Nothing to write about, a bloggers dilemma

Nothing to write about happens to us all at some time. However, it is entirely preventable with this simple exercise

An everyday calamity, writer's block.

This is not a new story. It has plagued writers since the beginning of time. I think it is boredom that sets in when the mind goes blank and you have nothing to say.

The same goes for new titles when you are blogging. You have written about everything possible repeating most of it several times.

Google must be getting annoyed with you by now and thinking just who is this Guy/Girl

But it does not need to be like this.

The tried and true plan for bloggers

This comprises building a keyword list. Take the basic keywords you are trying to rank for and let's start adding some words.

A bloggers dilemma

a bloggers dilemma is awkward, amazing, at work, at school
bloggers dilemma Book. blogging
The blogger's dilemma case study, configuration
Debate, drama, definition.
Through to YouTube. Zone with xenophobia

You can do this in Google by typing in the keyword, space, and the next letter A for instance gives you The blogging dilemma A

Australia, answers, analysis

It takes about an hour to find enough keywords to keep you going for 12 months.

Then start on writing blogs, how to add pictures to your blogs, and how many words in a blog.

It won't take long to develop a huge list that you can choose from any day you wish.

Gathering dirt from your posts

I use this all the time. I go to Bing and Google and see what posts are performing the best. Then I do a purple circle that all relate to the feature or cornerstone article. You know it is popular because it is getting clicks so interlinking between all these provides great internal traffic.
Therefore if you have a dozen ranking articles and you link say six new to each one then you have 72 keywords, that work and are ready to fly. I would say about three months of work.

However if one of these ranks as well as the original then just repeat the process.

The forum stalker method of blogging

Nothing to write about, a bloggers dilemma

Simply go to any forum and see what questions are being asked. Any that remotely relate to what you want to write are great subjects. You know they have traffic.
The most popular is quora however every subject will have its own forum.
Again go to Google and type in Dilemma Forums and grab the questions. But also do a purple circle around them to build up your stable.

Ambulance chasing

This is picking up on current news and stories and winding them into your writing.

I bet Kim Kardashian never has writer's block, she has so many tales to tell and many I could not repeat here.
Donald Trump has mastered the art of Twitter which is a link to his Blog page. He never has writer's block in fact probably over-excess fatigue.

Joe Biden is using Facebook more than Twitter because that is where his demographic is and it is easy to use.

Picking up on news stories will provide a lot of writing fodder for you.

Your blog is basically what you want to write about

Nothing to write about, a bloggers dilemma

Writing sufficient words is also a very common problem but one I have managed to overcome. Think of blogging as an answer to a question or how to do something.
How to use a deep fryer
What is the best deep fryer?

Expand on the problemMake it big
Who else has had the issueInclude as many as you can
What others say about itTestimonials and glowing reports
YouTube linkBuild your page time
How the problem was overcome What did you do to solve the issue
The resultsThe answer to the question
A conclusionOr wrap up

Where to start writing

When I first started blogging it was difficult to find 300 words which were the minimum acceptable. I would look at the page and think I have no more to say. Now I have to stop myself from going overboard.

Therefore this is what I did:

This is a simple structure however you start by writing all your #2 and #3 headings first.

Do deep fryers really work

Different brands

It is a common problem|
Choice magazine gave a 5-star rating
Emma Watson uses her deep fryer.
She found cooking time is important

Here is a beautiful meal
A great buy from Tom the cheap at $79

Blog length

The best blog length as recently reported by Neil Patel and Blog spot is now 1400 words. A few more or less matter not.

Therefore I have now written 9 headings, all I need is about 155 words under each heading.
Add a table of contents and a few random links and you have an easy job.

Remember we are writing short sentences and short paragraphs so about five sentences do the job under each heading.

Having your structure in place makes the process much easier. Some heading might be more words and others less. Throw in some subheadings and a few pictures and the job is done.

Stats, graphs, lists, and tables

All the world loves great visuals and they offer the opportunity to expand on what is being shown. Furthermore, you will increase your SEO efforts by pleasing Google as well as using them as eye candy. But, remember they must relate to the article you are writing.

Nothing to write about, a bloggers dilemma

There are several types of Links.

  • Internal Links. These go to your other pages and blogs
  • External links where you could be gathering authority behind your words
  • Affiliate links. Always have a money link somewhere
  • A call to action. Tell them what you want them to do. I want you to buy a Deep fryer and enjoy the wonder of unhealthy cooking. Well not quite that but you know what I mean


Writer's block should never happen if you have a few basic plans in place. In fact, you will have more in front of you that you can handle in the next year.
It is important to check your keywords for traffic and competition to have a chance of a page one position.

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Nothing to write about by Peter Hanley

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