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Blog post marketing

What is Blog post marketing and can it apply to you. When we want information we want it long form. A good post does this for you. Link it to better sales.

Every business should have a blog.

Your blog has many roles in life all designed around your needs.

You may write for a business, a product, a niche or an ideology however the needs are generally similar.

First of all you want as many people to read your stuff as possible. Hey, it takes time to construct good material and we are doing it for you so as many readers as possible please.

Next we write with a purpose in mind. Your blog is constructed to take people on a journey and that always needs a destination. It may be to answer a question, solve a problem, provide best advice however it comes with an issue and leaves with an answer.

Finally you would love to be rewarded for your work in some small way. This reward is part of your destination and will form a key element of your plan.

Planning your blog

Think before you write. What are you trying to achieve and what market will suit you best. Understand that it will take more than one attempt to gain fame and final rewards can be extremely lucrative.
Therefore this is a marathon so be ready for it.

How does blogging generate income.

There are many ways to find payback on a blog.

Charitable donationsFor those writing for others
Directly promoting a productYour own product
Affiliate programs and incomeSomeone else's product
SubscriptionsPaid product
AdvertisingThe big deal
Not just one way

Volume first income second

Unfortunately the volume of people that look and click on your site will take time to build organically or cost money with advertising.

How you do this will depend on what you want to achieve. The organic climb of a good blog is probably a twelve month journey however paying for clicks will cost you quite a bit of money. Again this comes back to a figure of outlay over return. If this figure is positive it is common seance to invest in the future.

It is however a trial and error process because clicks can be expensive. As an example my keyword is Blog post marketing where a click may cost $2.95 each. (Uber Suggest)

My Income routine

I rely solely on affiliate income where I recommend products and get paid if you buy one. In this case the traffic is only 40 views a month and unless I am on the first page I shall not get any attention at all.
The $2.95 is an advertising cost that is only for people to look at my site, we know that only a small percentage will buy so it may take 20 clicks for a subscriber or $59.00 cost.
When people click on an advert they are looking for something so the propensity to buy is increased greatly. My material really needs to be good to get those fingers clicking.

Most of my products are small monthly payments and long term income so the $59.00 could well be a great investment in a lifetime return in the $ thousands.

Keywords are the search reference tool

blog marketing with keywords

The importance of Keywords can not be under stated and with out a basic knowledge of this function your internet journey is doomed to failure.

You will understand that a Google search requires a key word. The longer that word the better the search result. In fact Keywords are most often now termed key phrases because we have had to adapt to an evolving challenges in finding what we want.

Your blog will be searched with Keywords unless you are either a famous author searched by name or a known brand that is in desire.

Every Keyword has two important elements and those are the volume of traffic and the amount of competition.Your aim is to have less of both.

Searching Keywords for a marketing blog

The first thing you need to do is when writing a blog is to search your Keywords. I use four different services for this ever time i want to write.

The first is simply Google. see who else is playing in the game and what they are on about, great for getting extra words as well.

Next I go to Wealthy Affiliate for their research tool that will provide some great ideas to work on.
There is also training on this as well.

Then I use Uber suggest to back up my ideas. This is a bit more complicated until you do some basic training as well.

My last is the professional tool at a site owned by Wealthy Affiliate.

What you are looking for are words that you can match so do your research and d it properly.

Blog post marketing and you.

Anyone can write a blog

We can all read and write and with products like Grammarly help us with spelling and punctuation

The format is pretty simple so have a look in Google at some of your keywords and see what others are doing. How they write, the headings they use and pictures to get an idea.

Blogging is many things to many people.

I think of it as therapy, my inner self can flow much better than my verbal barrage.

Some consider it as art. Something beautiful to construct.

It can be a sales tool measured by results

Branding comes to the fore with a great blog

As a result you will get Increased SEO for those in need.

more on content for you.

Rules around blogging and how to start?

No rules are fixed but let's look at some that make a difference,

Length of a Blog +/- 1500 wordsAs low as 350 and up to 5000
Less than 300 words in a paragraphShort and sharp
Max 25 words in a sentencekeep them interested
Add some relevant picturesEye candy
Have some formattention, interest, desire ,action
Good size fontMaybe some color
Post at minimum weeklyIt is a marathon
a basic blog structure

Plan your blog marketing to a result

Writing down a plan and carrying it out will get the rewards you want. In fact it may just give you many benefits that come with your perceived goal. When you set out to sell product branding will follow. With volume advertising may generate income. It is a broad product spread.

Make sure you analyse your results and use the answers to grow your business


Blogging is a useful and very successful tool when used correctly. It also has the ability to stand the test of time and not be instantly wasted like a lot of advertising.

It will blend with websites and emails and can be used as a direct mail piece when required.
With the careful selection of Keywords, some structure and great content it will not fail you.

Finally remember it is a marathon and not a sprint to achieve the type of results you desire.

Blog post marketing by Peter Hanley

blog post marketing
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You cant let an offer like this go by.

You cant let an offer like this go by.