare two products
  • Demonstrate a range of options

These are used all the time by viewers seeking an opinion on whether to buy or not buy a product.
In fact, I set out to buy some ear pods this week and wanted something cheaper than Apple ones at $250. I went to the store and glanced through the range and then went home and I searched for reviews.

The trick is to get an affiliate agreement before writing the review. One product, two or as many as you like. Not everyone buys the best-reviewed product. No doubt Apple buds are top of the line however at a third of the price I went for JBL.

However, these Earbuds are probably not the best to choose from and I have used them as an example only.

Moreover, this will emphasise the need for basic training to get the template just right. Training at Wealthy Affiliate does cover this and a lot more.

Better to start properly than waste time

There are so many waste of time products on the market. As new members, we often fall for numerous training programmes for instant cash.

If you want to be an affiliate, set your structure and use it for top-end products that are with recognised companies as your base.

It may take a bit more time to establish yourself, however, the long term benefits will be 10X

You can read endless stories from many in the market that have wasted time joining competitions promising riches for products that are useless.

My aim is to have you start high and then go up from there. Being a bottom dweller just gets you a bad brand and few readers that will follow you.

Blogging for money

how to become an affiliate marketer
For business and personal use

First of all, we all blog for money. Yes, we have an altruistic idea that complements our caring side but it takes a lot of time and effort to produce several hundred blogs and gather followers. The odd Link to earn a bit of money does not harm anyone.

Admittedly I don't use a lot of site advertising as income production. You can go to sites and adverts will pop up in every corner of the site. They will slow the page down and annoy the hell out of you however good content will still be read.

I will have a fixed advert on most pages, it is a Wealthy Affiliate banner that will link you to their site.

Blogging is a career, part-time pursuit or hobby but requires consistency to achieve success.

Set your plan when you start

You must have a direction to make a sustainable income. This will include a timeline and cost basis that is achievable.

I expect my blog to attract large visitor numbers after 18 months of production and over 400 blog posts. The cost will be about $800 and I expect an income return of $5000 a month. It is a written plan and I can review it on a daily basis against the results.

Gee, 18 months is it worth while? My estimate is two hours a day to build a business that will last for years, you would have to think that is a great prospect.


This is a great industry and anyone can turn it into money.

However everything takes time and there are no instant wealth schemes.

Furthermore, I want to shorten your time by starting you on a journey that is planned and backed up with some training and the right tools.

Finally, I have given just a brief overview of the industry. If you wander off to other sites always remember to come back and rehearse the issues before racing off on a tangent.

How to become an affiliate marketer by Peter Hanley

how to become an affiliate marketer
Peter Hanley

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