Business growth and strategy




Business growth and strategy

What is your business growth and strategy for low seasons and improving your online visibility? Here we walk you through the must-do items for your business.

Every business has a quiet time during the life of the business or seasonal influences. It's how we handle these issues that stand us out from the crowd.

The very first thing that you should do is have a business plan that covers the year ahead.

You also need to look at the last few years to establish when your down times are. We all have them.

It could be Winter, Easter, Elections, or football finals all the events that stop people from buying.

However, we also have good seasons when people want to buy more products, Christmas, and Black Friday Seasons that suit our style of business.

There is an old saying that you should fish when the fish are biting. That is spending when the customers are buying and letting the low seasons look after themselves.

This is sound reasoning because you alone won't move a market.

If you are a new business this will come with a bit of guesswork but we can all pick when the peak times are.

So in your annual plan, target the good times and let the others roll along.

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Planning for extra business

Our annual plan is out-of-the-way so let's look at what else we can do to move those customers into action.

In this modern era, the world has changed and all the old ways are now outdated.

All you can do is move the market with a consistent and relevant touch.

There is a rule of 7. This rule goes back to the dark ages but says that people will buy from you after seeing your material seven times. You will see this on TV and Radio advertising where the same ad is shown many times, it's because we are thick and it does not sink in easily when our mind is elsewhere.

So you need to be in front of your potential clients in a consistent and creative manner.

I can see your head spinning saying “seven times this guy is nuts.”. It may be three, five, or even nine times but consistency is a real game-changer.

Social media is the first in line

Must use social media in your planning however you must do it properly and use channels that suit your business.

Half done media producers very few results so let's start the journey correctly and look at what is necessary and what is nice.

LinkedIn is a must-have.

All your details on LinkedIn with a great picture, good Bio, and a business story. This is a go-to venue when we want to know more about you and your business. If you are a professional there are marketing opportunities but for most of us, it is a Rolodex address.


Facebook is a bit like LinkedIn where it provides a window into your business. I often look at a Facebook page when I am researching a company or business with whom I want to do business.

It is also an ideal venue for advertising and re-targeting if and when you want to spend money.

There is a great function on FB where you can do your posts well into the future, this saves you time as you take a half-hour and post for a month ahead so every couple of days a new post.

A FB that is old and unattended for months or years is a real turnoff for anyone who wants to follow you. It is like a business closed signBusiness growth and strategy

Moving on from Facebook we need to decide what other media will suit you.


This is an interesting media due to its recent rise in popularity. Instagram was opened by Facebook and has had a heap of support in getting this to be a mainstream product.

Initially the demographic was a younger group but is now taken over by 18-45 females as a great target audience.

Because young mums use Instagram, the older generation follows widening the user base.

Instagram is a live story, unlike FB you cannot post ahead ( or be penalized) so you need to post anything from three times a day to weekly depending on your product or what you want to achieve.

I have a hairdresser that posts three times a day, everyday of the working week as her only media. This generates a full salon for weeks ahead at zero cost except for a few daily haircut shots.


Twitter is certainly taking hold of a mature market however it takes a bit more intellect to run this properly.


You should realize this is a must-do media for every business. newsletters are not sales tools but information product that informs and entertains. I have written more on Newsletters here.

YouTube video

YouTube is searched as often as Google and more than Yahoo and Bing as a search engine.

Necessary for your marketing tools to reach a huge audience and get them into your business. Great for how to do things, brand building, selling, or promoting a product.

Doing Videos has become a whole lot easier with Smartphones and low-cost video making equipment


This is just the tip of what you can do. First of all, you need a current list of all your customers and we talked about list building in a prior blog.

We have not done Emails and Autoresponders, SMS marketing Snapchat or other minor marketing channels. What we want to do is start you thinking along these lines.

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