Amazon what to sell?

Amazon, what to sell? The question should be Amazon don't be a seller and save your time doing something productive. They must really hate affiliates.

Amazon slashes affiliate commissions.

Affiliate commissions at Amazon have been low for a long time and the terms of trading really suck. But they have gone to a whole new level of belt-tightening on commissions.

I don't want to be negative about this as for years I have suggested Amazon as a good starter product to learn internet selling. Yes, it has had its problems but we managed to live with them in the hope of making money.

For example, just last week Furniture allowed an 8% commission rate on all sales. Most importantly this is a low figure but a thousand dollar chair made you $80 so it may have been worth the effort.

Subsequently and from today that same sale will make you $30, therefore a real game changer

Another Amazon problem

Amazon cookies have a 24-hour shelf life. If your referred buyer does not take the opportunity within 24 hours, the customer will return to Amazon. No one else I know could get away with such a ludicrous term.

Finally, you build a site and load it with products referring to Amazon. The buyer decides to wait a day and then logs directly into them and pays money. Your commission is lost.

And there is more.

If you don't make a sale within three months your account is closed.
When you start out in this industry there is a lot to learn and it takes a while to get traffic flowing and hence buyers spend. I have had this happen to me a couple of times as I attempt different marketing trials.

Likewise, you can't sell to family and friends to earn money. Amazon tracks this and doesn't pay any commission on these sales, a starting position for any new player.

Furthermore, they have increased pricing on many products and the same things can be bought locally at a better price. Moreover, while they have a convenience position this will not last all that long

My problem with the Amazon changes

First of all, as affiliates, we spend a whole bundle of time learning a craft and setting up sites to reflect on Amazon. Certainly hours of training and site costs that are often a life's work and future income required to live.

You will understand that this has been done in the middle of the Covid crisis and this is a time when many of us want an income just to live.

People like you have a huge investment in this however the ship has now hit the sand and it's not funny.

To be fair, yes, you can still make money and just accept the situation and ride the distance. Will Amazon do a backflip? I believe it is a possibility when buyers depart the scene and someone recognises what they have done.

But there again I still believe in the Easter bunny so maybe I am delusional.

Importantly, we consider Amazon what to sell and your position.

What position can you take?

If you have invested in Amazon and have an established role I would suggest you let it ride the distance and accept the pennies that flow your way.

However, I would put all the skills learned in a new direction and with someone that respects you more than they do.

Newbies find a better supplier and save your time and money.

Other supply options

If you have an Amazon background I am sure you will find acceptance among these few suggestions of ethical competitors with much better margins.

However, this is just the peak of a very large list of companies looking for good affiliates. Nearly every major organisation has an affiliate program and many of the minor ones as well.

Other income options

Above all else, if your boat can't be floated by Amazon, where else can you launch all your skills?

Moreover, I am a firm believer in the recurring billing industry where a sale continues to pay you over time. The amount every month for the life of the customer.
My fixation follows many years of running businesses just like this.
The principal benefit is that you can build a business that has a real value based on history.
Meanwhile, in month one you may have a customer that pays $20 a month but by month 12 say 40 customers paying $20 or $800 a month. Yes, some will fail but others will thrive as you build.

Furthermore, if you have two bases doing the same thing you are both protected from failure and promised double the income. It's a sitting on the beach lifestyle as your bases grow.

Beware of scam products

Most importantly you should only use products that are legitimate and have a history of success.
In addition, don't let bright shining profits lure you into the trap of paying money to get more. Believe me, these are everywhere and waiting to take your money and deliver disappointment.

As you move away from Amazon, consider your options carefully and make a plan for the long term future.

What are the best recurring income products?

Web hostingWealthy affiliate
Backup companiesAmazon (haha). Cloud services
Email deliveryConstant Contact
Video makingMaking and storing
Training sites and coursesLots of opportunities
Software Program SASSelling SDAS as a product or as
an affiliate
Service and retainersMonthly billing services
Product SubscriptionsMen's monthly shaver deal
and many more

Certainly, this is a list of a range of ideas that you can become involved in. Therefore, choose one or all of them depending on your customer profile. In fact, I still do most of these and earn a five-figure income.

So where is best to start an affiliate program?

I unashamedly recommend Wealthy Affiliate as a must for anyone seeking a regular income. As a five year subscriber, I run all my websites through them, complete all the training and am a top performer in the community forum.
You can start the affiliate program from day one even as a free subscriber.

Not only do you learn with them and earn money, but they will also introduce you to other affiliate programs that have got a tick of approval.

Keyword tools are a must for everyone

Amazon what to sell?

You and everyone involved with Internet marketing must have a very deep knowledge of keywords. These are the differences between being read or being ignored. You must understand competition and page placement in everything you do. It is not nice to do itis a must-do.

I have written about Keywords but you can try them for free at Jaaxy who also have an affiliate program. Jaaxy is owned by one of the Wealthy Affiliate directors.

Above all, Jaaxy is the industry's only keyword and research platform that was developed by affiliate marketers FOR affiliate marketers. There is an incredible number of hands-on processes that are very time consuming when it comes to your business. Keywords and competition research can now be a breeze!

With Jaaxy you are getting the most advanced yet useful platform in the world for managing all aspects of keywords, websites, competition, and market research. In addition, you will need it for any internet activity you are involved with.

Amazon what to sell with video

Amazon what to sell?
Above all a must do.

Video is the new darling of the internet

You can make a video with an iPhone. iPad or any combination of picture and sound equipment.

However there are rules you need to follow, just like written posts, so that you are seen.

If you are unsure of what to do, use an online service that does all the heavy lifting for you to present a professional video with sound and voices.

If you are unsure have a read of their free book that will lead to a free trial where you can make as many videos as you want in 7 days and keep them for ever.

What do you make a video about?

  • How to do things is very popular
  • Sales and marketing
  • Branding your business
  • Entertaining and marketing
  • The stories are very strong.
  • For use on Social media

    This may be a new learning curve, however, it will put you ahead of the market.

My final input on the Video building is that Content Samurai has a great affiliate program that can earn you a regular income.

Training to make an online income

First of all, training at Wealthy Affiliate covers most aspects of your internet journey, but if you want a more hands-on approach and a faster road to the end, you may like my mate Roy Carter. Roy who lives on an island in the middle of the Pacific and has escaped from London to live the ideal lifestyle. He puts up with a few cyclones and catches a boat to go to the local Restaurant.
But Roy takes the journey with you to find wealth – a shorter journey than travelling solo.

However, be warned, Roy will give you a full run down of what he is about and may not accept you into the fold unless you have a chance of success.

Finally, fast-tracking your learning comes at a small cost but at a cost that will be returned many times over. Roy Carter a personal invitation.

Amazon what to sell when the margins disappear

Can you earn money with Email marketing?

Email marketing is the most direct and cheapest form of marketing on the internet.

It certainly works today as well as it ever did before and will continue to grow in leaps and bounds.

However, if you are not involved in this you are missing out big time.

Reminder emailsAn every day item
Single sales emails
Follow every lead
Bulk emailsMail your list
Autoresponder emailsAny new enquirey
NewslettersMost important
Affiliate opportunitySelling email services
Constant Contact

There is a lot that can be done with email at the very least for your own customers. You can teach email marketing and provide local services. Write newsletters and create autoresponders.

Certainly, the best training and services are available at Constant contact where for just a few dollars following your free trial you have access to every part of the service.

Consequently, I email most days and send a newsletter every week to a list of 10,000. This list keeps my customers informed and creates regular sales opportunities.

Meanwhile, just last week I was watching a video presentation by a well-known speaker who asked his audience if they had been receiving his emails? In short, the answer, of course, was a resounding yes.
He then asked how many had been getting emails from him for a period of greater than12 months, again a large response.
His answer was a simple ” they have a long shelf life don't they”.

They had been following him for over a year before making a commitment.

I also find this is the case. One day you just hit a hot spot and a new buyer emerges from the mire.
Therefore learn the game at Constant contact and never come back.

Blogging is a great choice

how to become an affiliate marketer
Certainly a way of life

Above all else, I enjoy writing blogs. It fulfils my creative side and may just help a small business or online marketer somewhere along the line.

On the other hand, it is a slower approach to income however it takes many months to build a following.

However, you are building a business that can pay handsome dividends over a long period. Furthermore, it can contain as many affiliate links as you wish, therefore creating a diversified income spread.

Importantly, you could also add Amazon advertising to your page to grow your low commission sales.

Consequently, your increased sales provide that return that you were getting prior to the down turn.

Finally, Amazon may see the error of their ways in post COVID times and you are back in business. We can only hope.
How to market on the internet


If Amazon does not provide the opportunities you are seeking, then diversify.
I don't recommend trashing all the effort you have put in. Therefore accept the reduced commission and trust that time will grow your sales.

Furthermore, spread the eggs into a few different baskets so that one calamity is not a tragedy.

First of all my advice is don't try spreading your efforts too widely.
Establish one new idea before moving on.

Secondly, pick the tools to suit your market. Identify what your readers want and provide a solution to their needs.

Finally, enjoy the returns and always invest some for the future of your business.

Certainly and above all else, enjoy the journey and plan to win the race.

Amazon what to sell by Peter Hanley

Amazon what to sell
Peter Hanley

Finally Amazon what to sell is a wake-up call to diversify your offerings

my PS, always remember Black Friday shopping

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