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How to start a home-based business in 10 easy steps

How to start a home-based business in 10 easy steps. One that leads to a long term income stream to be proud off

Estimated reading time: 7 minutes

#1 Working from home step one

The first step is deciding what you want to do. I understand this is no easy task however it is important because you are picking a long-term future.

Working with peopleFor those that like close up and personal
Playing on the internetBuilding channels
WritingFor the bloggers
Social mediaChoose one and specialise
Affiliate marketingSelling for others
Selling productmarketing hardware
TrainingRunning training courses
Online storeBeing a shopkeeper
Running campainsThe organizers
Considering MLMHome-based but customer delivery
Add your sub-category

You need to keep your choice very narrow

The internet world is very big so narrowing down your choice provided much more opportunity for success. It will expand as you grow and that is part of the learning circle.
Those that own a niche have success much faster than the broad brush painters.

Every listing above contains so many sub-niches that all provide great opportunities for you to develop your skills. For instance, the internet comprises endless things to consider.

Buiding web pages
Starting a funnel
Learning SEO
Gathering advertising income
Building an online shop

These are just the tips of opportunities to explore. Just remember to do something for interest not for money, the order must be right.

#2 Learn the skills required to start a home based business

There is quite a lot to learn about the basics so take a bit of time early and save a lot later.
I made this mistake when I started a journey and had to go back and repeat a course that I considered I knew.
Doing small things properly will make a massive difference later.

At wealthy Affiliate, there are 284 free training modules and a further 220 for paid members.
These cover every subject you could ever need.

#3 Every thing starts with a web page

No matter what channel you choose to run with you will need a webpage. However, think about what you are going to the market with. It may be a private page or a business page or even bother if you are so inclined.

This site will cover what you do and a couple of extra pages.

  • About you page
  • Terms and conditions
  • Privacy rules
  • Affiliate disclaimer
  • Any others you want to include.

From this website, you can blog, post, make a shop, or list a range of opportunities you are promoting.

Under the above Wealthy Affiliate link is access to a free website.

How to start a home-based business in 10 easy steps with critical support

#4 The availablity of support is critical to success

This is one area that is really underestimated. First of all, support is only connected to a product and not the overall duties that you will have. For instance, hosting problems are different from WordPress problems and don't relate to plugin issues or other software used.

Spending hours searching Google for good answers is both time-consuming and difficult to find. That is why I use the forum at Wealthy affiliate (available free) where you can ask any question and someone will pick it up.

With over a million members one of them will have experienced the same issues as you.

#5 The internet is invisable

The internet does not discriminate so If you are looking for excuses of age, race, religion, color or preferences know one needs to know.

Therefore you can delete this from your excuse book right away. I know of teens and those well into their eighties still working magic so you can do it.

How to start a home-based business in 10 easy steps to make money

#6 Can you still make money working from home

How to start a home-based business in easy steps

The answer is naturally positive and in fact, the earnings are unlimited when you get it right.
A million a year, a hundred thousand or a few dollars will depend on what you do.

it is important to remember that setting up a business takes time and there are really no free meals. Instant money is for those that have spent a lot of time building a structure that can deliver results.

Therefore understand that this is a long-term journey s choose something you really love doing and the money will follow.

#7 Long term planning is a key element when working from home

When you have made the decision on your future then that is the time to sit down and write it out. I don't believe in going out too far because things change along the way and so will your plan. However, two years is a great start and forecasting will not be too taxing.

Furthermore, I recommend a daily cash flow for the next 12 months using a simple excel spreadsheet.

You will need some funds along the way and planning for those shortages is essential in good management. I like to overproduce my expenses and under anticipate my sales to create a more maneagble area.

#8 Staying true to your dream

As we learn more we tend to want to roam further from the journey we are on. Taking little side tracks and easier paths that offer a quicker result. Don't worry about this because it is natural however stay true to your plan over all else.

Focussing on a single destination and applying all your abilities to that journey will win the race. No one is Jack of all trades it is those that specialize that win the race.

Google, Facebook, Tesla, and Apple have stayed true to their goal and have risen to the top of the tree.

#9 No business is built in a day

For many years Amazon was a book shop. Or more precisely an Affiliate marketer. Selling products belonging to someone else and earning a small commission. Starting in 1994 it remained with books for the first four years.

They grew amongst a huge amount of skepticism that they would ever succeed

Gradually Amazon added more products and continued to expand the range however it would take nearly fourteen years to start returning a regular profit.

Bezos is now one of the richest men in the world but still remains a simple affiliate marketer.

Amazon has remained true to its original plan and stuck to a single path to success.

#10 Conclusion

I can't choose life for you, that is your sole responsibility however I trust we have added some tools and logic on which you can base your future.

Your future may well choose you. I never thought of being a blogger however it now controls my life to all else as I write away every day.

Let the winds of change take your life and settle down to doing the work to meet the end.

Bezos took four years to get any traction, steve Jobs was sacked as well Elon Musk however, they believed in what they were doing and stayed the distance.

It will not be overnight but when you look back the time taken will be very short.

Remember ” Giving up is not an option”

How to start a home-based business in easy steps by Peter Hanley

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You cant let an offer like this go by.

You cant let an offer like this go by.