What is Affiliate Marketing Income Potential

What is affiliate marketing income potential? An easy business to start with little financial investment and unlimited returns

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Affiliate marketing explained

A beginners guide to the best affiliate marketing

If you ever wanted to be a door-to-door salesperson this was the role they
carried out.

For example, the encyclopedia salespeople sold a long-term subscription
for companies like Webster or Britannica Encyclopedias.
You never bought the whole lot you got a new one every month and a small
bill that your parents could manage. The salesperson copped a big commission
and everyone was happy.

Now swap that door for an internet page and you can sell your encyclopedias
or any of a million other products available to you at any time and bag a commission.

There is no magic it is just a new marketing focus.

The internet has made selling a lot easier

You can sit at home in your pajamas and pedal products all day long without
ever talking to a single person.
Furthermore, if you have no physical products to put into stock, you will do
no billing and even customer service are handled by others.

Can life get better than that?

Is affiliate marketing a full-time career?

The beauty of this internet career is that you decide all the when and where
decisions to suit your lifestyle.

You could be part-time and working from home or right through to having an
office and hiring all sorts of personal assistants to help bring in sales.

The only limitations are something good to sell, an Internet connection, and
your contribution in time. (maybe a small amount of money).

Is affiliate marketing a scam?

Affiliate marketing is a worldwide occupation that covers a whole range of
products and services for companies wanting to promote their goods.
This has been enhanced recently with the growth of online shopping, a new
generation experience that will continue to grow in leaps and bounds.

Like anything in life, there will be bad operators and those wanting to rip
you off so using caution and proper research you can stay well clear of this.
Always be cautious when people want you to pay more and more to get
what you want.

Why do companies have affiliates and not

It is a low-cost way to gather business. Compare this to the many
companies that have a whole sales operation and massive marketing
budget to spend on advertising.

Because the trading market is now worldwide having paid heads in
every city is just impossible. However, the commission salespeople
paid on performance are worthwhile.

Is Affiliate Marketing like Multi-Level

The answer is a resounding no, they bear no relationship to each other
and market in different ways.

Affiliate marketing


  • a) No product held
  • b) No money handled
  • c) No face-to-face
  • d) No debtors
  • e) No customer service
  • f) No training seminars
  • g) Not Pyramid selling
  • h) No obsolete stock
  • You need product
  • Taking payments
  • All face-to-face
  • Debtors
  • Customer service
  • Regular seminar attendance
  • Sometimes considered
    Pyramid selling
  • Stuck with non-selling items

I could go on further but you should be able to see the difference quite easily.

What is affiliate marketing income potential for quick money

Is affiliate marketing a quick way to make money?

What you should know about Wealthy Affiliate

Yes, Affiliate marketing may return quick dividends however it is more like
establishing a long-term business. The early sales to customers and friends
will soon dry up and a longer-term plan will need to be established.

Like any business, you will have the quick shot people and long-term plodders
both winning out in the long run.

Many influencing factors go into marketing and your job is to find an area
that suits you and work on that until you have the success you want.

How do you find affiliate companies to
work with

Every known product will have an affiliate opportunity of some kind.
You have the more well-known like Amazon and Walmart that trade
heavily with affiliates right through a whole gamut of opportunities.

I will suggest some good opportunities for you however start by typing
a product into a Google search, leaving a space, and then typing the
word affiliate.

How do you become an affiliate marketer?

There are varying degrees of acceptance levels depending on the company.

One section will just have you join the program and then you start your
selling career.

Others want to see what you have done before and the success you have
achieved before providing you with an opportunity.

Then places like Amazon start you right out of the blocks but sack you if
you don't get a desired level of sales in a short time. This trial period may
only be three months and the time passes very quickly.

Affiliate marketing is a career and to be successful you need to start with
a whole bundle of guidance and training so you don't get burnt out by overwork or poor results.

Marketing suggestions for a success

Take a free starter training course that teaches you all the basics and
sets you up for a future as a successful marketer.

Plus you become an Affiliate on day one so you are in the pay plan
straight away

Be aware of high-cost training programs that deliver little but keep you
paying out in hope of early success.

The owner of Wealthy Affiliate recently did a nice pitch on what they are
trying to achieve and you can read a training summary here.

This short video covers the four steps everyone needs to take when they
start this journey.

Others that I like are

BlueHost is a cheap but well-rated web hosting service

What is affiliate marketing  with Jasper

A new entrant is Jasper An artificial writer that does all the work for you.

AI is growing very fast and using a writer makes life a lot easier.


In fact, on the Wealthy Affiliate desktop, you can find hundreds of
opportunities that you will have entry to.


By now you should have a bit of an idea about affiliate marketing and
what it can do for you.

It is relatively easy to learn, the costs associated with it are minimal and
it can provide a prosperous future for you and your family.

What is affiliate marketing income potential by Peter Hanley

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  1. moses456

    I have been through MLM for 2 years, and I never made any single dollar, and it is totally different from affiliate marketing 100%.

    After I found affiliate marketing and studied I found out that I don’t need to talk to anyone, it is 100% achievable online, and this is what I looking for.

    But one of the downside that takes time until you make it a full time income, it takes minimum 3 years, and need investment of your time or your money to achieve this.

    However, there is no limit on affiliate marketing , you can make as much money as you want as long as you are working or investing, and it is a passive income.

    And selling other peoples products it is not the only way in affiliate marketing, there many ways to make money.

    Nice post by the way.

    1. Peter Hanley

      Thanks, Moses I appreciate the comment.

      Yes, I have seen many go through MLM only to come out the other side disappointed.
      A lot of time and money are spent for little return. If you like the razzamatazz they go on with it may be a nice way to fill in a day. LOL

      Your points on Afiliate marketing are well made.

      Many Thanks

      Peter H

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