What is 5G mobile network and is it really good for you

What is 5G mobile network and is it really good for you? This is a disruptive technology about to change your world so get the facts now

An explanation of 5G mobile technology

When we talk about disruptive technology we mean something that radically changes how we do things and manage our daily lives.

The internet was one of the disrupters as was Google search and Google maps. The smart phone altered communication and in some ways Amazon made online shopping a reality.

We heard of Blue Tooth but never really understood what it did for us except that it is now on mobile devises world wide.

Todays techs include Bitcoin and transaction applications that are changing how we transmit data and money around the world.

First of all lets go back to the old mobile networks. 1G was an analogue service with limited application however a massive shift in technology. (1979)
The actual network required changing to much higher bandwidths to boost performance and broaden the coverage area.

This network has undergone many upgrades and include 2G (1991) 3G (1998) and 4G named networks (2008) to bring our phone services to a good coverage, latency and bandwidth that is acceptable to most of us.
(4.5G is also now with us)

Switching to 5G

5G is completely different in that it requires a whole new Network of transmitters and mobile phones to work.

This is a process that will take some time to get anywhere near the old network coverage and facilities.

Fortunately 3 and 4 G networks will continue for many years into our future so it will be a stepped upgrade for those wishing to take the plunge.

Importantly new phones will work on old networks. Old phones will be come redundant.
This will allow the 5G converts to enjoy a full network coverage using the best of both services.

Existing phones using the current networks will not work on 5G and will need to be changed out.

5G is a new level of both Data and voice delivery.

Is 5G safer than the old networks were thought to be.

It is a two way bet however 5 G requires a greater concentration of lower powered networks than the old system so could in fact offer a healthier outcome.

However with the two systems operating in tandem we could theoretically be adding to a problem. That is of course if a health problem from the radiation actually exists.

Security is expected to add a new layer of protection

As the world of communication has developed so has cyber crime marching right along with the increase in usability, Therefore it is anticipated that a whole new level of security will be required with this growth in scale and naturally at a cost increase.

Security issues will be overcome

Why make the change to 5G

This is really something different, faster, without lag and much broader capacity to capture a far greater volume of users .

If we had just one network this would be easy however there are many companies installing similar networks as we speak using the latest technology.

In Australia Telstra claim that the mobile reception with 5g is up to 10 times faster than what we currently use.
What's more the latency, the time to upload and download is vastly superior. The current networks are timed at about 30 milliseconds where as 5G will be as low as 1-6 milliseconds .

The broader faster network allows for large volumes of Data transfer as well as Voice is a stable and continuous environment.

The use of mobile application including data and voice will be available.

Fixed broadband will always have superior abilities.

The 1G network has gone, 2G is going however the others will be around for quite a few years so there is no need to act now or in the near future. That is unless you are in a capture area or can use the new faster facilities then it is a decision you can make.

However we will all change it is just when.

Who will benefit most from this technology

An interesting question because many of the applications are tomorrows technology.
For example Smart Cars require fast and accurate communication not acceptable on the old networks. However even driverless cars can be programmed using the 5G network.

Home workers will be able to seamlessly join the office network without the normal problems . This will off course include video meetings.

Many machinery applications and system installations will operate on the new network giving a massive cost saving to industry.

Many will run their whole internet connection using a mobile application and be able to achieve greater benefits and savings along the way.

Homes will be run on wireless technology as will Health services and many other facets of our daily life. Gamers are ready to go .

Every part of our life will be touched by mobile broadband.
Electric cars will navigate by 5G technology. Driverless vehicles are coming soon.
In fact currently being used in many cities.

What is 5G mobile network and is it for you?

Is 5G ready for use by everyone

No it is definitely not ready for wide use due to network coverage and it will take some time to get near the 4G coverage of which we still find only just suitable.

Each carrier will lay out a grid map of where it will work to give you full application. At this stage a fairly limited coverage

The American GSMA [Global System for Mobile Communications Association] estimates that in 2025 fifty per cent of users will use 5G. Will you be there.”

“4G continues to improve and delivers pretty much everything anyone wants. So there is no real need for a new generation. The timing is driven more by the industry than any consumer need. I suspect the 5G that is deployed will indeed be essentially an enhanced 4G, at least for the next few years.”

Professor William Webb the 5g Myth

Fortunately 5G phones will work on both 3G and 4G networks so

Future growth in 5G

Some will join the band as we move along. In fact in a recent report The Elon Musk Starlink broadband network was said to be talking of overlaying it with 5g ability. A big call but these things will happen
Star link currently has about 2800 satellites in low orbit and intends completing the network with 42,000 of them buzzing the world for anywhere internet.

SpaceX is leveraging its experience in building rockets and spacecraft to deploy the world’s most advanced broadband internet system. As the world’s leading provider of launch services – and the only provider with an orbital class reusable rocket – SpaceX has deep experience with both spacecraft and on-orbit operations

Spacex web site

Not to be out done other US companies like Google have joined the race as well as China to do the same earth orbiting network. Things are a changing.

As an interesting aside coverage in Australia is being provisioned by Telstra, Optus and Vodafone however coverage is mainly capital city based. Vodafone supposedly have about 500 stations and the other two a few more. A long way from great coverage.

Every country will have a multiple of suppliers. All chasing the same goal.

Let the best man win

We are only a few short years into 5g technology so expect considerable growth to happen quickly as the uptake happens.

Consider this if you need to upgrade your phones in the future.

The technology will change our lives.

My Conclusion on 5G and life as we know it

A few will find a massive advantage of moving to the much enhanced abilities that are provided by the new Network. However most of us will be content to sit back for a few years and let it happen before jumping on the wagon.

Those of us that are unhappy with our current broadband network will be jumping at the bit to find something better. I for one will be an early adopter as soon as I can.

It is not light years away it is todays disruptive technology offering to make changes to our life.
There are those among us that revelled in the 2G network with our Ericsson phones, Motorola flip and Nokia favourites. Many of us still have one stored away for prosperity. We loved the freedom they allowed and have relished the advances through to 4.5g technology.

Bring on 5G I say lets look forward to a far greater user experience and forget the perils of the past.

5G is disruptive technology bringing the future.

What is 5G mobile network and is it really good for you by Peter Hanley

N.B. My entry into the mobile phone world was the establishment of one of the first Mobile phone shops in my area. I went on to own retail shops and maintenance installations.

Still to come, 5G deals and what it means to you.

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